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How can something be so christian and yet so gay?
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Christianity is gay, forbids fapping and sex with cute traps.
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It's wholesome friendship.

so cute ;---;
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Sexy bird!
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God I want a burb of my own
>panties under a yukata
is she even Japanese

It's late and I'm awake
Staring at the wall
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Open up my window
Head falls out the door
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No one else around
And a shimmer takes my eye
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200_s (1).gif
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I lift my head
Blinded by the sky

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>gender bending
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>gender bending selfcest
I miss Kampfer
Said no-one ever.

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Just finished this. It was a blast but did anyone else feel the end felt too abrupt?

Also, was the live action movie any good, and why is there no anime adaptation?
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Pretty sure his dad died when he was writing the final couple of chapters. After that happened feel like he didn't wanna work on it anymore and just wanted to end it hence the abrupt ending.
Yeah wasn't much of a fan of the ending. Really wish more was explained about Hiromi and her connection to Kurusu and the big alien mass, I don't think she got the ending she deserved. Also Hiro ended up learning absolutely nothing and went kind of crazy at the end which sucked.
That really sucks if true, everything was really good until the concluding chapters.
>everything was really good until the concluding chapters.
Except for the lazy art.

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Is this an accurate depiction of french knight?
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Only she crave for dick AND pussy at the same time.
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French knights come in all shapes and sizes.
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No, THIS is a proper french knight and his wife.

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Why is the manga design so obviously superior to the anime design?
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Jesus what is wrong with her face
not as bad as the anime wannabee nekomimi face

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Chapter title: "Fluffy and Gooey"
The castle is collapsing.
Bege and the others make use of the confusion and disorder that ensues and proceed with their escape plan.
Bege thinks that there is no need for the assassination plan anymore as they think that the Big Mom pirates will all die as the castle collapses.
But Streusen uses his ability and saves the Big Mom pirates from the debris.
Luffy and Bege pray for luck and head each to their own ship.
Some usual thing happen to Big Mom.
Not having eaten the wedding cake she begins to show symptoms of her eating illness(however it was officially translated)
(Basically her illness kicks in and she will probably go nuts)
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Year of Jinbe 's death
is a lie?
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>BigMeme enters rampage mode

Told you fags it was gonna happen. She's gonna kill off her own crew and its gonna end up with an everyonevBigMeme scenario. Psychotic bitch is going down boyos

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don't mind me guys,just posting best dragon of the series
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>poop horn
>no friends
>shitty programmer
would be a good design without the shit horn
Tooru > Kanna > Lucoa = Fafnir > Elma

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nice bait I almost bit
Use sage pathetic newfaggot.

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Noone beats her
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Then why is she a loli now?
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Arcueid is better character and girl.
>better than anything

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>tfw you'll never caress his face and kiss him then let him eat you so you can be one
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That's gay, anon.
>tfw you will never touch another human being
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i dont care, as long as i get to meet my love
i dont want to touch human beings, i want to touch and love on my waifu

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funniest anime in my opinion
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You sound pretty fucking new, anon-kun.
Renaming it doesn't hide how obviously new you are by the way.
That's some shit treatment of your favorite

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Linda > Kaga Kouko
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The ending for this show looked messier than it should for something that had a 2 cour run.
Couldn't agree more, that club kiss scene was the hottest shit ever.

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megumin on bed.jpg
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post Megumin
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Imagine how good it would feel to have her suck you off.
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