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Bancho Mako.png
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>no delinquent girls doing delinquent things anime
what the fuck nipland?
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delinquent posing
What's the point? They can't show minors drinking or smoking.
>They can't show minors drinking or smoking.
What is this? 1980's America?

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Since Linkin Park singer just killed himself, I thought this would be a nice way to remember him.

Post your favorite Amv's


Bonus points for old stuff.
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Fuck off.
What the fuck.

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Is Niggastream, dare I say it, finished?
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Take this drama elsewhere.
It's not twitter drama, it's about a scanlator losing their raw provider.
nobody cares about niggastream

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Having just finished the episode, I think I can say that was actually very satisfying to watch. Fucking sadists had it coming to them in spades.

Remember kids, bitches get stitches.
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Stop baiting.
Would you rather I slam your head into a shoe locker too, you little kisama?
It was a good scene and was the thing that hyped up the show a bit when the episode first aired. Too bad there's an autistic spammer who makes it his job to shitpost this show and Nanoha in general.

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Shouldnt there have been a new chapter this week?
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Sorry anon, monmus is dead.
The breaks and dragged out chapters killed it.
People leaving to go to /c/ killed it more than breaks ever would have.
Just because a chapter is late doesn't mean MonMusu is dead.

Is Ufotable the most overated studio ever?
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Not when shaftfags exist. Kyoani would be too but they actually do good shit from time to time.
Nope. That'd be KyoAni.
Is DEEN the most underrated studio ever?

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>MC is futa
Is this the only way to enjoy yurishit?
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Yuri is for impotent people.
More because of the pic than the topic.
For insecure peoples maybe.
It's also good for incompetent artists who can only draw sex by relying entirely on drawing one big dick going into a hole and adding speedlines randomly

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Cave explorer.jpg
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This is Riko, she is a poop zombie. Say something nice to her.
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Does she really take a shit onscreen?
She took a shit on manga panel, that's for sure.
It takes some serious gumption to scamper around like you sampled everything in the medicine cabinet with a spoonful of sugar each time when you live in a town built of OSHA violations around a giant fucking death pit.

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Lets be honest we all know that boku no hero is overrated, only decent shonens that are running are still one piece,hxh and maybe ippo. Once those are gone what is left? seriously look at what will be left. Generic rubbish. Guess they dont make mangaka like they used to.
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Honestly i agree with you lol.
>shonen ""genre""
If you are over 15 you should not give a single fuck about shonen
Only excuse for DB fags is nostalgia

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Was it worth your time?
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Worth it for e10 alone
The sister episode made this shitshow worth it. But that and seeing Alisa animated are the only good parts of it.

Truth be told I actually liked Lenka.
Is it as fucking shitty as the games?

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Kind of offensive.png
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I didn't like this part. There's some things you just don't say, not even as a joke.
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Old people dont give a fuck and the scene suits her personality too.
So is this show better than Shirobako yet?
>OP can't handle the bants
Let me guess, American?

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I heard you like /ss/?
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Soon to add one more to that list.
proximity, forbidden love, non-creepy relationship with underage girl (initially), minor justification for tsundere and clinginess, etc.

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Why did this show feel so magical?
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The GodAni touch
because it didn't have a male protagonist
It didn't feel magical at all.

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