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ITT: Japanese bullying
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Where's the cute edit?
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>flat chest
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Is she at least bothered by all that, or does she just get angry?
There is a drastic lack of proper bullying in anime.

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What genius strategy will he come up with next?
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>hey guys lets try not to get ringed out. Apparently leaving the ring leads to elimination
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
kissing caulfla

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This gal pins you down and forces you to go out with her /a/. What do you do?
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Obviously I say yes. She's done all the hard work and is a sloot so why would I say no?
Banepost furiously
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1MB, 1279x1505px

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FLAC: https://mega.nz/#!GMtnSCKB!E--RttdbfWukbh_-ICBJnY369p0xCSI9dqx5kYsXc2o
MP3: https://mega.nz/#!SQFT1AqT!Y0nyeXetCS4x0GAQ3-PN8W4i5axGct2ii1ARFKzE5EM

Download +SUBS


Speedwatch (contains subs in cc)
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Kiss-shot best girl
I want to kiss lewd cat!
Hitagi was pure before she met Araragi though.
And used goods are fine when used by Araragi. He is based.

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Are you a sin?
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Ceasarfornakamafags EPIC BTFO!
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Begehaters BTFO. He really is the best supernova(barring Luffy and Zoro)
Why is Nami such a rotten dumb bitch?
he's up there with urouge.

Subs for the third movie are now up.
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Could've also posted the mega link for .ass
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>37 seconds in
>Already showning the whole class depressed and flower's on Gin's desk
I'm not gonna make it through the whole movie.

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Meruem is the strongest to ever be, I doubt any calamity will surpass him
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He is literally nothing but an ant compared to the calamities in the DC, We've already seen that one called Brion that is stronger than him.
If someone asked nanika to kill him he'd be dead immediately, so no he's surpassable
>dies to poison

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Fate Zero is the best Fate work to date, why do people get so mad about that fact? because Nasu didn't write it? lol
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Their waifu is from another installment.
Type-Moon as a whole is shite.
>best Fate work
Yeah, it is the only passable Fate work after all.

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It's not really a quote, but it seems appropriate.

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How does this make you feel?
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Who cares
Nobody cares.
I warned /a/ about normalfags and ironic weebs but no one listened.

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Mint no jacket.jpg
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Your waifu is a beautiful angel! Make sure you treat her like one, anon!

Let's get things rolling!

How would you spend a day at the beach together?

Would they be the type to go running for the Ice Cream truck when it came by?

How would they beat the heat?

Your AC and/or fans broke down all at once, and its a hot one outside, how do you keep cool together?

Whats your dream summer together?

Remember to compliment a waifu today! Yours are all super cool!
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-Beach just screams frolicking in the water like a couple of lovesick teenagers.
-I doubt it, though maybe if they offered some sea salt ice cream...
-Keep cool, either with air conditioning or a trip to the water. Especially with the heat stroke weather that's been happening as of late.
-Finding a nice island out there for some private beach time.

On that note, how well can your special one handle the heat? Are they the kind to walk into a volcano with thermals and a jacket, or are they more sensitive?
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I just wanted to say that I love my adorable fujoshi wife!
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DBTZFLZVYAAVh4z.jpg orig.jpg
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She looks really pretty in that dress, it suits her really well.

>How would you spend a day at the beach together?
A combination of 'exactly what you're meant to do' and 'exactly what you're not meant to do'.
By that, I mean trying to fit in every single possible cliche from every series ever, even if the reality is pretty dumb. Smashing a watermelon, with her 'using her aerial to navigate', playing volleyball (which she has a little trouble with the full size net and her size), making sand-bodies for each other (where I wind up being 'comically endowed' and she winds up with a huge chest), it'd be a lot of fun.
But then after all that's died down and we've had fun doing that stuff, a lot of it would be spent doing what we normally do just outside, stuff like reading and playing on handhelds.

Though she'd definitely want to go to a seaside cafe and relentlessly say 'degeso' on the end of sentences. But if we can share an ice-cream or something as a result, that makes it all worthwhile.

>Would they be the type to go running for the Ice Cream truck when it came by?
Most likely - either that or she'll be too fried by the heat she'll just half-heartedly pester me to get her one. She'd perk up quickly enough when she sees it's running down my hand by the time I get back, though.
Gotta make sure it's one of those ones with a little bit of chocolate at the bottom of the cone, too. Both of us are dorky enough that that little piece of chocolate is a great pleasure in life.

>How would they beat the heat/AC and/or fans broke down all at once, and its a hot one outside, how do you keep cool together?
Struggling, usually. AC is the usual option when it's working, combined with a fan and clothing which is very much not suitable for guests.
And informing her that despite being small, no, she cannot fit in the fridge if we take all the food out. Also packs of ice, which winds up being a bit wasteful after the third melted one, both of us struggle with hot weather.

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I wonder if Unity anon is still alive.
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Don't wake the baka

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>"Damn every one of them"

~Lord Beerus, Universe 7 God of Destruction
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Reminder that Tenshitcuck has no fans, only cucks
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jack when
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I want to lick Mordred's belly.
Frankenstein is dumb girl

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