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The god of all things - Zeno somehow created everything yet he is a child who doesn't know shit about anything. He wipes out entire universes due to cruel and unfair reasons because he's insanely autistic.

Meanwhile, his angels who are all edge lords, could not give less of a fuck if their own universe gets wiped out as well.

Goku who is the hero of the show is partly responsible for the sudden deaths of trillions of lives in several universes because of his obsession with punching people in the face.

All you cancerous fantards need to be ashamed of yourselves.
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So Beerus best boy and Bulma best girl confirmed?

Almost that time of the week.

Can girls love girls?
Can girls NTR with other girls?
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No and yes

No penis = doesn't count.
The love part or NTR part?

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Are you ready for the return of the Gal Age?

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I for one cant wait to hear these VAs I never heard of before say lewd things.
Am I too early or have you faggots forsaken the path of the Gal?
I haven't followed any news or shows for this season and don't understand moonrunes, but I guess MC is THE anime sterotype had it all, had to move or some shit like that and his new target finds his romance anime protag thing disgusting?

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Early spoilers, early chapter.
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Spoilers Never
also, that's some good Eri you have. Wonder why never get to see her fanart
Spoilers are being dumped as we speak. Preemptively made a new thread because I don't want to dump in a also dying thread.
>tfw connection is too shitty to check all the usual spoiler source
I'll just patiently wait here

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naked shark.webm
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Episode 15 preview

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R A P E R U S H !
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I want to fuck shark in all positions possible
He looks like a comedy character.

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Is anyone a match for the shagster?
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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what are future trunk sand future mai doing right now?

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Tell me, why does she wear the mask again?
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Her mother bullied her...
Her mom got cucked and she doesn't want to look at her daughter who looks like the dude who alpha-widowed her. In short because women are irrational creatures. Also because it makes her character look unique.
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Single moms were a mistake.

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What would have happened if Jonathan got the mask instead of Dio?
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Kaleb just did a video on this. Nothing interesting really
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There's actually a really good doujin with that premise.

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Turns out that the info posted on Araki's website a couple days ago was real.
The TSKR supposedly in this month's issue of UJ will indeed be a new chapter.

ANN just posted an article about it
>The August issue of Shueisha's Bessatsu Margaret magazine is revealing on Thursday that Hirohiko Araki will publish a new installment of his Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai (Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan) manga in the magazine's next issue in August.
>The ninth installment in the one-shot manga series is titled "DNA."

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Spoiler pics soon.
>its another set up chapter
Why is this allowed?
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Will fightfags ever recover?
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Is she a good villain?

The absolute madman.
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>when Haruhi wears the ponytail the next day to school
good shit
It's magical.
Sequel never ever
When exactly in the anime, that Haruhi falls for Kyon? Was it the same in the novels?

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So we know that the game supposedly takes place during summer break; you think we could see alternate uniforms or costumes overall?
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You're now in charge of season 2's plot. How does it play out?
>another thread
pls no, I want to end it all. I want to end my suffering.
It gets cancelled.

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Left or right?
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Right even with that questionable bulge.
She is definitely going to be the real princess.

Join the dance of the death.
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Friendly reminder that Rose is #1!

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Explain this.
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That's a lovely heart.
Annie a smelly
Stinky shit.

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Any new info on Kaminari Traitor Theory?
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Lady pose.png
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stop it with the Kami traitor theory.
It was just a meme.
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Even if I believed it, Kaminari hasn't exactly had much panel time lately, so there wouldn't be anything to add anyway.

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