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ITT: Write a passable Isekai plot

>Gets Truck-kunned
>Reborn into another world OP as fuck and asked to go beat the demon king
>Sods the whole business to go trekking in the amazon
>Rest of manga is just discovery channel and comfy sol adventures with animals and random cute girls he meets

>pic not related
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>but goes do something inane instead
Boring, not to mention trite already.
I want it. Throw in some comedy though.
>MC dies
>Revives in new world
>gets slaved
>manages to escape
>becomes a thief
>then a hired killer

Loli Fate or adult Fate?
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Adult Fate
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Loli Rinne

Boner stop

Is this the most unattractive MC ever in a mahou shoujo series, or anything else with a predominantly female cast? I seriously don't know what the fuck they were thinking with this design. She' about as sexy as a knee. I'm honestly more attracted to the bug people with Down syndrome from 90's anime than to her.
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>not liking your women having muscles of titanium and the gumption to punch a mountain
i'm sorry your taste is so terrible
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Serious question. Are you actually gay?

Why is Leorio so shit?
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Worst boy with small potential when compared to the rest of them
Because he hasn't moved in on cheadle yet. I'm sure he will prove them wrong and show them he's not some PR hire anymore!
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Because he hasn't confessed his love to Kurapika yet

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Characters, who should bear your children.

Post your selections now.
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You posted the wrong girl OP.
Does Kuroko like bananas?
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>gohan and caulifa fags should be banned
>fags that get sperg on people for posting dubbed scenes should be banned

are you guys prepared for krillen to get cucked next episode by a furry ?
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Furries are 1-10 in this tournament
furries should be ERASED

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There's a new chapter out for the first time in years. I'll dump it and a few others I like.
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When did you realize that Hifumi is the most beautiful girl in the world?
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If Hifumi is so great, how come she hasn't made an honest woman of Aoba yet?
She working up to it.
Impossible to turn a succubus honest.

This is a hate crime in Japan.
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If you don't want species segregation then you need hate crime laws in order to enforce civility, otherwise humans will ruin fucking everything.
And this is a sacrament.

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Why did you ordered ACE, anon? ACE isn't even on the menu.
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no thanks i'll have a steaming hot hoku instead
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Every order until I win nationals.
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The real OTP.

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Misaka Mikoto.jpg
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There's a lot of things people don't like about the anime and the anime adaptations of the spin-offs, but small things like inaccurate coloring compared to the LN character description is just trolling the LN fags.
Hope they get it right for S3

this pic is accurate
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They changed Mugino's lasers to green so people could differenciate it from Mikoto's electricity, there would be barely any Mikoto in S3 so that shouldn't be a problem
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>Girl in Dress will be changed to brunette

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By the Emperor, she won.
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She won for THAT MOMENT.

Nigga we far in the future, who knows who TRULY won.
What the actual fuck. I haven't read much of UQ but I don't remember them having much chemestry way back when.

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Who is your favorite character in anime or manga with this body type?
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the last thread was fine until you dinguses started posting porn
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Are loli threads getting deleted again?
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irrelevant, this is NOT a lo li thread

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FLAC: https://mega.nz/#!GMtnSCKB!E--RttdbfWukbh_-ICBJnY369p0xCSI9dqx5kYsXc2o
MP3: https://mega.nz/#!SQFT1AqT!Y0nyeXetCS4x0GAQ3-PN8W4i5axGct2ii1ARFKzE5EM


Praise the bat, it's finally out.
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oooh snap
Post best girl, also known as kiss shot.
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Will she be back?
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He will never come back.
no, neither the universes or the inhabitantswill not be wished back
Dragon Ball Super is a stupid and cliche name.

Make a better name.

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