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Cute girls and shogi, here.
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More boring trash, no thanks.
I don't even care about shogi but will watch this solely for the lolis.
Great, more light novel garbage.

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Which one is the better sequel /a/? Dragon Ball Super or Boruto?

This time with a poll:

If you prefer neither: Which one would you pick if you HAD to choose one?
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Latest Ratings
Sazae: 11.4
Chibi Maruko-chan: 7.9
Crayon Shin-chan:7.7
Doraemon: 7.4
one piece: 6.2
Dragon ball super(#97): 6.0
Pockemon Sun & Moon: 3.5
Animation Osoru no George: 3.5
Sean of sheep: 3.4
Glittering Pretty Cure A la Mode: 3.4
Tiger Mask W
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Boys should love boys. Girls should love girls.
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People should stop confusing love with carnality.
If they did, then how would we get more boys for boys and more girls for girls?
See >>159659773.
Lesbians can still bear children.

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I'm serious, their works are world renowned masterpieces. Jaw dropping visuals, tasteful soundtracks and memorable characters, no other directors come remotely close.
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>I'm serious,
No, you are not.
State the name of a director that is more renowned in Japanese animation than Miyazaki.

I'm waiting.
Not the point. I'm just saying you are not serious.

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The OST is out. Let's suffer together, anon.
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Time to listen to Scarborough Fair on repeat.
>suka suka
kek nice name
I want to marry Ctholly, make her the happiest woman in the entire world, settle down with her and raise a family together in peace away from all this suffering. Failing that, I want to throttle the LN author to make him understand how it feels like to suffer.

How can one little slut possess such an amount of hatred and mental diseases?
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>How can one little slut possess such an amount of hatred and mental diseases?
t. Has never ever met a real person

Seriously, what is there not to understand? She is an absolute fucking shitbag, tho I would not say no if she´s wearing stockings and nekomimi. H8fuck=best fuck, that´s a FACT.
> H8fuck
I think that's called rape.
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How do the british feel about Seiba?
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Top lass. Would smash.
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Insulted probably, thats how I felt after they bastardized Simo Häyhä
Bit of an Islamophobic portrayal, they left out her Muslim boyfriend. As a Briton it offends me that they would leave such a rich part of our culture out of the interpretation.

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not this week's cover.jpg
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Shounen Jump Issue 33:
One Piece (Cover, Lead CP)
One Piece Special: Memories with Mr. Oda Manga by Osamu
Boku no Hero Academia
Yakusoku no Neverland (CP)
Shokugeki no Souma
Dr. Stone
Black Clover
Robot×Laserbeam (CP)
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Cross Account
Saiki Kusuo no Sainan
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
Boku-tachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Hinomaru Zumou
Spring Weapon Number One
Harapeko no Marie
Isobe Isobee Monogatari

Shounen Jump Issue 34:
Cover, Lead CP: Boku no Hero Academia (3rd Anniversary)
CP: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Shoodan! (27p), Black Clover (Popularity Poll Results)
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01 Hero Academia c.139
02 Shokugeki no Souma c.216
03 Dr. Stone c.012
04 Gintama c.636
05 Black Clover c.111
06 Kimetsu no Yaiba c.063
07 Saiki c.245
08 Haikyuu!! c.255
09 Yuna c.064
10 Bokuben c.016
11 Hinomaru c.146
12 No.01 c030
13 Marie c.013

Hunter is unranked due to being absent 8 issues ago.
One Piece Special: Memories with Mr. Oda Manga by Osamu is unranked for obvious reasons.
>Manga by Osamu
It's by Shimabukuro
>03 Dr. Stone c.012

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kemono friends
Lucky Star
Most Gundam series
Shokugeki no soma

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Demon Waitress.jpg
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Episode 2 is out.

Is this Isekai done right?

MAXIMUM /comfy/
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>muh comfy
I'm here for the qts.
Too much describing the food. Geez. Enough with teasing us how better it is compared to my ramen and doritos. I want to hear their stories

Ep1 was good because the Demon Girl was quite engaging as a character
What was engaging about her? Tbh I found the entire first episode totally bland and boring

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We talk about instant drops all the time, but what is considered an instant pick-up for you?

Hard mode: No cute/lewd girls. Everyone picks up shows for cute girls.
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Boys kissing boys or girls kissing girls.
instead of being a japanese television serial, it's a high-impact slab of pure molten art from Robert "FUCKING" Bresson.

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I wish Lucoa was my mommy
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imagine the milky milkys

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Could you love a girl with hands like this?
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You know what they say 'bout girls with big hands.
I just hope she doesn't stick the up my butt...
Big hearts?

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What was her fucking problem?
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it's joke
She's bourgeois and belongs in the gulag.
Mari is my wife and don't you fucking dare talk shit

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Show me your candidates.
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why making such a negativity thread that only depreciates anime? let's talk about aoty art from the next season instead
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no reason. I just couldn't believe how horrible characters looked. all female characters opposite of cute.
I like the story though.
>these are not cute
Really anon? Shit taste man.

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