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>the overrated five
please do not use lain for shit posting
thank you
All of those anime were fairly straightforward

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Is opening 1 still the undisputed GOAT?
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Wait. Thats not jibun wo.
Mosaiku kakera > Jibun wo
Fight me

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Best girl won thread
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it hasn't ended
Doesn't matter, Rem is dead anyways
>does know how to read and only looks at pictures

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Sasuke will always _____ ____ ____ ____.
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be gay like OP.
Say shit like "sorry"
In an ideal world Sasuke would be straight

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>archer class
>uses water gun
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Reminder that Artoria can't swim.
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ITT: 10/10 episodes
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RahXephon 15, 19
Kaiba 3, 6
Paranoia agent 8
The Hakkenden 10
Space Dandy 18

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Katekin NTR

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1) This ended years ago bro

2) Not NTR
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Why can't modern anime romance compete?

I know Maison Ikkoku had its flaws, but the romance was absolutely perfect, and infinitely more captivating than romance the japs have conjured in the last 15 years.
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>but the romance was absolutely perfect
It was not becuase the ending was absolutely dogshit. You have 95 episodes of building up Kyoko to still be unable to smile at her wedding or while carrying her own child. The point of the show was to show her develop as a character and move on from Soichiro but then they fuck up the ending like that. Absolutely worthless.

>more captivating than romance the japs have conjured in the last 15 years.
Wrong, Tsuki ga Kirei surpassed it just last season. Its a different approach but it ultimately is a better product, also because theres virtually no filler.

Maison Ikkokus best aspect isnt even the main storyline, its Yotsuya. He single handedly carries the entire show. Every single one of his scenes is captivating and hilarious. The character never fails to amaze.
>waaaah m-muh ending!
>i-it undoes all the exceptional, nuanced romantic interactions unmatched by any recent anime
Thankfully children like yourself don't dictate the quality of these things.

>Yotsuya. He single handedly carries the entire show
Ok, so you're an idiot.

>Every single one of his scenes is captivating
Nevermind that, you're actually mentally retarded.
Because it stopped being about the growth of the couple and most become harems with two dimensional characters who never change.

Maison Ikkoku had credible rivals. Kozue and Mitaka were about to win in more than one ocassion. Nowadays you can't have some other male watching the heroine without revealing that he is literally the antichrist.

Authors of today are pussies period.

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Alice is terrible and ruined KinMosa.
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That show was absolute garbage no matter how you slice it. One character would have made no difference.
>Alice ruined Kinmosa
But that's Karen, anon. It's common knowledge she ruined every single episode.
brits were the worst

Characters too good for their show.

Honestly, if it wasn't for her and BOOM BOOM BOOM no one would even remember this anime.
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I would remember it for how shit it was. It was the Another of its generation.
almost every show anon...

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Is Luca the purest girl in Berserk?
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I only see car mouth despite her being blurred out.
What's this autistic blur shit?

When was the last time you thought of Azumanga Daioh?

Don't you know that they only live on if we remember them?
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everyday is Azumanga day
today when i watched the moonbase alpha version of the opening
I'm going to fap to Chiyo right now to remind myself.

Why is this allowed?
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Because CLAMP is a bunch of middle aged weirdos.
cause he's gay so there's no prob
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>ywn take little Sakura out on a date
Why even live?

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Would you watch Lucky Channel as a standalone spinoff anime?
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What do you mean? Lucky Channel was the show, Lucky Star was just a spin off to fill time
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I like your attitude.

Now imagine the time wasted on Lucky Star invested into more Lucky Channel.
You're never going to be relevant again, Akira.

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ITT: We post useless main characters
I'll start
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That's not a main character.
And also women are not useless, they're used to make children, unless you're a fag LIKE OP.
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