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Name a better loli.
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i cant.
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>entire episode dedicated to walking from the orphanage to the edge of the abyss
people think this is good?
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This thread will be shit.
It's better than any other show this season, so yes.

Write a good anime premise based on this image
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Herp Derp.jpg
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>*falls over into her panties*
>camera pans to sky
The eraser transports her into an alternate world and turns her into an OP male who can wield all magic and insta kills anyone and get bitches instantaneously
>lifts eraser to you
>she hands more erasers over and over
>"Dozo! Dozo! Dozo! Dozo!"
>she finally stops
>you look at all the erasers in your hands
>they're wood starfish

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>Faithful adaptions out of good will
>Good soundtracks
>Good scenes
>Not too moe
>Not too much fanservice

And /a/ still hates Madhouse but praises KyoAnus. What the fuck?
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Anyone has a link to new NGNL? Even if camrecord?

Madhouse is the best animation studio period.
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>no mention of Kiseijuu

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>wake up
>you are now your waifu
what then?
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Fuck as much men as possible and defile myself
fuck old man

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Opinions on Oyasumi Punpun.
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preachy as fuck but ultimately does its job.
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punpun laughs.jpg
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It got too dark in the latter parts for me
it's a DEEP manga about teens right ?
how does it hold up compared to say Holyland or FLCL

Who was the wrongdoer in this situation?
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incest is wrong
I watch anime to run away from this exact breed of ugly, petty crap in life, not see more of it. I don't know what the purpose of this scene was. Really unnecessary.
Left. The less ugly party is always wrong

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>tfw every 70s anime is shit except for Gundam and Yamato (first series)
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The first series of lupin isn't bad.
Looks better than MSG too.
Dumb phone poster

Gundam single-handedly saved Japanese animation
>tw every /a/ thread is shit except

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>JULY 21, 2017 -- Kyoto Animation announced on their website that they have ended running the 9th Kyoto Animation Award and instead now looks forward to entries for the 10th Kyoto Animation Award in 2018. The award has been held annually and only produced a single Grand Prize winner in the past 8 years, Violet Evergarden, which is scheduled to receive a TV animation adaptation soon.

>Multiple honorable mentions and other prize winners from the contest have gone on to receive anime adaptations, including Chuu2, Euphonium, and High Speed! (adapted under the title Free!).

So why did KyoAni cancel this year's contest? Too many shitty entries? Not enough entries because people are daunted by KyoAni's extreme pickiness? KyoAni staff having too much to animate on their plate already for the rest of the year?
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Kyoani should drop trash like Hibike and Free!
Not Chuunibyou? That's arguably the most shitty out of those three there.
>KyoAni's extreme pickiness
So, Phantom Flop tier story is magnum opus by Kyoani standard.

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Why do tsundere lolis and older genki guys go together so well?
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Picked up.
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It only lasted 3 volumes sadly.

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“Japanese animation is in decline,” Anno told RIA. “It’s already peaked.”

Is he right?

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>shit from years ago
Fuck off and kill yourself, cancer.
But do you think he is right? Kind of like the video game industry even though I don't really game anymore.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Probably banned.
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i choose the fish.png
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Fucking fairies.

Fish or bust.

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>show is god awful
>but the OP or ED is top shelf

What's her name /a/?
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Black Bullet
Kado the shit answer
I dig the OP OST
Guilty Crown

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wait, so is this a harem or a slice of life romance?
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I hope the main character gets hit by a truck how am I supposed to self-insert into him when he is THAT autistic

>loves game club
>defends game club
>refuses to join game club invitation from hottest girl in school who obviously likes him and only shows affection for random smelly neet girl because muh games aren't the same hurr-durr

if it wasn't for the pink hair pout faces I would have this show DROPPED in 2 seconds
Oh ok

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What are you working on?
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where is the CITY
you said there would be CITY
It's licensed, give up.

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