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So here's Kasumi's speech, translated by Evan of AlternativeProjects:

>January 1st, 2049
>Historical Yokohama Base Space Port
>Operation Cherry Blossom Victory Commemoration Plaza
>United Mankind, Founding Commissioner, Yashiro Kasumi
>(or One Humanity Project, Mankind Unification Society, whatever.)

>Forty-eight years have passed since the destruction of the Original Hive.
>As I stand before you now, here on these hallowed grounds where the Noble Seven and I first launched the Kashgar offensive, words cannot express how grateful I am to have lived >to see this auspicious day.
>Until now, the course of human history has swung like a pendulum between unification and dissolution.
>Times of peace give rise to distrust and strife among brothers, before inevitably dragging us back into the throes of war.
>But when confronted with such atrocities, we have proven time and time again our capacity to come together as a species and find common ground in our desire to restore peace and order to the world.
>It is a tragic cycle, the repetition of which is an innate propensity of our human nature…

>But we did not break out of this cycle through our own intellect, no — it took the invasion of an extraterrestrial race, the BETA, to compel us to change.
>In the face of an insurmountable evil that showed no capacity for negotiation, mankind was driven to the edge of extinction in the blink of an eye.
>But after a decades-long struggle and billions upon billions of sacrifices, the Noble Seven gave their lives to buy our species a few more decades of survival.
>However, even after eradicating the BETA from our solar system and enjoying the recent prosperity that the G-Elements harvested from the Martian hives have allowed, we still >have yet to truly come together as a unified people. Instead, we have chosen to engage in fruitless intraspecies conflicts, and we continue to teeter on the verge of self-annihilation.
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Our national, organizational, individual, racial, ethnic, and religious ties…
Organic, genetically enhanced, artificial, or synthetic life…
Our materialistic gains, those triumphs we’ve seized from the jaws of adversity… the will we’ve inherited from our predecessors.
Our stubborn beliefs and refusal to let go of our vested interests are our greatest weaknesses, and have led us to falsely believe the vile notion that dividing ourselves from our brethren is, in fact, the proper way of being.

But five years ago, our entire body of delegates gathered in one room and finally came to an agreement that this infighting must come to an end.
They each acknowledged these weaknesses, and decided to take the first steps on the road to coexistence and mutual prosperity by accepting one another’s differences and abolishing identity politics.
We mustn’t forget, however, that there are still many who cry out in opposition to coexistence, and would sooner take up arms against us than join our cause.
But we will accept their viewpoints as equally valid nonetheless.
We must tolerate our differences… No matter how deep-seated our prejudices, we will move past them.
Because that is the decision we have come to, of our own volition…

And as we speak, our young warriors are about to embark on yet another perilous journey.
Their mission is of critical importance: to set off for the Siliconian homeworld, and make it known that mankind is indeed a valid form of life.
Yes, this endeavor may ultimately lead us into an interstellar war.
And to be sure, we could just as easily shirk away from that danger and continue to wait with bated breath, as we always have…
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But the decision has already been made - humanity must start moving forward.
Never again can we allow ourselves to commit the folly of entrusting our fate to the whims of others or to starry-eyed optimism.
True peace and prosperity can only be obtained by those who would rise up to claim it for themselves.
We have chosen to overcome our petty rivalries and coexist as equals… There is no reason we cannot do the same with them.
I have every confidence in that.

Go now, brave youths.
We entrust in you our sincerest aspirations, as a callow species that for so long could do nothing but fight amongst ourselves.
We entrust in you the future that all our fallen comrades so dreamed of.
May your journey lay the foundation for a universe in which all living creatures can live together in harmony…

(new scene, alone in field, to herself)

I’ll never forget you all…
Who you were, and what you left behind…
Additionally, there's more. Introducing Yuuki, Yuuko's daughter from 2017 and only person capable of trolling the great Sensei.




可愛い顔をしているが性格は凶暴なライオン。 大空寺あゆといい勝負かもしれない。


Introducing Yuuko Yuuki. Well, her only real name is Yuuki. Her family name is kept secret so she uses Yuuko's name as surname.
A human with the super genius intellect of "Alt(ernative)'s World", this sugest not Alternative timeline but that she's from parallel world SF girls and MC comes from.
She has a pretty/cute face, but her personality is that of a ferocious lion. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I see. She might be a good pair with Daikuuji Ayu.
It would seem that she wears gothic lolita dresses as a hobby.
Has thus far, been confined in the base away from others due to unknown circumstances but fled at the end and causes tons of mischief for Yuuko.
This chapter 23 is pretty much just hide and seek with Squad C trying to find her. After they succeed, scene leads to Yuuko trying to pull the whole parental routine on her, but it works just as well as you'd think (imagine your reaction to getting scolded by a much younger, less motherly alternate reality version of your Mom). She says that Yuuko is her mom and Yuuko says she's her daughter but nothing specific beyond that. Next chapter should be the explanation about who she really is.

Gaiden soon
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I want to marry Sumire.
This could have been a good arc if we didn't already know who the mother was.
Soon we're about to see the deep love of the Uchiha family and the strong bonds that tie them together.

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wtf did they accomplish?
was all the shit they pulled even worth it?
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They got that bitch Five killed.
They did nothing but lower my opinion of Shinichiro Watanabe.
So much potential down the gutter

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Does /a/ like the Seisouhen OVAs of Rurouni Kenshin?
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I enjoyed them, although I've only really seen the OVAs. I couldn't care less about the manga and I only have passing familiarity with the TV anime.
Liked the Enishi part but I'm not that fond of Kenshin's animu AIDS
Didn't Tsuiokuhen establish that Kenshin's parents died of that AIDS-like disease? Maybe he inherited it from them.

>faggot will go to hell for sure
>deny yourself paradise just to send him faster
Why would anyone do this?
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I'd fucking call Ai as well if it meant I could drag one of you faggots down with me as well.
The whole show is people making rash stupid decisions for their short-team problems leading to a massive consequence (going to hell)

There is people who stupid things just to for ”revenge”, just look at school shootings.
Permanent solutions to temporary problems?

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Why isn't it mandatory for every action anime to have a tournament arc?
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cause it'll NEVER be as good as your pic
Do you mean yo imply dark tournament arc is the greatest tournament to ever grace the medium? I find that hard to believe.
Because sometimes people run out of ideas so they need filler to buy them more time, though, in pic related case, it was actually good.

Why does he sit like that?
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Maybe his butt hurts.
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From what?
From what?

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here we go again on my own
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oh, hey, it's the hooky girl from Shaman

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Franchise ruining sequel when?
Movie 2 when?
You can't ruin a shit story.

>Our New Game!! is just around the corner

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Left or right?
it depends
who's a virgin?

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I want more Mashiro.
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And Benio, I want more Benio too.
I want a naked Mashiro in my bed.
No, no more Benio. She ruined season 1.

Have you succombed to its majesty yet /a/ ?
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You should.
Yumoto is so cute. I want to cuddle with him.
He is ! Spend hours cuddling and eating lots of food. Also bath.

OVA when?
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Hopefully soon
Lurk for thirteen years before posting.
I guess there's a chance it could be part of the HF BD when that comes out?

anime you really like even if it's just average/bad
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Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru. For some reason I found it very poignant.
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I'm just a sucker for paranormal stuff.

I liked it. It went a different route then most mystery anime and it stood out because of it.

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Am I the only one who likes the 2003 version over the one that had the generic Jesus villian, power level bullshit and even worse humour?
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Nope, although that might be because it was the first show I watched fansubs for as it aired.

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