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Why won't chinks use chink eyes in their pedo cartoons?

Are they eye ashamed??
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At least get your racial slurs right OP.
>Why aren't cartoons realistic?

More like, why isn't real life more realistic to cartoons? If it was, girls would be all over me.

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I wanna fuck that cat
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Hardmode: Take two un-unique things and combine them into something unique
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Magical Girl/isekai

A magical girl gets driven to a fantasy world where her powers aren't that special. In fact, she's gets labeled as a warlock who's made a pact with a demon and is thus, a villain.
Epic anime about Hulagu Khan burning down and totally destroying Baghdad + Sudden fantasy horror when he unleashes an ancient evil
A boy lives in the countryside with his parents. Their country is at war with the neighboring one, but they feel safe far behind the front lines. One day, their enemy breaks through and slaughters his entire village. He stares up at the sky, surrounded by flames, his family dead, and asks for the power to kill every single citizen of the enemy country.

An omnipotent being grants him his wish in a way. He gains immortality and a healing factor, but nothing else. Until he accomplishes his goal of killing all his enemies, a nagging pain, both physical and mental, will burn throughout his body unless he is actively striving towards his goal.

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If you could become one character for the rest of your life, who would it be?
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Myself, but richer and smarter.
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be realistic.

Apparently Yokoyama Masaru have done some of the music. So i'm quite excited for this OST as he have done music for some of my favorites like: Your Lie in April, Kuzu no Honkai, and Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans!

>> Astaroth best girl.
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The ED is sleazy goodness.
Is it out? It what you mean by finding it?

Animes where best girl won
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Pic related.

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Ive been hearing good things about this anime, is it really as good as they say?
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Play the VN
It's very good. Not literally the best thing ever but I'd put it in my top 10 (maybe top 5).

VN is better than the anime if you enjoy VNs
Yes. Give it a chance, you won't regret it.

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>Is a powerful enough mage to be able to summon a servant
>Still can't fix her fucking legs

Can someone explain this to me?
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Summoning the servant is the grail's job, all the master need to do is sustain it to the material world.
Why would you?
yeah I don't think being a master requires you to be a good mage, just look at Waver

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>height difference
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Why deleted?

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He did some things wrong, but no more than any other person in the series. Dude was understandably platinum mad at Lelouch and even then decided not to kill him. Hell in R2 when he was taking out all his anger at Lelouch he still figured out that Lulu was bottling lies about what really happened to Euphy/Shirley. And even with matters like Charles who he wanted to kill for personal redemption, he stepped away when he saw how important it was to Lelouch.

At every turn all he does is want to ensure that he doesn't directly take innocent lives, and when he nukes Tokyo he realizes that he's no better than anyone else and instead goes along with Lelouch's plan. And in the ending he resigns himself to a life of pure suffering under the mask that killed his own girlfriend.

Ultimately he's a good person who redeemed himself, and I have no idea why people still hate him.
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Childhood is when you idolize Lelouch. Adulthood is when you realize Susaku makes more sense.
Speak for yourself I thought Suzaku was the best since I first watched CG
At this point I think it has become a meme and some people like to jump on the bandwagon.

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Why was Fullbring so underwhelming compared to every other ability? I was never sure what the point of this arc was.
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Bleach is centered around weapons, and in some occasions fist fights (Chad, Poww, Charlotte, etc) the Fullbringers had no weapons besides Ginjo and Tsukishima, and neither of them were "fighters" besides Jackie and Moe.

Fullbring powers come out more as gimmicks than fighting abilities in comparison to most other Bleach abilities.
Riruka was hot.
Yukio's ability seems pretty strong tho, sad he had to job to hitsugaya

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what does /a/ think of Perfect Blue? I have just finished, and I really enjoyed it! I am very curious as I don't frequent /a/.
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Satoshi Kon's best work, although Tokyo Godfathers comes close.
I will definitely watch Tokyo Godfathers next!
My favorite movie ever. You should absolutely watch Millennium Actress now. It has the same structure as Perfect Blue and many people say it's the better film. I don't exactly agree with that opinion, but it's certainly very respectable.

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Why is no one watching this?
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Because it's not very good.
not gay
It's got very little het moments tho. Don't get spoiled by YOI. That won't be the standard.

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Kumiko and Reina are the best anime couple of the decade
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But I thought you and me were the best anime couple.
Kumiko and me are the best anime couple
But Reina was irrelevant in S2?

People said the artstyle in Akira is more realistic than other anime.
And i have to admit, it portrays asians really well
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noone fucking cares
You're like 28 years late to the party.
>it portrays asians really well
As degenerates?

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