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Any idea when this prequel comes out? also GS used to look like your typical fantasy MC with those lame clothes and uncool helmet.
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That coloring is horrendous, good thing it'll be in black and white.
Dude, is just text with some images, this prequel is a LN.
Is that girl CG? she looks so FLAT.

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Saber is going to bed now. Say"Goodnight Seiba".
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Goodnight sweet king
I didn't vote for you
good dreams

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Be honest, if Nichijou had a season 2, would you watch it?
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But of course.
I'll backlogged it instead.
I only watch bad meme shows with /a/ and save the good one for myself alone.
I wouldn't even watch it if it had one season

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ITT: We post characters who have had sex
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What's the point of these threads? A list of characters for unvirgin scum to self-insert with and feel proud for that laughable reason?
people are of the notion that non-virgin anime/manga MCs are uncommon

little do they know that most characters outside of high school tend to have fucked

Would you marry this girl and help her run her farms?
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>and plow her field?
I don't understand. Explain further.
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>Meanwhile, in Mrs. Eru Oreki's kitchen

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Why didn't Initial D just end at the first season
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Why didn't Dragon Ball just end after the first season?
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I feel like I am the only person who liked every stage, even fifth. I really enjoyed this race especially with AVE Maria playing in the background
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>fixed headlights on an FC

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anime moments that hit you in the feels
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fuck off dumb narutofag
Don't bring garbage like that in here.
The last episode of Bakuman S2

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Choose 2 for your subunit group.
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My girls.
Dia and Riko
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Hanamaru & You.
Fortunately, these two are also the top 2 of Aquors.

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Is it /a/?
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How did Ryuko get such a fat ass?
No but it's still good overall
No, it's extremely generic and has poor animation. Only reason it got popular at all was due to hype and le Trigger.

OST is nice though.

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It makes total sense bro.
This scene still makes me ultra-cringe to this day
Did he always have such a morbid sense of humor?

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ITT: Characters that canonically have autism.

Pic fucking related. It's the only way his character makes any sense.
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>high IQ yet lacks common sense
>doesn't respect personal space
>obsessed with specific topics (chess and hamburgers)
He taught himself to communicate effectively with people by sheer force of will. Everything else lines up with etsubatsu.
Griffith is more of a sociopath than an autist.

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Runners High is the best pillows album. Fight me.
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no it isn't
And what do you think is the best Pillows album?
Please Mr. Lostman

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I've noticed this mostly with Americans, why do they think any show with higher detailed art and animation than something like family guy= anime? Isn't anime just animated shows made in Japan?
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Code Lyoko wasn't made my Americans, retard.
I thought the frog people called it anime too?
You referring to /pol/ or to France?

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Why doesn't most of his manga get scanlated? or at least why do only like half of it gets scanlated?
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He's not popular
His manga isn't that popular in the western anime/manga community. Stuff like the Maid Dragon ANIME is popular because it was made by a popular studio, but the majority of those people aren't going to bother reading or keeping up with the series when and from where the show ends. Before it was announced that kyoani was doing the anime I think there was all of 10 of us at most who had read the manga on this board, and possibly even less for his other series.

Ojojo anime when?
Maidragon got a chapter translated earlier today

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God, this anime was fucking melodramatic shit.
Rolling girl is an amazing song

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