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What is it about shy and submissive girls with big breasts that make them so appealing /a/?
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Because their shamelessly sexual bodies entice your most primal instincts and at the same time their shyness and submissiveness make you feel like a big, alpha male.

I'd post a picture to ilustrate my point but I only have lolis and traps, sorry.
Big breasts.
Because you'll never find one who likes you

Does anybody read this?
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I used to three years ago about.
Daldal was cute.
Used to a while back, then dropped it at one for god knows what, probably because I ran out of chapters and didn't feel like following it weekly. I think it ended already?
It's pretty decent
obligatory post
the girl who he didnt choose was best girl, dropped it shortly after

Was the show better than the game?
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I finished the show and then play the game. I enjoy the show better.
That implies either was good
Yeah, I actually did this as well. I watched the show, then years later am playing the game, and I feel like the show got it better? Which is weird because Danganronpa and Steins;Gate are definitely better games than their anime adaptations.

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saitama reaction3.jpg
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Post high quality reaction faces /a/ approves
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I'm /a/ and I disapprove.
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My unimaginable creature of pure terror and unspeakable evil CANNOT be this cute!
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It can.
It's actually not.
>cute woman
>unimaginable creature of pure terror and unspeakable evil
Seems right to me

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daigo parry.gif
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What is the anime equivalent of this gif
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Theres no equivalent to Daigo's parry. In any medium.
Overrated shit? Cowboy Bebop
That gif isn't even hard

t. fighting game player

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Who is the biggest, most thick-headed dipshit in the entire Fate universe and why is it Emiya Kuritsugu? He could have had a happy, fulfilling life as a family man with Iri and Ilya and decided to sacrifice his wife for some Faustian voodoo gambit made up by a bunch of senile old wizards a million years ago. If he had never participated in the holy grail war neither Irisviel, Ilyasviel or Maya would have died, Shirou could have had a normal life with his natural family, and he could have lived to a ripe old age.

Seriously, fuck Kerry.
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Homunculi don't have normal lifespans at all. Iri would've died within a couple years and Ilya wouldn't have done much better. Further, the only reason he was interacting with them to begin with was because he and the Einzberns were aligned with the HGW plan. He can't oppose the Einzberns by himself effectively.
That's the whole point. He's a childish retard who has to keep killing for his goal cause once he gives up his childhood waifu and everyone he killed dying will have been for nothing. His life is one giant sunk cost fallacy.
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I see what you're saying and yes Kerry is a dumb child.
But the whole reason Iri was created was to be the cup.
If he never participated Iri would have went to some Einzbern or other mercenary.

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kaminari idiot.png
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Have we genuinely locked down anyone?

What are your thoughts?
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Everyone from Aizawa's class is in the clear..
The USJ incident confirmed the villains had no knowledge about the quirks when they had a quirk and battle test.

Likewise, they believe All Might to be there and were surprised it was changed last minute.
This could indicate someone with access to the schedule files or a timetable among teachers.
This also excludes thirteen as All Might personally told him to be his replacement.

The strange is that Nezu prevented All Might from going there by wanting to talk to him.
In hindsight, it could mean Nezu could have known and tried to prevent All Might from running into his death.
Hitoshi Shinso

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Post your 3x3
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Thinly-veiled recommendation circlejerk threads like this belong on >>>/wsr/
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my anime harem.png
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Heaven or hell?
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I'd much rather take the Testarossa for a long hard drive.

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Any news on log horizon season 3?
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Never ever. Author fucked himself into oblivion
~10 years

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>yuri can't have a compelling pl-
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It had a wide array of sex expressions and it never focused on yuri save with Juri, the cucked lesbian.
Utena isn't yuri.
Utena isn't compelling.

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The cast of Madoka was more enjoyable and better written than Evangelion's. Each had a better build up and pay off than the trio in Eva who are mostly static characters (Shinji stays the same redundant character throughout the whole thing until the very end) While Madoka is much shorter, the characters all had more varied motives and satisfying conclusions. Shinji strangling Asuka with the crucified units is "artsy" but it's not interesting or entertaining.

Anno is mediocre at writing and pretentious at times. (he admitted the symbolism in Eva were just for show. For fucks sake this guy literally named a character Jung Freud) Sure, Urobuchi is also not a perfect writer, his writing is more straightforward and honest. Madoka is not as edgy or artsy as Eva, but it's actually better that way. Yeah, we're not gonna see a cool Third Impact scene, Homura's story is more compelling than Shinji's or Asuka's or Rei's.

In conclusion, Madoka > Evangelion.
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I think Madoka was much darker compared to Eva for its own good.

No way I could care less about the reasoning behind symbolism in Evangelion as long as it makes the imagery.

Accusing anyone of being pretentious is just bad manners at this point.

All in all, opinions.
Sure, ok.
Madoka is shit therefore I won't read your post

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>"This is a level way beyond Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan! I call this Super Saiyan form Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Limit Breaker Super Saiyan God!"
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>"T-This can't be! B-But my pride!"
>in the Anime Vegeta will forever be Kaiocucked.
>Manga has him on par with Goku by training hard and achieving Perfected SSB
Defend this.

How many Dragonball Super threads do we need?

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