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What's the worst episode of an anime you've ever seen your entire life?
Just watched this and I have to say this takes the fucking cake.
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Wizard Barristers 11 TV version
The last ep of Eromanga Sensei
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>Wizard Barristers
the PV was very promissing, the show was a trainwreck, rip wakamoto frog

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Could a live action of K-ON be possible/decent?

Who would you cast as the core 4?
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One of them has to be played by Taylor Swift.
Check out "Linda Linda Linda"
No and no.

K-on is one of those series that's perfect in the genre it's in. Even the original manga was pretty trash

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7 hours left. Pick a girl and see if you like her in the end. Though probably only 2 of them will appear in episode 1
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Where can I watch it?
KM will have it first like always.
Small tits blonde haired girl 100% has to be loaded with money. Gold Dig that hoe.

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Favorite taste of / a /?
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I prefer Pringles.
Which is?
Not shit

What's the longest anime you marathoned?
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SDF Macross
Jojo's bizarre adventure
I am small time

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>Gradually becomes more beautiful as her love for andre grows
>Smiles happily for the first time in her life
>"Hurr durr go away you don't treat me like shit enough"

This is so sad. You can pinpoint the exact moment her heart tore in half. I can't believe I used to like andre.
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Oh and also, general prison school thread.
You see, it's funny when Hana gets BTFO because she's done nothing to deserve Kiyoshi. But it's sad to see this happen to Risa because she actually tries to win Andre.
>Its funny when hana gets BTFO

Please take that back. Its not hanas fault. She's brainwashed by mari to hate men so ita hard for her to open up to boys she likes.

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You have only one post to convince Miyazaki that modern anime is worth a damn. What would be your argument?
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Eromanga sensei
But what if I agree?

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What are your top 3 favorite things about Galko-chan?
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>hairy asshole
>smelly feet
>sweaty armpits
She is basically the perfect girl.
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sister pasties.jpg
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This sister.

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img000030 (1).png
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>you become strong and cool
>your cool dad that you used to look up to dad becomes a worthless drunk
Some meta level self-insertion right here
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I like Paul, instead of a faceless "parent that gasp at his son's every move" you find in other reincarnation series this guy actually has a character independent of the MC.

you can actually see that this is part of his character arc as well which makes his death all the more tragic
What happened to the wife and maid?
Don't worry, he bites it later

New chapter is out.

Baam is Arlene's son
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>Baam is Arlene's son
Should I retake this, stopped at the train arc because I just lost interest at that point. It just went on forever
Just get back when they finally get off the train for good, i.e. a couple months from now maybe
It's sad how we can't have good ToG discussion anywhere, but eh, I'll enjoy it on my own

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I think this is worth a conversation. Why does it seem like some people are surprised by a lot of end pairings of main characters? I can't think of a single end pairing for main characters in a battle shounen that was a surprise. The closest, and I'm stretching really hard here, would be that Bulma ended up with Vegeta in DB since that really did kind of come out of nowhere, but by the same token, Goku gets proposed by Chichi? Oh look they got married. Kuririn gets kissed by 18? Oh look they got married. Videl shows a slight interest in Gohan upon first meeting? WOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENED! Usually this shit is telegraphed a mile away, even as far back as very early chapters.

What I'm wondering is how the fuck is it so hard for people to see through these? These are not meant to be romance epics. They are primarily comics for a young male audience. If they throw a few shippy moments in there, that doesn't mean that this is what the story would focus on. They don't need to. I agree that a lot of these relationships end up feeling shallow without enough buildup but my point is on the actual end pairings themselves. The authors plant this early so they don't have to focus too much on it

I mean, to this day there are people still butthurt that Naruto and Sakura didn't end up together 3 years later and more recently, Ichigo and Rukia when I personally thought it was pretty obvious. There are still people who think Natsu will end up with Lisanna, are you kidding? People actually shocked Alibaba chose Mor? Raku ending up with Chitoge? Diane finally kissing King recently? And my personal favorite, anybody who seriously believes Ochako and Deku isn't written in stone. Like this shit is obvious.

tl;dr, Shounen are predictable with this shit, even in romcoms and harems. So why do people choose to ignore the obvious?
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Soma ending up with Erina should be pretty obvious as well.
A lesson I had to learn when dealing with fans is that oftentimes personal preference supersedes facts. Various fans don't draw conclusions from what is shown, but instead have a favored outcome and then try to interpret everything in a way that supports their wish. You can't argue with them, because they're not interested in discussing things as they are, unless they happen to favor their view. A variation would be "I don't like this character, so everything they do has to have a negative spin".
I'd say this is pretty common in seinen too more often than not

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Why is this so underrated? Easily the most thoughtful and well written work out of all the MMO and Isekai shit being pumped out. I'd put it over Overlord, too.
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Season 2 sucked
Isn't the author in jail now?
Doesn't mean the source material was bad. Dean is an ass of a studio. A lot of season 2 was character development, world building and a lot of talking; Shaft-esque presentation wasn't really an option.


ITT Anime girls shooting up schools
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ITT: Anime that were forgotten about the moment they ended.
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It wasn't though. It even gets threads once a month.
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Mp100's in my fucking 3x3 so I certainly haven't forgotten about it.

I'm sorry /a/, I have asperger's syndrome and I can't quite tell what emotion this facial expression is trying to convey. Any help?
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That's a butt
Its not a face. Its a drawing of a 2d character's butt.
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A what?

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