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What's the purpose of kabaneri?
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copy snk to make an original anime and profit more from it since manga adaptations mostly profit the publishers and producers
>zombies on a train
>but the train is huge, like the size of a town
>and the zombies are super powered
>and shoot lazers
It's the best idea ever but ruined by poor execution
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/a/ do you like ghost in the shell stand alone complex?
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Of course

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why did they have to ruin Nami (and Robin) this badly?
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because the artist has no idea how to draw women.
And I'm not talkin about the fanservice stuff. I'm talkin about the weird torso and proportions.

I'm all for tits an ass but his chicks look like abominations proportionally.
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old abominations looked comfy /nostalgia
well opinions. I'll post old Chopper instead to prove my point. The answer to op's question is probably to make it look modern.
Ora's process is to literally draw an elongated X and fill in the lines. He's not ashamed.

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Why do fluffy tails make my dick so hard?
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Don't know, but I do know you have good taste for liking Kon.

Because we all want a fluffy tail coiling on our dicks anon.
Tails are the best thing that human beings have created

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No problem, desu!
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Shimakaze a best.

Can anyone who's watched all the filler episodes of both Naruto series answer whether it's worth watching the filler or not?

I'm fine watching filler arcs that actually go somewhere but not episodic bullshit and it seems to me that Shippuden has filler arcs whereas the first series is episodic from like episode 130 to the end.
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Naruto is filler from around 135 to the end (135 is mostly canon but leads into filler while 220 shows him leaving on his trip).

I haven't seen a lot of it, but most of it isn't. Some of it isn't too bad in small doses like an arc or two from the original that only lasts a few episodes such as the one 135 leads into (which feels sensible given what just happened. Shippuuden's I'm even less familiar with but some stuff like the material adapted from the novels at the end of the anime isn't too bad. I enjoyed the wedding planning episodes that concluded the series.
finish the canon stuff

watch the filler when you're done, there's a lot of gems.
Naruto shippuden has this arc of pure filler in the Fourth Ninja War. Its about Tsunade and her perfect world. Dont watch that, its just Naruto (show) according to Naruto's (character) wishes.
The rest of the filler isnt actually bad imo.

Someone wait for this like me!?
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what retarded ass weapon is that?
>Imaishi x Nakashima anime original
Oh boy, can't wait for more retarded crossboarders to shit up the board over their next garbage anime.
Oh c'mon guys, Tengen Toppa was a great anime!

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leg day.webm
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...but you have to keep on going despite of it.
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i want more tiger
I does feel weird
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we will never see haruna lose a 'bet your bum' match

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Subs are out. Thoughts on the first episode?
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Watched the livestream, and as I've thought they have to change some l things to accommodate H. Boyfriend. It seems that it'll be quite a struggle to merge the two timeline though.
Setagawa was cuter with orange hair and lines under his eyes.
Does this have any actual delinquent/fight plot beside the BL?

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Started watching this because someone said it had a good story.
Does it get better?
Fuck you to whoever said it by the way, i know you're here somewhere
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>i know you're here somewhere
He's here and he's still laughing at you and there is nothing you can do about it.
Depends on how many episodes deep you are, I'd say. I wouldn't say it's pretentious about being a satire/parody of "NEET goes to fantasy world" plotline 4 subplot 12, but if you aren't laughing at it, what's the point of continuing? I enjoyed konosuba for the character interactions, but it definitely doesn't break new ground in terms of subversion of tropes.

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Who is the dykeiest nep?
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The tomboy.
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Is this even the question?

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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he was in love
You fucking retard

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So the Neptune arc was shit. Should i continue watching this show?
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Uh, it gets worse before it gets better. The transition arc is meh, and the next main arc has some good moments but drags on too long. After those it gets better, the current one is shaping up to be one of the best in the series.

Why do you torture yourself so?
hmm. maybe i will skip the transaction arc then and perhaps the next one too. i don't get why it got so much worse? is it different writers for the different arcs?

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My boy friend!
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Go away fujoshi
Thats gross
Fuck off

Just me making a zero replies thread.

Maki is the cutest school idol in LoveLive. Prove me wrong!
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Fully upgraded Maki.
We love "cow" idols, though.

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