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I'll start.
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Honey and Clover/Nodame Cantabile, though the manga was good.
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Except it wasn't. She died in the manga but the anime execs didn't have the balls to kill her off. So they made an anime original which was crap.
I'm thinking Gintama.

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How's that summer season treating you, /a/?

Here's what I'm watching. Send help.
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>How's that summer season treating you, /a/?
Not too bad
Oh, and if you don't wanna open the image,

Sun (4):
Princess Principal ***** (EDOTS)
Knights & Magic ***
Aoyama-kun *
Action Heroine Cheer Fruits *

Mon (3):
Isekai Shokudou *****
Tenshi no 3P *** (mediocre, but it IS lolicon w/ vintage instrument faggotry... silver)
Youkai apartment -

Tue (5+2):
Mahoujin Guruguru *** (OPOTS)
Nanamaru Sanbatsu *
New Game s2 *
Isekai smartphone * (If Konosuba wasn't funny)
Aho Girl [S] *****
Tsurezure Children [S] * (ηˆ†η™Ίγ—γ‚)
Tylor Dandy [S] -

Wed (4+2):
Shirobako Iroha ***
Hajimete no Gal *** (ATX)
Sagrada Reset -
Youkouso Edgyshit -
Teekyuu [S] ***
Netsuzou Trap [S] *

Thu (3+1):
Hell Girl ***
Gamers * (Cringing so hard I'm getting hives, but the NTR porn is gonna be real nice)
Dive!! -
Gundam Twilight Axis [S] ***

Fri (7+1):
Made in Abyss*****
Bahamut ***
Orchid Seed's Nanatsu no Taizai ***
Vatican Miracle Examiners *
18if - (I don't particularly mind the cheesy, edgy, Gaiman-like writing. Getting real tired of the holier-than-thou attitude tho.)
REMOVE Shoukouku no Altair - (watching just for MAPPA. Allahu snackbar.)
Jikan no Shihaisha -
Nobunaga no Shinobi ***

Sat (5+1):
Kakegurui *****
Ballroom e Youkoso *** (I'd thought this was guaranteed rainbow, but then the 3DCG happened in episode 1)
Re:Creators ***
Boku no Hero Academia *
The Reflection Wave One
Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita (sukebei) [S] *

Might've been blue if the season wasn't so heavy, but for now dropped:
Battle Girl High School (1)
Hina Logic (1)
Katsugeki Touken Ranbu (2fujobait4me) (1)
Conbini Kareshi (1)
Saiyuki Reload Blast (2fujobait4me) (1)
Hitorijime My Hero (2yaoi4me) (1)
Noraneko Heart (1)

Fucking dropped:
Fate/Apocrypha (fuck typemoon) (0)
Centaur no Nayami (yiff in hell) (0)
Enmusubi no Youko-chan (chinkshit) (1)
Koi to Uso (normieshit) (1)
Clione no Akari (shitty melodrama) (0.5)

*****: Competing for AOTS
***: Not AOTS, but still remarkable
*: Enjoying
-: Not particularly enjoying but eh, watching

Das it mane. Prove LRD wrong.
How's that brain damage treating you, OP?

You're waifu is a cutie! Make sure you make her happy!

Let's get things rolling!

What's a moment they have thats made you proud of them?

What do you do to make them proud?

Has your waifu had a major impact in your life?

Have they changed your way of thinking?

Are you a better person thanks to them?

Remember to compliment a waifu today! Yours are all cuties.

And remember, you're waifu loves you a lot, make her proud, anon!
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Konata - 185 - 1102x1440.jpg
921KB, 1102x1440px
Not feeling so great tonight so can't answer too much...

>What's a moment they have thats made you proud of them?
It's for a really silly reason, but the fact that she loves the things she loves so much that she went out and found herself a part-time job for a while in order to afford them... that's quite some dedication. I mean sure, she wants to buy stuff most people would regard as pretty dumb or a waste of money, but she's so passionate and loves 'silly' things enough that she'd push herself to getting a part time job, even if it's pretty against her nature to do so. And uh, it is a cosplay cafe, I guess. So it fits her pretty well!

>What do you do to make them proud?
Has your waifu had a major impact in your life? Have they changed your way of thinking? Are you a better person thanks to them?
She's a large influence over a large number of things in my life. Some of which directly relate to what would make her proud, what would make the two of us even better of a couple. Some of them make me a better person, others arguably worse.
For starters, my hobbies and direction in life are pretty strongly driven by her; being able to understand her native language, being able to draw content for the things she loves... I'm not really happy with my job where it is right now, so I'd love to be able to use these things to get me something I'd enjoy a lot more. In that regard, my entire life is directed in a certain way pretty directly through what I now want to do with life.
There's also the fact she's always so lively, carefree and enjoys her life as much as she does. Her personality is something I can aspire to be more like, being able to express myself without caring too much about what everyone around is saying or thinking.
Of course, there's other areas which isn't really a help. For one, her carefree life and procrastination reinforces how much I do that, since I don't have much drive to overcome that sort of thing.
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When she decided to go back to the real world instead of living the perfect life she wanted in the book, since it was nice to see her decide to live her life without being held back by all of the bad things that happened in the past. Maybe there will be something else in the movie when it's released in 3 days.
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Greetings, one and all.

