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AHHH.. the thrill of the battle
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Pic unrelated?
pick related nigga, what was the last anime/manga you read with

a) a badass old dude as a villain
b) someone who didnt rely on dumb powerups or macguffins or plot holes
Fuck off moe fag.
OP posted a genuinely interesting villain, if only because he's a fucking old dude that kicks arse

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> gaming episode
>not skyrim reference

why japs have so much shit taste?
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Todd, go to bed.
Skyrim sucks is boring as hell specially the combat system which is on of the worst i have seen

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Which P.A. Works girl is the best?
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No contest.
Each girl in that picture is the best in her show.

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First chapter for this spinoff is out.

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>Your name is weird!
>It's not "Nishikata"!
>Even though dad is "Nishikata"!
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>My family name used to be "Takagi"
>but after I got married to your dad,
>I became "Nishikata".
>Names can change!?
>Don't like it?
Well that fucking settles that.

How can Black Cucks even compete against a literal god that can destroy the world with his NP at full power?


Darnic will get absolutely BTFO. How can he even win with the shit his faction summoned?
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Mordred is a bad servant.
It's funny how shitty the Black team is whereas the Red team has multiple top tier Servants.
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Mordred rolling.gif
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>Mordred is a bad servant.

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This is THE best scene in the whole shitty series.
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It is the best scene in the whole great series.
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Not even the best fapbait

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Time for the monthly dose of gyaru cooking antics. Dumping Chapter 10 and a bonus chapter by the author from the Gyaru Anthology.
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I'm so fucking disappointed this is basically Naruto with heroes.

It has the same characters and even following the same arcs.
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yeah but the mc is even more of a fag so it's interesting
They both cry like faggots though? Can't wait for the "have to get Bakugo" arc (he's already being tempted once, the second time he's going to turn into a villain.)
Narutoard is at least outgoing and can be a funny asshole when he wants.

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>AOTS airs
>no one watches it
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Ok at least tell us what's it called and what's it about.
It's called lurk more: you absolute retard.
It's cute and fun. I never watched the original though.

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Mutsuki ch43.jpg
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Of course you can't.
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Well, that was easy,
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That's not imoutits.

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ninja DGrayman Chapter came out. Allens back so thats nice to see and now I wait for the next chapter when ever that is.
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not sure what hoshino is doing with Johnny considering she's going all out here with this johnnyxAllen thing.

also its chapter 225 not 226.
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pretty excited to see Allen again. hopefully he stays allen for a while. I want Hoshino to go and have the "save Lavi" arc.

season 3 DVD release date confirmed. October 10, 2017.

Does it deserve all the praise it gets?
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More in fact

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Post only the best kiss scenes
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I'm here waiting for someone to ask source to leech on their misery.
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Snow white and the seven dwarfs.

Thoughts on Hestia's body of work?
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Why do girls expose their weakpoints like that?
Would work her body.

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Tatami Galaxy.jpg
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Only post anime that have both a good OP and a good ED in this thread.
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stop making 10 op/ed stealth rec threads a day you fucking retards
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