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Guerrilla meets Gorilla. Also Zombieman appears.
Looks like the chapter is about more than just Sonic.
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>Guerrilla meets Gorilla.
What a time to be alive.
Goddamn Guerilla will totally die in this chapter won't he? I really hope not.

Is this other gorilla a ponster? If it takes plac in the MA HQ he should be fine. I'm also really hoping that's this because that means we're seeing the other monsters too. Holy shit I'm hyped now.
Will we see mosquito girl again soon?

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>personal space
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Summaries for episodes 11 and 12 when
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>what this entire thread will be

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Who's with him?
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>Counter Strike with a fucking controller

Looks like ass
RTS or bust.
I don't mind casuals, just don't try to portrait them as the average gamer like they are doing with this faggot.

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First episode just aired.

who's watching notHaganai?
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How many actual gaming will we get? That's probably my deciding factor.
The Seitokai no Ichizon dude wrote this, hopefully optimistic.
First ep has them playing CS:GO

MC is a mobagefag and prefer playing GBF

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Episode 3 preview
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Leave the jobbing to me
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>copy Yamcha's looks
>never win a fight again
Where is the manga at right now? Last I read fused zamasu had multiplied, has a new chapter come out since then?
>piccolo helps him get back to form
>thanks him by wearing some orange shit instead of purple

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Two filler episodes to go
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What's he apologizing for?
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Oops forgot pic
Naruto probably forced Sasuke to marry Sakura.

ITT: we post an anime character who is literally you
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perfect angel (2).jpg
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So the Croix debate continues? I really don't think she was THAT bad. Maybe she felt a little rushed since they introduced her in the second half but i think it was pretty well managed.
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What were these two just doing in the bed?
Development was rushed but at least we got some.
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Shes just autistic.

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Eren is disguised as an hobo, will Mikasa disguise as a man in Marley?
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first for based captain Rico
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Endgame right here, brothers.

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This is your daddy. Say something to him.
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Bondrewd did-
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Reminder, Nanachi is good!
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Now this is what I call foreshadowing.
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JudgexNami confirmed?!!!!!
1st for Monet is alive
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Truly the year of Sanji

what went so awfully wrong?
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Writer change. The characters were super sexy though, you have to give them that.
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>tfw still liked it anyway
>Writer change
Oh boy here we go

So what did everyone think of the new ep??? What's next??
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Sakura is the queen of this series.
Cuck queen maybe

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Post your favorite flat chested non-lolis. Do they exist? What are their personalities like?
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Of course they do. Pic related is mine.
I like it. I love DFC but I'm not into children, with anime its a fine line and rare to get mature (physically and mentally) women with DFC.
Danmachi had a 2 for 1 though.

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