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>[HorribleSubs] Hitorijime My Hero - 02 [720p].mkv
Anyone else still watching?
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Cute shota flashbacks today. Also forced drama
Just me then

Wow, he's so intelligent and nihilistic, just like me.
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He is not intelligent though.
>intelligent nihilistic, with a wicked sense of humor MC
There better be cute girls here like Oregairu otherwise what's the point.
>so intelligent and nihilistic, just like OP

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Other than a few space segments, I disagree.
Kill yourself
Episodic trash isn't entertaining in 2017

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The man on the right is Dust, the new Konosuba protagonist. The girls are all part of his harem.
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>as scummy as Kazuma, but more handsome and also a noble
How can Kazuma even compete?
What's this?

Light novel or is the manga getting a new protagonist
It's a spin-off about the blonde guy on the right.

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Chapter 21 is out, but only in korean. Could an anon that knows korean translate this pls? It's a short chapter and have only a bit of text.
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Why is this allowed?
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I allowed it
Because she enjoys it.

The real questions is why are you faggots are making a big deal out of this scene?

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Hi everyone!
It's really early, but I wanted to give you all the chance to let you know I'm probably going to resign from Secret S/a/nta after this year.
There's a lot of reasons behind this, and I'll sort them all out in a pastebin for you all to read later!
Someone might pick up for us and we'll transition to that, but I have to figure that out still.
Look out for a thread starting around September, I guarantee I'll be making a post by then!
Without santafaggot things are kind of hard, and I've had trouble getting into contact with him.
I'm sorry about any of the grinched gifts, and organizing it is a bit difficult for multiple reasons.
Stay tuned for more! See you guys in a while! And maybe, or maybe not, for the last year too.
-Santa Loli
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I'm unsure if self-bumping posts still works since I've always been bad at keeping up with stuff like that. But, I will try anyways so anons can see this!
Thank you for your work!
Selb-bumping works after 15 or 20 minutes, not sure.

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Just finished this and it was much better than I thought. Season 2 when?
And who is officially best girl?
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smile protected.jpg
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Nomura is best girl.
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Miko > Bear > Oni > Kouhais > French > Green > Empress
the dumb autistic fish is best girl

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dumping because of Ebino's delicious suffering
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Akkun should stop being tsun tsun and get together with Yoshiko. She's pretty, likes him a lot , and puts up with his shitty attitude
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I volunteer for the retard
Yeah, but then he'd have to take care of an idiot for the rest of his life, and god forbid he get her pregnant, which he would probably make the mistake of doing as a byproduct of the one thing for which she's any good, and then he'd have to take care of more idiots for the rest of his life
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I don't understand why the fuck anyone would bother dealing with her on a daily basis unless you're railing her every night. Does Akkun just like beating the shit out of retards?

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i-0200-201 copy.png
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Final chapter got released. It's finally over, and I loved the ending.
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huh?, spoil me the end then, did they fug
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i-0190-191 copy.png
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Shut Hell survives and meets with Yurul about 10 years after she "died." Harabal helped her find him and in the process also managed to kill Genghis Khan. In the end, it is heavily implied that Shut Hell and Yurul are the ones responsible for starting the Yuan Dynasty.
So yes, they fuck and have kids
what's with their modern counterpart there
also the Yuan dynasty huh, pretty shitty period for the chink then

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midori days.jpg
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tfw no hand gf
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My relationship with my hand has never been better.
That show was cute.

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nobody would be complaining if they were oval shaped instead of near perfect spheres.

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This is an Aztec dragon (Goddess)
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No, this is my wife.
I actually liked the ridiculous proportions in Dragon Maid but honestly the boob service wasnt that good.
I want to fuck it.

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badly explain a anime in 12 or less words
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