-Knowing she's taken the center stage outside of her native homeland. Easily one of the peak moments of her career.
-I keep trying to press forward in my abilities as an instructor. Working on my own introversion.
-She's helped me become more driven in whatever it is I set to do. I think of her, and I feel like I can face the odds. I find that I lose my cool less often, and have more control over my head. I suppose I owe her in more ways than one.

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What's the first (1st) thing you notice about this image?
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No penis.
that Megumin doesnt have tits like those.
Where is her neck? In the ballroom?

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DFF_HzfUMAA0M13.jpg large.jpg
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Time for fun in the bathroom.
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Fujiwara discovers everything, time for that.
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>they doesn't showed this scene
I'm mad.
They basically did

I really don't think this dude can be topped. Literally the Joker of the anime universe. Smart, nihilistic and with a WICKED sense of humor
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He doesnt really look edgy enough though.
Great, now he's going to be memed by underages for the next eternity. Fucking great.
He's just like me!

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Will I become gay if I watch this?
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No. But still don't watch it
Its trash
This. I'm interested in the movie though personally, might be much better in that format.
Don't watch it, it's shit.

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is this show ever becoming good ?

im 8 episodes in now and i honestly dont understand its reputation

its nothing but an edgy teenager on a god complex tracing his own understanding of justice on reality ... not just that but its like real r9k edgy kids would like to see themselves being also handsome and popular when it comes to the ladys

not just that but is the pacing all over the place, overlong dialogues doing nothing but being an excuse to explain the worlds own rules and animations being very underwhelming
why is this some must see again ?
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So then drop the show you stupid dipshit.

>Be OP
>Be a faggot
>Watch death note
>Not enjoying it after 8 episodes
>Goes on /a/ to ask random strangers if he should continue to watch the show

I have a better idea then dropping it, why don't you drop yourself over a bridge and do everyone a favor.
yeah no i skip your post and everything you might post after that while hoping desperately for another response and wait for someone to write something who by age is actually legally allowed to post on 4chan. bye
Eternal summer is real. There have been way too many of these garbage threads lately.

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>finally stop procrastinating and decide to watch AoT
>first 18 minutes of the first episode is composed of obvious cringy redflags, information I already knew by looking at the show's poster, information I had already guessed because the protagonist fits a very obvious archetype, a fucking bullying scene mixed with a bit of comedy, and some of the protagonist's mother, which dies shortly after so it barely matters
>the rest of the episode is giants killing people
>new and relevant things I learned about the show in its first episode: 0

The only thing that may come back from all these wasted minutes is the dude's father, who leaves just before the attack. He would be dead of course, but that would be kinda boring and stupid, so it may involve some kind of plot twist that his dad is working together with the titans.

ITT: Deceptions.
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>Watch Angel beats and Your lie in april
>Look for other "emotional" anime, i'm know I'm a fag
>find "Plastic Memories"
>pretentious name but it looks good
>watch the show
>oh god this premise is amazing
>this animation is incredible
>halfway through the episode i realise it's just a moe love story about a guy trying to fuck a 9 year old toaster
>so it may involve some kind of plot twist that his dad is working together with the titans.
Nah it's more like his dad came from outside the walls and snuck in to steal the power to control titans from the cowardly royal family that hides behind the walls in order to free his people. He's also dead because he makes the MC eat him to pass the power onto him since he was running out of time (he already approached the expiration date of his original powers before eating the royal person).
Just skip all Armin flashback and you'll cut about 40% of the show. It hoards no meaning at all and is just emotional cheap filler.

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The Flip Floppers/Meguka/Hamtaro killer?

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why so saccharine
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I like the Maidragon and Koe no Katachi influence but it still feels totally unique.
Character profile in the lower pic looks like Hibike

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Spoilers are out As if you could even spoil another exposition chapter.
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Where nigger
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Pitou is the cutest girl
what if crappycar used his judgment chain on himself?

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No worries they did some other fisting later that night
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File: 1484246542054.png (3MB, 2668x1394px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 2668x1394px

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Name a Jojo character that's more pretty and pure than Jolyne.

I'll wait. Pro tip : you can't
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Who is that lol

I skipped parts 1 and 2, I was told they weren't important
Suzie-Q appears in part 3 (as an old lady) and is mentioned in part 4, nice troll.

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>raven master was alright but not popular
>fairy tail is shit but popular
>double arts was alright but not popular
>nisekoi is shit but popular

I feel bad for the authors.

it's over already right?

>Introduce annoying, overly pushy, compulsively deceptive and selfish character into anime
>Drop it instantly
>It was only the second episode
Why do this? I get angry every time she appears because she doesn't do anything but be a bitch. Do you guys enjoy characters like this? Why?
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Stop getting angry
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Maybe they should stop making anger inducing characters that make me angry. These are the kinds of girls you want to punch in the face. Just fuck off already and leave best girl alone.
They're for hatefucking. The hotter and bitchier they are, the stronger the desire. Oreimo was filled with sluts like that too; makes sense another work of his would as well.

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