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Who is the best Yukino?
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There is no good Yukino, that name is a shit girl magnet.
Red hair, no contest
fuck you
the one that has two Yukinos in her name

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Is Asuka a virgin?
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She won't be after I lewd her

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>Tall as shit amazon
>Inhuman strength
>Can regenerate wounds near instantly
>White Whistle legend

Would Ozen be a good mother and wife?
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Ozen likes little boys.
Why do we need powerlevel in comfy mining anime?

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no usop is gay annoying faggot and like a poo in loo
it might be best gundam but zeta was best show.
IBO is the best Gundam series. In what way? Let me tell you.

The hotblooded non-stop action.
The animation. Some of the best to ever grace televised anime.
The incredible realistic family themes.
The mecha design is simply out of this world.
The strong characters. I truly felt shivers whenever Kudelia delivered any of her iconic speeches. I shed tears over the tragedy of McGillis.
The acting, especially from Mikazuki brings out a depth of character never seen before in the series. As a side note if you want to see terrible acting just watch anything Char's voice actor has done he always sounds exactly the same zero range.

IBO is perhaps the peak of the Gundam series, if not anime in general. It can only go downhill from here.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
anon.. you are free you dont have to do this anymore
It's automated.

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>Kizu III BD comes out TODAY
>no thread
Did her film flop THAT hard?
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Needlessly splitting the story into three films has really killed the hype for me.
Rip when?
I forgot the second one had even come out since I was waiting on commie.

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No, you don't understand!
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Wrong image!
THIS is Doraemon.
No that's adoraemon

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Just finished watching Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul Root A. Never really read any manga before but loved this story and the characters so much i'm thinking about going with it.
Worth it?
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put more effort into it, and you'll get there.
wat. I asked whether or not I should read a fucking manga, i'm not too familiar with this board, how in the assfuck am I baiting shit?
because everyone knows the anime is absolute garbage, and nobody actually likes it. the manga is superior in every way.

Are you excited for her movie /a/?
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Bunch of ex Ghibli making a new studio. Unironically the movie that I'm looking forward to the most.

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>It's a fucking Mahjong arc

I'm really really trying to understand what's going on, and I just don't understand all this talk of daisangen, tenpai, etc...

Should I grind on through?
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I don't know what "daisangen" is but Tenpai is basically when you only need 1 more tile to win.

Minefield mahjong is letting your hand in tenpai and waiting your opponent to deal the tile you need to win.
Minefield mahjong was the second best arc behind E-card.
Just go look up basic Mahjong terminology, the arc really is worth this little bit of effort.

Just finished neon genesis. Will the movies make up for that dogshit ending? If so, which movie should I start with? Also, why is everyone so fucked in the head in this anime?
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Watch eoe, ignore rebuilds
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"Everyone says the ending is shit so I'll say it too"
But, anyway, watch End of Evangelion then rebuilds which, I think, are a continuation

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So, is Iroha the best girl ever on the 2D planet?
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If "best" means most cancerous and shitty, then yes.

You talking about yourself anon?

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The best Vividred
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That's not Akane.
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baka Wakaba
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Alright class 1-/a/

It's time to plan our theme for the cultural festival!

Any ideas?
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Haunted live performance maid food booth!
Transmutation spells and doggo lolis with deus ex machina mary sue cell phones which kei tai but instead of finding a way they found the lost city of aldnoah which generates the giga drill to annex britannia from the united states of yeeeaaaaart
A casino.

Is One Piece worth watching? I have a lot of spare time this summer so I was thinking of watching One Piece. I'll be honest, the character design looks atrocious, but I love me some good fight shonen and I've heard a lot of praise around OP. Should I expect anything new from it or will it regurgitate everything I've seen in DB, Naruto, Bleach and HxH? Also should I jump over all the fillers and certain arcs?
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Read the manga instead.
Fuck off and figure it out yourself, summer.
Read the colored version of the manga. It is official coloring, not fanmade.

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