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Why does he hate other vampires so much /a/?
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a). He doesn't hate them, he just obsessively wants to be kill by a human and they're interfering with that.
b). He's possibly the progenitor of all of those in existence.

Take your pick.

Vampires are assholes. Even to other vampires.
He seems to hate himself for what he became most of all, his preference of humans over monsters stems from that.

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What is the most American anime?
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Avatar the Last Airbender
Black Lagoon

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What're your opinions on this series? Were their actions justified?
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I liked it. Season 2 when?
>Season 2 when?
My one wish. But Furuhashi must be the director again.
Pretty good, might be extra asspull but if they took the planes with only the gun, we might get more of that sexy naval gun animations.

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>Fairy Tail is ending in two chapters
How do you feel about that?
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Really? It feels like it has been going on for forever.
As long as Mashima keeps drawing tits and asses, especially them thick delicious hips, I dont give a flying fuck if its in Fairy Tail or Ravemaster 2.0 or any other bullshit "story" he cooks up,
I actually thought it ended a while ago

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chapter 42

Previous dump if you missed it: https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/159083835/#159083835
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Why do they sexualize the maids so much?
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They are the cutest next to Illya.
Is there anybody in this show who doesn't get sexualized?
lolis are a mistake

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I fish I could like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.

am I supposed to watch this in english or japanese? It's made in the west so I was leaning towards english but I don't know.
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Written in english, directed by english speaking people. Watch in english.
it's shit don't bother
Spoiler: it's alright but it's not very good. Just watch Vampire Hunter D instead

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Who actually reads light novels
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I only read horrible Chinese webnovels with murderhobo MCs
Honestly, why am I going to waste my time on reading some subpar shit, when I can read actual novels?
i wanted to read Horizon in the Middle of nowhere bc we will never get s3 for that or read owari no chronicle but i got lazy

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ITT: we post great /a/ girls.

Walking tits or lolis with no personality besides a few generic traits need not apply.
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Tokine best girl

Do you collect physical anime blu-rays and dvds? Why?
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I'm not a streamfag. I want to contribute to the distributors here in the UK.

Anime here is very vulnerable to cuts due to the BBFC, most anime gets age restricted to 15 or occasionally 18. Plus the cost to get an anime age rated goes up by £7 for every minute of content, distributors have to pay thousands of pounds for just one series.
I don't collect anime, because I hate it when one format makes the previous one obsolete. I collect manga.
How about them aniplex prices?

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Through Korean jewery, we have our chapter early this week, I guess. Let's see what Hanayama and the gang are up to this time.
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Post anime films on par with the best of cinematography
Hard mode: no Oshii
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I miss him.
Bungaku Shoujo
>you will never see the last project he was working on

Was this the greatest anime movie of all time?
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No way. It's mediocre at best AND tied to absolute horseshit.
>it's summer again
Overrated shit

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