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LWA 2017 Manga scans when ?
Especially chapter 7 onwards.
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this is now a shipping free thread
Hannah still looks EVIL even tho she is now friends with the losers

Ayy lmao's Vs Ninja's World War soon
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Sarada x Naruto, best doujins, great chemistry.
You mean Interdimensional War
Dropped this not ninja anymore

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Ochakofag should kill himself.

He already did tho, his suffering is over.
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Since we got more backstory for Kirishima and Mina, should Tsuyu or someone else also get some backstory thrown in this arc as well or should Hori just get over with it already?

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What is the scariest part of SnK?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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first for base captain Rico
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Smoothiefags on suicide watch
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Smoothie had such a great design and actually a funny power. but the way she was handeled the entire fight just shows that oda never hat a vision for her.

it feels actually cringworthy how Oda weaseled his way out of giving her any importance in the fight. as of right now her only reason she exists is because of what comes next.

a fucking yonkou commander and the "cant give a proper fight to a woman" cringe still applies.

Guess the Boa sisters were the end of the line in that regard. they and harpy girl, because they could turn into beasts that one was allowed to fight.

to add insult to injury. damn, half of the smoothie panels are drawn so halfassed, friggin Pandaman had more detail to his face.
>can't see that his mom is about to flip out
instead of trying to take out big mom why haven't yonkous and the marines spent more effort in killing Katakuri or streusen

I feel like removing either one instantly collapses her empire despite her strength.

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>NT19 possibly in October
>Railgun manga on hiatus until September
>No Accel manga this month

Ready to enjoy months of pointless discussion and predictions in the meantime?
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I can't believe Season 3 is confirmed
>Ready to enjoy months of pointless discussion and predictions in the meantime?
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>Ready to enjoy months of Junko's manga in the meantime?
Fixed. And yes.

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Reminder these are the only U7 fighters who matter.
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use the catalog retard >>159708393
Where's Piccolo?
The point was visual intimidation and forcing him to realize he'd be against opponents of that caliber, I suppose.

The composer choice for the anime adaptation seems to be fucking perfect.
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Sure thing, Kevin.
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So I spent the last two days catching up on all of this and now that I've caught up I have a great big hollow void inside me.

Somebody help me fill the hole, I want to gush about how great the manga is.
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Season 1 ending point confirmed.

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In a few minutes for the first ep. Prepares for this.
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So how well is this expected to sell?
Why do you care about sales? I hope it flops.
Why? Because of the NTR of Yukonishita 2.0?

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Yes yes, Sumire is staying, Gaiden is next and there are aliens on the horizon but before all that, can I just say what a fucking amazing job this show is doing with this guy?

For the entire manga run, he was in the background, never doing anything of note in the canon story (filler is another thing). And even when he did, he had little to say. But the Shino we have here is a grown adult who has dedicated his life to teaching and is there for his students. He may not have the level of connection to Bort the same way Naruto did to Iruka but his drive is just as strong.

It looks like he's going to even be adopting Sumire. I can't be more happy with the direction they're taking Shino and hope for more good stuff in the future
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This kills the salad
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Shame that once the academy arc is over he will fall into irrelevance again. But well, if he does adopt Sumire, he might still be relevant later by proxy.
relly meks yuo thinnck

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Chapter is out. Fatgum finally finished his punch.
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Ochankofag should really kill himself.
>When you've actually accepted you're gay, deep down,
>Come and tell me, kay?
>I'll go spread rumors of the Mr. High School debut all over the place!
And Mina steels another man.

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How much longer until she does more than be cute this season?
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Why doesn't anyone save us from the plague that these subs are?
remember if you don't like the "save everyone even the villains" attitude the main cast has, stop watching the series because it's not going to change any soon.
Probably in 3-4 episodes when she develops a method for letting Maria and the lolis use their geahs without Linker based on the moment of insight when she saw Maria's aura, just in time for them to join the fray and turn the tide of some battle.

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Arc ending soon I guess
Big Mom better eat a lot of her kids. Which kids do you think will survive?
all of them

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Where did the quality take a nosedive?
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when he started drawing all the strong noses like penises
Will (((Chrollo)))cucks ever recover?
Why is he so smug bros?

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Episode 15
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The shipping ride doesn't exist but people are creating it anyway

Why does every fandom DO THIS?!
Edgelord Sasuke is back. These guys at the end are the ones from the movie right ?
Is Momoshiki handsome?

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