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No thread?
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it's shit
I don't know what else to watch.
From this screenshot alone, you won't be able to tell whether he's saying this, or if someone is saying this about him.

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Is KyoAni dying? Could Violet Evergreen save them?
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Maid Dragon and Phantom World sold like shit because they were shit.
>Maid Dragon
Here we go again.

Apparently they still manage to be profitable so that's a good sign. VEG will probably sell decently at worst so for now at least they should be safe.
Maybe they should stop adapting trash source material for a while.

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Yuri spinoff when?
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please no
Why not?
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Not good for people's hearts.

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Why are the Japanese so fucked in the head?
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Why do you post thumbnails on /a/?
I answer your question if you answer mine
Too many work hours in the week.

Kokkori-san Kokkori-san, where the fuck is my s2?
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Sour face.jpg
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mfw s2 never
Too much focus on the shitty dog and tanuki guy
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Kokkuri Jimeko.gif
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Manga already ended. Nips hated the ending. There will never be a season 2.

Kohina was in a coma the whole time and living in a dream world created for her by Kokkuri. That's why her family wasn't around. Only the spirits she interacted with were real, everything else was a dream. Jimeko never existed. Nips were angry about the ending so we'll never see another season.

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>Academy awards
>Howls moving castle lost to fucking Wallace and Grommit

How on earth did this even happen? Were the referees paid out by Dreamworks or did Miyazaki drop the ball that badly?

It should have been clear case for Howls
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Wallace and Gromit is better than anything Miyazaki's done in the past two decades.
The animation category is a shit show. There have been articles where the voters have been interviewed and some of them outright hate animation and abstain from voting or just vote for whatever their kids like..
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The judges are not from the animation industry, and show open disdain for anything animated. Many refuse to vote, let alone watch, the material.

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What are you working on?
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I'm currently learning how to clean.
Why do you care? take this to >>>/gd/catalog
Deciding what to drop to free up time to pick up something else

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So I read Kakegurui a while back, and in order to celebrate the anime I started gambling, HARD.

I am down 590 euro and I can't stop. I keep thinking that I got to gamble more to recover my losses, and I am falling harder and further down in to the abyss.

Loan sharks don't really hurt you... do they?

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You're not crazy enough. Your losses don't matter. You just need to win big one time. Bet all the money you have. Worst case scenario, you can always kill yourself.
I'll bet you fifty dollars that you won't be able to stop gambling for a week.

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Uran's blogpost:



>>Also, have you seen the Young Animal Arashi that came out today? Just like it said in the end text and the author’s comment, there are only two chapters left for Mujaki no Rakuen, which is ending this September.

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Fuck, why is it ending?
She doesn't look alright, what happened to her?
The fuck is even going on with it anymore?

Would alot of the major problems with Naruto be fixed if Sasuke was a girl?
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Fuck off narutard
t. /v/, /co/mbler, reddit, 9gag, and summerfag/newfag.
Do you patrol this sub 24/7 looking for an opportunity to spam this in every Naruto thread?

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It's out.
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Wow we saw the villagers again after so long.
muh dick
why is it legal to be this hot?
Blame the Paris agreement.

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This is medieval Asui Tsuyu, she is on screen for less than a second but she doesn't mind.

Say something nice about her.
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nice tits for a frog
worst frog
Amazing tits for a frog and also best frog

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Gatchaman Crowds Episode 3 a0.jpg
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Hajime-tan is a genius.

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This is my lovely wife Nico
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die fag
I've fucked you're wife's feet.
I think we can all agree that burd is the lewdest raibu

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