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Anon, I need stronger fix.
What is the next step from humping a leotard-clad pillow?
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Taking a bullet to the brain unironically
Dressing up as your waifu and riding a dildo like the slut she is.
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explain further

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Post your lesbian daughteru.
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K-On! is pretty good
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top kek!
Get that CG garbage out of my face
K-On! was okay

K-On!! was fantastic

Be honest, would you been as autistic as the MC and saved your money or would you have blown it on shit?
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If I had arrived empty-handed I would probably have spent a bit on entertainement products but I would have been scarce on food and I wouldn't go out.
MC is a retard who blows most of his money to save one of their classmates from getting expelled by buying better grades for him. The very next story arc involves that same person facing suspension for getting into a fight.
I would rape QTs and beat up martial arts champions.

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The best couple
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Best girl always win
Lord Hiashi approves

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I'm gonna bully the heck out of this yuyu, kiddo
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don't bap the yuyu, dude

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What are your thoughts on lolis in anime and manga?
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They're mostly unspeakable.
Lolis are for kiss.

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Are you guys ready for Misunderstandings: The Anime?
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There is one cuck in pic related
Can you tell who?
Poor Chad-kun.
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No misunderstandings the anime will be the one with the big boobs sexy gyaru

Is this worth watching /a/? Concept seems cool and I watched the pilot, animation and pacing seem jarring sometimes but there's also some promise so I'm wondeirng if it's worth the long haul
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>post that picture
>ask if it's worth it

no not at all
Well I've seen it's not shy on fan service from the first episode, just wondering if it's not carried by it solely

Because if it isn't then damn straight I'd watch it for the fanservice

It's not that bad
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The abridged series is better.
you're right
It really isn't
But it's too popular and that's what triggers /a/

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what twists can they possibly do to save this absolutely shit genre of anime?
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Horror seems to be a pretty unexplored angle for Haremshit anime. I'd be happy with something that doesn't take place in a fucking school
If you want a good harem you need to either read a LN or a VN. Anime/Manga as mediums are not very good for developing relationships.

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I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I watched all of PMMM last night. I honestly don't know why it got popular and in my opinion was very mediocre. It was good enough that I didn't drop it halfway through, but not good enough to be memorable.
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Why it's popular

>It's magical girl show but it's REEEALLY DARK
>There are cute girls who eat cake but they also SUFFER AND DIE
>Yuki Kajiura

Take all of this away and you would have had mediocre title that would faded away into nothing right after it aired like Daybreak Illusion.
I thought it was pretty bland in all aspects aside from art direction.
Did you watch Rebellion yet? That's where 90% of the "WHAT" comes from.

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How mad will she be when Krillin gets knocked out?
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She won't, she'll just make out with Jiren
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>Leave the Pride Troopers to us
>those hips

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Perfect girls don't ex.....
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Shit's boring and formulaic at this point.
She's not real
>no NTR

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What'd you think of this series? Also can someone spoil the manga ending for me.
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Best girl
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I agree. proto-taiga is cute.

timeskip, her daughter is in love with the blonde guy who hung out with them

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