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The second volume of Nisemonogatari is out.
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eh, I guess it works? It's certainly better than dangnabbit mad
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>kind monster sir
>he said with a dashing look

The episode 9 came out.
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At last.
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How would things go in your favourite anime if the MC and some other characters were genderbent?
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Not much, but everything is homoerotic now.
Fem Subaru ryona scenes would be hot.
Holy shit, imagine episode 15 with FemSubaru. /a/ would've fucking exploded.

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Well, might as well do this before dagashi guy comes back and I go back on the clock
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"It's cold... Maa-kun..."
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87: As I expected!!
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The figures of the third years are gone because they finished their final days of school at the end of January,
And their graduation ceremony is very soon.

[Calendar] Semester Exams in 7 days ('7 days' in bubble thing)
[Calendar] Semester Exams

And now, we're at the end of February, when the final exams for the first and second years are getting nearer...

"I'm at the end of my first year! Final exams!!"
"I gotta get fired up!!"

"I dunno what's happening here..."
"Question 1, huh..."
And... as per usual, I'm helping Amano study for her exams.

This is bad!!
"If I get in the red... I'll be pulled from the regulars!!"
"But things are going just as I expected!!"

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Is she ok?
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If this is from Magi then yeah, she gets saved by Morgianna

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Just about to watch this, what am i in for?
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Shit animation
Shit story
Shit show
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Manliness. Watch it, son.
Fuck off loser manchild

Maison Ikkoku is a better romance than any anime from the last 15 years.
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that's not really fair, considering it's literally the best of all time
Why did you make this thread again right after the old one died when barely anybody replied the first time?

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You now remember Kokoro Connect
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Wasted potential
Do I? Isn't this the one where best girl admits to thinking about someone while masturbating?
Don't think I watched that korean animation.
Yes it is.

It was boring: I dropped it two episodes in, and I don't even think I made it to "that" scene.

Does this manga get less cringey later on?
I'm at the eigth chapter and the whole manga feels like something an edgy teenager in the early 2000's would like.
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It mellows down, trust me on this.
It gets worse, trust me on this.
No. One of the most over hyped things I've ever come across.

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>mfw 3 episodes to go

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Which anime OPs did you hate at first, but started liking more and more as time went on?

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The Chinese warbling on this set my teeth right on edge to begin with. But the visuals made me love it eventually.

Except that bit with the supporting characters spinning round in the sky - I still fucking hate that bit.
Didn't really hate it but it got better every episode.
The first half of that OP is bad, but the second is good.

EP 22 airs in 4h 43m
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How good is this show?
Try to wait until an hour or so before airing before making a thread.The series got nothing much to discuss other the usual shitposts.

Your waifu is crying and saying you aren't paying enough attention to her.

What do you do?
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Get a new waifu.
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Snap 2014-12-26 at 10.11.52.png
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But what about the baby?
Fuck her

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I understand being upset about guts, but why deliberately do the one thing that messes up all you worked for and fucks you over forever?
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Getting into the princess's pants was his plan for power in the first place, it's just that his frustration due to Guts caused him to jump the gun
He was brilliant, but he wasn't a God (yet). His first taste of real defeat in his entire life unbalanced him so much that he gave in to a moment of passion. I think he also didn't know it would turn out like that. If he wasn't caught it could have been beneficial and would have had the princess firmly under his control forever.
he lost his cool and behaved irrationally, also he didn't count on her father wanting to fuck her first and killing him for it

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I want to keh keh kum on his cute mouse face
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ooaah hoh hoh hoh
So the next god will be an elephant one right? Imagine Goku having to fight someone with not only two arms, but also dealing with a really strong trunk too.

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