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Why did Maidragon flop?
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Because Kanna was too fat
uninspiring mise-en-scene
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>~4k sales
>for a studio who operates under below average budgets
>a flop

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What am I in for?
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A blues ride. Seriously what happened to the sequel?
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Nobody can scanlate it because it is impossible to redraw. It is still being released, as far as I am aware.

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The classic always is better
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2003 is shit
FMAB Pride > 2003 Pride
FMAB Greed > 2003 Greed
FMAB Envy > 2003 Envy
2003 Sloth > FMAB Sloth
2003 Wrath > FMAB Wrath
2003 Lust > FMAB Lust
FMAB Gluttony > 2003 Gluttony
And finally
2003 Pride > FMAB Wrath
tell me a single reason why the classic is better

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I swear this whole board is full of /a/utists.

Koe no Katachi is a precious, beautiful story.
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Don't forget best character.
Yeah, it's really good. Most I've enjoyed an anime in a while, saw it three times.
No, it's really not and you're fucking stupid. It's a solid story, but nothing special.
This is true.

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Hinagiku is for ___________
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Next year!

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Am I the only one that thinks that he is the villain of this arc?

I just think that is to suspicious the hole erasing universe thing, and the grin of the angel of universe 9 after it got delete it, left me thinking.
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People have been speculating the angels are the final boss since it was announced they wouldn't get deleted.
>Angels feed on universes
>He is the one pulling the strings on everything.

You heard it here first.
OP here, if this goes like that, I'm very curious about how Whiz is going to react

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Thoughts on Uzurin?
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Anon-P x Nana is better.
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>implying she won't grow old and die alone

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people can be really good at hiding signs that they have problems from others (asuka)
try finishing it
that's not the lesson of NGE though

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Why is this infantile shit so popular?
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Most people who have watched this were in their mid 10s.
Because most people aren't so infantile to be insecure about enjoying what they watch.
You know the upper range of the target audience for 95% of the stuff on the board ATM is 15 years of age, right?

We're not here to discuss Nihon-Shiki or Catch 22.

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can anyone explain the meaning of those damn colors?

This whole hue thing is basically the main plot but is never explained in detail.

I understand, that white = good and black = evil, but what about green, blue or red? is yellow more good than purple? If it would only be about brightness and darkness they could have just went with grey, so that can´t be the only thing, but that´s all google results would offer to me. someone explain please.
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Yellow is good at math, medicine and martial arts
thanks, that covers one at least.

so is there some kind of scale where they are all defined?

what else? i don´t need any buffering and can stream anything in HD
>the perks of living in the 1st world

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DEYTnDqVoAAm6G7.jpg orig.jpg
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Look at her big rice bowl.
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>genki high ponytail sawashiro

is such perfection even legal
She looks kinda derpy compared to the mango
Look at all these IPs

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Why is S2 so fucking bad?
Is S3 happening?
Which biyoris are okai to sex?
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S2 was better than S1.
Ren-chon said last issue that アニメ製作 has been 決定ed but we don't know if it's a season
Bad question
>Why is S2 so fucking bad?
It was an absolute masterpiece. If you don't like Non Non Biyori Repeat, then you're a pleb who cannot appreciate the true beauty of the iyashikei genre.
>Is S3 happening?
Most likely
Which biyoris are okai to sex?
All of them, except for Kazu-nee
I bet she has big titties and a tight anaru.

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Are SnK and BnHA threads, parody threads? Because I've been visiting a few random threads these past 2 weeks and it's like the same posts almost back to back. Like someone would use a script to spam and make every thread almost identical to another. Like if you read through one, you read 90% of 'em. How is this a thing?
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Welcome to /a/nime generals.
I mean, if you suddenly post some shipping nonsense i.e. always my OTP people will respond to you and even argue.
There's definitely some life going on, it just might be more degenerate than the usual.
its the general effect, mods do their best to keep it countained, and since they are few in number yet they get a free pass

I take more issue with the tumblr/reddit posting in these threads tho, same with jojo threads as well, that shit is cancer and should be banned on sight

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Why can't this be Anzumatsuri.
New chapter where?
How do you even go from Killer machine to best daughteru of all time?

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>"it's better in the Light Novel I swear!!!"
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something else.png
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>you have to read the entirety of the 100hr VN BEFORE have the right to criticize it at all whatsoever
Yeah nah fuck you
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This is why I only read LNs of established series. Thankfully my favorite series have a shit ton of entries.

Lurk more.
I never said you dont have to watch it im saying if you dont watch the whole thing you still have the still have the right to criticize what you did watch
Wow, really constructive, thanks

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