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Is this season worthless?
I want to drop everything but 2 series so far
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That's how I feel every season, then some image lures me into a series.
Only actually good anime i've seen this season has been made in abyss, and new game !! although who knows if either of them are going to hold up quality for 10 more episodes.
Most others have been ranging from slightly above mediocre to bad.
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>made in abyss
Just read the manga

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3 minutes in and I already hate it
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that's what your mom said when you were born
Well, you did just reach the climax.

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This anime does not have a single good aspect.
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I-is it a good show?
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nigga pls
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> open anime
> see this
What do
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That's not a cameltoe.
I'm still trying to understand what part of the pubis mound are the panties tucked into on either side of the camel toe.

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I ended up seeing the 1997/98 series and it's SPECTACULAR!
What the fuck happened with the 2016/2017 series? It has become almost a shit!
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shitty director if u watch the video
Stop typing like a fucking retard please.

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What the fuck is this shit? Is it slice of life? Is it cute girls doing cute things? Is it a conspiracy anime? Is it a serious anime?

All I'm getting from the first couple episodes is a fuckfest of several themes clashing against each other
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it's hamsters
>Is it a serious anime?
No, at least that much should be apparent already.

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Could she beat Saitama?
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She has the power of 4chan; she could literally beat anybody. She could beat groups of people. She could even defeat small countries' armies.
Yotsuba is a pure gentle soul. Coincidentally Umaru is an oversized rat that cannot be loved.
>power of 4chan
tard strength*

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Does this ever get better? 10 chapters in and other than Samidare being cute it's boring.
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Maybe this manga isn't for you and you should read something else. Like something from the most popular manga list here: http://mangafox.me/directory/
Yes it gets better
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Animu Adaptation fucking WHEN

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Why does the show keep shoving her into the spotlight? Her whole gimmick got old real fast but she's even given the main role in the movie.

Even there, making us believe she cares about Shino fell flat because the only thing she does is being horny over Yoko 24/7.
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Why is Karen so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
I hope Aya and Yoko get together one day.
Yeah, so that we can stop focusing on Aya

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Can we agree that One Piece was one of the best SoL anime when it actually bothered to pace its adventure with comfier moments inbetween?

This guy on Youtube uploaded nearly everything that made One Piece great if you forget its interesting plot and universe



Please let's talk about the good ol' One Piece.
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>Please let's talk about the good ol' One Piece.

But I don't remember what happened over 500 chapters ago.
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wrong thread buddy

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Can we have a thread about Scanlating/Typesetting?

I've been trying to learn how to do it and it really is quite difficult. It took days for the first doujin. Most of the time went redrawing all the shit underneath text and not just whiteboxing it.

I'm curious, how much does good typesetting affect your enjoyment of manga? Have you tried Scanlating or Typesetting? What are the best resources for learning good typesetting, and what's the best way to improve?
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>how much does good typesetting affect your enjoyment of manga?
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Why do people even bother deforming the text? In a pointless attempt to fill up the bubbles?
Ah yes, the anti-ripper .gif watermark release. Does anyone still do this?

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>W-what are you staring at?
annie stinks

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what am i in for?
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Lil girl doing cute things on the mountains. Also goats are there.
Abuelito~ dime tu~ por que las tortugas son ninja?
Little girl turning into a slut in the mountains.

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>Name a comfier Anime which isn't about cute girls doing cute stuff
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sorry anon i don't think i have even watched any animes that fulfil that condition
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>pic related
I'm actually reading silver spoon right now but I'm at the arc where the main girl and baseball dude are troubled over something but won't tell the MC. He's being a huge bitch about it so I haven't worked up the spiritto power through it.
Is this show any good?

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After hugging your mother she says this to you, how do you respond?
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>go to my room
>pack a bag
see ya
Is Mother-con (more specifically the Japanese term used) equivalent to the German term Muttersöhnchen?

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