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Just saw this movie. Great movie overall. Didn't expect the feels. Shuvi is pure love. Jibril is a dick
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Does Sora and Shiro appear?
Yes. In the beginning teaching about 10 rules you need to follow when watching a movie. Also at the end for a bit. The movie ends with them standing on a hill and say "Let's start the game"
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Received this book at the screening

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next week's raws are early, so no raw on Tuesday
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Is Ryona just for girls, or can boys take part too?
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Reverse ryona is a thing but i'd rather get cucked than get physically hurt tbqh famalam
>tbqh famalam
It is shitposting, even if you think you are a special ironic snowflake.
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Seriously? Physical pain is way easier to deal with than emotional/mental pain.

Unless of course you like being cucked.

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ITT: shitty anime that you were memed into watching

I'll start.
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Absolute garbage
This so much

If your waifu is taller than you, better hand her over right now so she can have a man that can handle her.
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This woman's neck is fujoshit level long.
She's supposed to look intimidating and strong here.
occasional reminder arararararagi is 165cm or 5'5

>Full Cowling
Why do people watch fucking crunchy roll
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Because the alternative to CR (HS) is literally nothing. Sure you'd have a point if you were waiting for BDrips and fansubs, but you evidently aren't. Otherwise how would you even have gotten around to making this thread?
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>muh supporting anime industry
What is your screenshot even supposed to say?

Find a flaw
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Short hair.
Large eyes
Brown, short hair
Disgusting feet

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ITT: characters/designs/scenes that you enjoy from shows you don't watch
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What are some good anime male designs with facial hair? Are there even any?
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Better question

Has any male with beards been anything more than background characters?

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Will the Queerats rise again?
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No, the novel made it explicit that every tribe except the allied one was wiped out. Even then, almost the entire generation was culled except the Queens, so that a 'fresh' generation could be generated.
It never was clear to me why the ability users need the queerats in the first place. They seem to have kept them as a slave race for the sole purpose of having a slave race.
Hint: they don't.
Never cared for them so hard that they would have never learned of Squeeler's overthrowing of their queen had it not been for Saki.
Heck, the probably wouldn't even care about the arrival of the foreign queerats had it not involved the children

ITT: Times were /a/ was wrong.
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op's grammer
The only good thing about DtB S2 was the UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ in the OST, there's a reason people pretend it doesn't exist.
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Spoilerfag tears were delicious

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Other WW's when
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If Bondrude can't suffer the curse because the Abyss sees his bodies as mindless, then why does he need the cartridge system to divert the curse?
Wait a month
Will the anime end with Bonedad arc?

Name one flaw.
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I cant
Stuck in a generic battle school LN.
She's not in my bed.

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Zero camrips
W H E N ? ? ?
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it will probably be on KM tomorrow
What is KM?
lurk more

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That's not how a japanese person would react。They don't ask such personal things that easily or directly. You'll tell me that the characters aren't supposed to be japanese, but then the reactions of the two other kids are very japanese. 'Uh?' 'Hey now, Reg!'.
In a western cartoon, they would probably, all the three of them, go confront the other kid.

There are so many characters like Reg in anime. The way the Japanese wish they could express themselves. Able to speak directly or say 'Yes' or 'No' without hiding behind vague answers because direct confrontation can cause a clash and after all, this is the country of 'Wa', where everyone respects the others private space.

If only they could learn to lessen the distance between them there certainly would be less stomach ulcers, less suicides and less bullying.
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>That's not how a japanese person would react。They don't ask such personal things that easily or directly.

Japanese aren't all identical, some of them are just more open.
theyre kids
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>anime expert talking about his japanese expertise
Fucking autistic weeblord.

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