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A lot of people are saying this is the new Naruto. As we all know Naruto is a very successful brand.
I wonder if this series will be as epic.
That sword is killer by the way.
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When it comes to shounen battle manga being generic is a given, it's going to do all the same shit in every other battle shounen, what we need to worry about is execution.
Hopefully it's not as bad as hero aca, it's gimmick is magical powers which is such a broad idea hopefully they use it in creative and interesting ways.
It's the new Fairy Tail

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These are your JCs now.
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What are they looking at?
The Pulp Fiction briefcase.
Good. I will raise them to be pure and to despise pedos.

Was this scene really necessary?
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It would be cruel to give the normies absolutely no warning signs of what's to come.
of course it was

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Not the Seiza position, with your legs and feet comfortably under your butt, specifically this. Pussy on floor, knees hinged 90 degrees outward, legs tucked in. This is a very common posture in anime, but I can't imagine joints working like this. Try it out.
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Another example, for clarity.
It's not that hard to do, ankles just hurt a little
try yoga

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You haven't forgotten my name have you /a/?
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Who's Rem?
of course not spit girl
Of course not, Suki-no-Yome!

>there are idiots who think this garbage is deep
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I doubt it.

It was visually appealing and that's about it.
>sexy whore steals some guys heart and wastes his time he could be with his girlfriend
>she ends up alone anyway because shes a cunt while the guy lives happily ever after
>ends with her being saved by a guy
The only funny thing is it being picked up by fat cosplayers that think its a feminist message.

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How do we stop her?
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indulge her masochist urges by locking her in a sex dungeon
shit on floor, then run
giving her my belly to touch instead of mcs

Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade just fucking clocked you right in your jaw. What do you do?
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more like Areola-Orion
I'm probably fucking dead to begin with

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What was her fucking problem?
Better im gonna change to Rei's side.
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I will never understand the waifu wars of Evangelion
I guess the real problem in Eva fanbase are asukafags
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Asuka probably would have benefited from a good hard spanking from Misato (and Rei), and a steady supply of hugs and cuddles.

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ITT: Animes that cannot be sexualized.
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Osaka has one of THE best doujins of all time.
You under estimate the internet.
Also its not like Yomi, Kagura, Sakaki, and Tomo don't already have ideal physique.
Sakaki and Kagura's lewd bodies need to be bred, though.

Wait... so is this show just cute girls doing cu- HOLY FUCKING SHIT
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Girls and trains. Does anything else matter?
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Train Wars was kind of ass, but it did have nice ass.
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Why is Bulma so fucking hot?

Post your favorite Bulma design.
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She was only good as a kid. Same with Chi-Chi.
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>Age appropiate for her age
>Not dressed like a slut
>Looks even younger and sexier

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No, just another gay clown
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no, but what about this one?
Not every character needs to support your degenerate social agenda, fuck off.

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Fuck you early jump. Fuck you

[Side] The presence of the person I felt just now is...

70: Kidnap
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Fuck it this will be a Yuuna and Kimetsu thread. Fuck my day. Fuck you early jump.
>Fuck it this will be a Yuuna and Kimetsu thread. Fuck my day. Fuck you early jump.
Please don't.

Just make a new thread.
I have a terrible solution to this problem.

Anyways, first page is here >>159820315

Nope, still don't understand the foot fetish.
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So how does Kiri find his smile and dye his hair before the school year starts?
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Mei is for breeding. That body is too lewd.

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