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Discuss the Dragon Ball Super Manga here
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Use the catalog retard >>159617868
This is for manga fucking retard
The Toyocancer can be contained here
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Tonari no Seki-kun thread.
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So what do you want to discuss?
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It's written right in the OP.
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This chapter killed me.
Seki's mother is fantastic.

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Why are the Japanese never portrayed with slant eyes in manga?
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everyone wishes they were white
They are though?
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Will I be able to watch upcoming Eureka Seven movies without having seen the original TV series?
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Sure it's basically a retelling of E7 but with some changes.
Probably, but you shouldn't.
Anemone and Dominic still better have a happy ending. Fuck the manga.

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Why is Toei still allowed to be an animation studio?
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Aren't they outsourcing animations to philippines?
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>being this new
Stock footage has been used in shounen anime since forever. Is this the first anime series you've ever seen by any chance?
>complaining about bank animation
You dragon ball fags don't know how good you've got it. Look at what those poor Berserk fans have to deal with.

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Kinda late, might as well do this.

[Side] Look for the voice you shouldn't be able to hear.
69: Move forward. It doesn't matter if it's step by step.
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"It's ripped to shreds......"
[Side] The clue to the 'Breath of the sun' is...
"I pretty much can't read this"

"Was it originally like this?"
"No... that can't be right"
"The 'Generational Flame Pillar record' is something that's kept really well.

"I think my dad tore it apart..."
"I'm very sorry"
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"Oh no!"
"It isn't your fault, Senjurou-san"
"Please don't mind it"

"You purposely came all this way"
"But you couldn't find anything about this 'Dance of the Fire God' or the 'Breath of the Sun' my dad spoke of..."

"It's fine. I know what I should do anyways"

"I'll train some more"
"Even though I know the steps to the 'Dance of the Fire God', I can't master it"
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"Oh is that so..."

"When I use it in my full focus breath state, my body becomes a lot less mobile than I imagined"
"That one's on me"
"My body isn't catching up with the technique"

"I raised my stamina with the constant full focus breaths, but it's not enough..."
"If I can do it constantly, my stamina would increase as the days go by, but I can't get stronger in a flash"

"...back then"
"If I had been stronger,""
"If there ... was a way I could've been strong enough to save Rengoku-san..."

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Umaru S1 receives a TV rebroadcast starting August 12 in preparation for s2!
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You haven't been able to get more then 20 posters ever, just give up no one cares.

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Why does she dress like this if she doesn't wanna be called a girl?
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waiting for someone to force her down and make her a woman
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>and make her a woman
Wasn't God already doing that?
Because everything in the fate/series apart from fate/zero is nonsensical moeshit trash

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The great debate
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I love YYH but I admit that the Dark Tournament arc was the only exceptional thing about it.
Other arcs were good too. YYH is one of my all time favorite anime and is better than HxH.
It seems general consensus is that HxH is more refined but honestly I prefer YYH.

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Newest chapter courtesy of Raptor Scans.

Chapter 16
Spot the Difference!
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>You lived to see Macross become idolshit
>You lived to see Gatchaman become moeshit
>You lived to see Black Jack become fujoshit
>You lived to see Cashern become emoshit
>You lived to see Yamato become waifushit

What classic will (((they))) ruin next?
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Why didn't you mention Gundam?
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The new Gatchaman (including Insight) was a good commentary on societal heroism, and the new Casshern Sins was fucking fantastic, and only people who haven't watched it or just don't understand it would call it 'emoshit'.
>tfw born just in time to see these shitty old kids cartoons get awesome mature reboots

What does this mean? Does she want hang herself?
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The puff represents her enjoyment of life.
Have you never had those nights staring at the ceiling where there's a feeling of a hole in your chest cavity like it all went wrong. and you know if you just get to sleep it'll feel better in the morning, butyou can't tell if you have greater clarity then or when you wake up so maybe the sadness is more authentic than the morning happiness. Just those soul crushing nights.
She's probably having one of those.
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>Have you never had those nights
Yes anon, it's called every night.

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Which Bakuon would you ride?
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I want to ride Onsa's cock.
Where does this meme come from? I just finished the show

Ryoga should have ended up with Ukyo.
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Only dumb secondaries think so.
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>not fucking your rival

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Chiya smile.jpg
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Chiya is the only sexy GochiUsa girl, tbqh. Rize has a nice body but is too retarded.
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I'm going to MARRY my girlfriend Sharo-chan!
Why haven't you married her yet if you've been dating for so long? She's putting it off an awful long time. I don't think she wants to marry you, anon.
Marriage requires time and money and patience.

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