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Is Nishikino Maki a tsundere?
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Yes. Only a retard would think otherwise.
Yes, Nico.
She doesn't have tsun behavior, so no.
>caring about idolshit personality archetypes

New waifu?
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Her face is a light of hope in a fallen world. Nay, a becon of dreams illuminating the dark path that is my life. Her tears are an eternal pool of self reflection and tranquility. I love her.
The best character in boruto
Only acceptable waifu at this point

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>1.) Yoshiro Togashi (Hunter x Hunter): 388/720
>2.) Eiichiro Oda (One Piece): 67/720
>3.) Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto): 28/720
>4.) Kubo Tite (Bleach): 9/720

Why was Kubo such a workaholic?
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>worked the most
>produced the worst product

really makes you think
Because of that his health got real bad and he fucked up his shoulder.
He took his breaks while drawing backgrounds

Find a flaw
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>Cumming on mole.
Not on my dick

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You don't like dicks? What are you, fucking gay?
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I don't think that's how it works.
If it looks like a cute chick and acts like a chick then I'll fuck it. Who cares about his dick?
do you honestly want another dudes dick swinging around near yours? i'm not trying to sword fight.

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Holy shit, this guy is THE best fuckin villain I've seen in all media for the last year or so. This show has dodged all the stereotypical tropes and shit in near fiction.What a breath of fresh air.

Just finished Season 1, started season 2
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I'm glad you're having fun.
Is the manga just as enjoyable? I'm more of a reading person and I can't get used to the 3DCG.

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This is the same voice actor as Last Order right?

>in before using google
>in before this is not simply an excuse to talk about AOTY
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abyss 2.jpg
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Hope it doesn't get fucking sad.
man this series is giving me old anime nostalgia, it's like I'm watching some anime back in the day when we traded vhs tapes with anime on them for other tapes.

I hope more people get into watching this series, so for those who have read the manga, how is the anime adaptation so far?
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as a fan of Etrian Odyssey, the anime really gives me vibes of the games, though the games can get somewhat dark at times.

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Where did HxH go wrong, /a/?
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>Turn a comedic relief moment into a pedophile evangelion rip-off
>good thing
I use to think right looked cool but now that I know the context I think its stupid as fuck. Why did they make Kurapika's training look like some short of mindfuck?

Right makes more sense and is funny because Kurapika had to do all those weird things to learn how to conjure chains but he talks about it like its the most normal thing ever.
*I use to think left looked cool*

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John Cena likes Fist of the North Star because, in his words, he thought "It was really well done. Super heroes fighting superly style stuff with death-point punches and crazy infinite strikes".

So that begs the question: Why do YOU like Fist of the North Star, /a/?
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Also here's the vid if you want proof: https://youtu.be/L-wZlsLZ0AE?t=225
skip to 3:45 if it doesn't load properly
It was really well done. Super heroes fighting superly style stuff with death-point punches and crazy infinite strikes

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This is my girlfriend Rin, and her girlfriend Altria
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And this is my daughter Jack the Ripper.
Played college ball y'know

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Whatever happened to pegleg Kung Fu man's boxing career? did the series just drop that?
if not, where can I see him fight Usain Bolt?
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Retsu was beaten by an American boxer then quit
didn't he beat Smokie Joe? also, why did they introduce Usain Bolt if he never went anywhere?
Retsu beat bolt too, then quit

Is this worth watching or is it just a meme series
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first season is perhaps the only legitimate decent season. everything else is a meme for eurobeat and addiction to jdm cars.
1st stage to 3rd stage are worth watching, 4th and 5th are garbage
I'm sure you will buy a manual car and die trying to drift. It's worth

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Does adding gay undertones improve the quality of a series?
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Depends on whether it's gal/gal or guy(gal)/guy(gal). Obviously.
Lesbianism is super safe for all audiences.

Straight girls love it because lesbian romances have a lot of emotional relatable girly bonding and because girls like lesbian stories anyway, so long as said girls aren't totally bible brainwashed.

Gay guys like lesbian romances because Queer solidarity.

Straight guys like lesbian romances because got two thumbs and likes watching two chicks do it: This guy.

Lesbians...Well obviously.
Undertones? No.
Actual gays doing plot relevant things? Yes.

>harem mc has male friend
>his personality and looks are more or less equal with him
>all harem girls shit on him with the only reason being that the otaku self insert can't be threatened and all other male characters need to be rendered chaste
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>personality and looks are more or less equal with him
The best harem I've ever read is Jitsu Wa because it does the exact opposite of that. All the MC's friends are actually fleshed out respected characters who interact and get into a relationship with the girls.
Maybe, if Sunohara wasn't retarded in his interactions w/ the girls, they would've liked him more? I dunno, just a thought.

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Have you forgot that the girls are fighting outside with bane?
>bullets down
>bullets engaged
>bullets left
>heroes left
Mirio on the front, Deku and friends near
There is far way more heroes than bullets, meaning that the remaining bullets are stronk as fuck, so how fucked is Mirio? And the girls?
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Do you wanna ride the dragon or let the dragon ride you?
i want to see more nejire
we'll see her after kirishima death scene

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