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Would your waifu fall in love with a male version of herself?
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I bet they'll try to kill each other instead.
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Considering how handsome male Touhous are, probably
I would fall in love with the female version of myself.

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>listen and understand /a/!!!
>that hamster girl is out there
>it can't be bargained with
>it can't be reasoned with
>it doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear
>and it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you buy it cola and gamu!!!!
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Fucking lolz
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My boyfriend!
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I see two girls.
anime when?
>My boyfriend!

Yamada, plz

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How can this be accomplished?
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Add actual tits, duh.
By spreading the petals
pollinating the seed

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How does Samurai Girls get two seasons but Zakuro or Madoka only get one?
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T&A and fanservice, of course.
S1 was okay, but S2 was a dismal trainwreck

Great artstyle tho
Hime-sama is best Samurai Girl!

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Haiyore Nyaruko-san.jpg
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The jokes are forced and very weak.

I watch low weeb otaku anime all the time, but this one is really bad.

This is on the same level as Konosuba.

Forced unfunny jokes all the time.
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Haiyoru > Haiyore
> nyarko-san on the same level as konosuba
It had cute girls

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How do we save Seiren from her?
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It's too late. The damage has been done and Seiren is done for. No S2, no VN, no nothing.

They should have just made Amagami 3.
She was the most entertaining part of Seiren desu
They just should have given her a normal ending
For better or for worse, she is what brought Seiren above radar, and there really is no better option. The alternative to infamy is ignominy.

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you waifu is pregnant. what do?
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Rikka > Deko > Sophia > dog shit > Shinka
Take responsibility.
falcon punch

What did he mean by this?
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He a shit
Meanwhile in manga, Mary Sue makes her debut

Can't wait for her to go batshit insane once Tanya kills her dad
And more Saga of Tanya the Nude

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What happened to shows like Sekirei and Ikkitousen?
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We were promised a season 3 and they lied.
>no more lovely Kazehana
Why even live?
Senran Kagura is the Ikkitousen now.

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Are we going to get another Murata in our lifetime?
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I don't understand the appeal of sports manga. They're all the same but at least in anime form you can see some action scenes.
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lets hope anon
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I just listened to some 90's anime songs, and they are MUCH better than what we have now.

Gundam Wing:

Macross 7:

Card Captor Sakura:
- Platina

Kareshi Kanojo
- Tenshi no Yubikiri

Sailor Moon
- Rashiku Ikimasho
- Sailor Star Song

Just to list a few.

Now we only have idol crap everywhere. And they can't even sing properly.
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that fucking l'arc en ciel song in GTO
Macross is better than all of those
Yu Yu Hakusho, Smile Bomb

Mobile Fighter G Gundam, both Flying in the Sky and Trust You Forever

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degrees of salvation.png
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Ask Illya
>implying Shinji doesn't create what's best for everyone
A) Strip humanity of free will.
B) Murder all life on Earth
C) Build a doom-fortress in Mongolia armed with nukes and poison hampsters.

Take your pick.

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I want to FUCK Re-L
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She already got fucked by the big alien cock.

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genderswap comparisons4.png
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Why is gender bending looked so down upon by the rest of the anime community? The last series to feature it in a major capacity was Twintails a couple years back, and even then it was just a way to make sentai twintails.
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Because the jokes are too fucking obvious and so is the plot. Even with a parody anime like Twintails it still plays just as expected
>oh no I am a woman now
>time to look at my tits
>time to fall in love and fell confused
etc etc etc.
So are shows with lolis or gals or NTR. But you guys love them.

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