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Why the fuck EVERY character in One Piece is a jobber?
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Pretty sure /a/ used "jobber" for every character in anime by now.
You job to fucking life itself you imbecile
everyone in the WWE is a jobber too at one point in their career or another

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>it's another Anime in a school setting
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You'll understand when you're older
>Ask for a Sci Fi Anime recommendation
"Dude, check this show out. It's about this teenage boy who attends school by day and then by night, he activates this watch that sends him into the future! He also has a harem of qt moe waifus!"
>Ask for a Fantasy Anime recommendation
"Dude, check this show out. It's about this teenage boy who attends school by day and then by night, he activates this watch that turns him into this demon slaying badass! He also has a harem of qt waifus!"
>Ask for an Anime like Berserk
"Dude, check this show out. It's about this teenager who goes to this schoo-...."
>Ask for an Anime like Monster
"Dude, check this show out. It's about this teenager who goes to this medical schoo-..."
>Ask for an Anime like Cowboy Bebop
"Dude, check this show out. It's about this teenager who goes to this school on mars, it-....>"

What the FUCK went wrong?
its way too easy of a setting to write around. i dont mind if it's the first episode and never explored much again but the school setting is all played out.

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Little Busters thread? Kud Wafter is coming soon. what is she a best?
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I seem to recall there was something about gangrape and this character, but I might not have been sober when I was reading that post.
Reminder that Masato x Kudo is the OTP.

I wonder what the kids would be like.

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My fucking heart, what was the point of telling the kid to bully her and then bullying the kid?

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Kimi no na wa.
>If we could have heard each other's voices
>If we

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You know what fucking pisses me off the most. The piece of mc bullied this girl to tears and she had a miserable time at the school.

Years later when everyone is doing their own thing and he is a loner, he meets the girl again and through time she forgives him. She even has feelings for the fucker.

Get that. The piece of crap that bullied you is now a love interest. That isn't how trauma works. She should have gotten a pen and stabbed in the hand the moment he got close enough to her. Fuck that faggot.

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>Lives as a truck driver
It's either that or a legendary descendant chosen one.
>in 1265 japan.

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Why is everything about this character so sexy?
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Can take a bear
My wife Machi is so cute
It's the crippling social anxiety that makes her really attractive.

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I'll bump this just in case you would like to come back here.
I wonder if in the future the Berserk threads are going to be as cancerous as most on this site
>tfw you're terminally ill and you won't be alive to see the end of Berserk, and maybe not around to see if Casca is healed
feels bad, man

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Will Violet Evergarden dethrone Nichijou as the most well animated Kyoani show?
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No. The designs won't allow it.
Probably not. Animating blobs is a lot easier than animating things with actual anatomy. It'll be pretty though.
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i cant wait for this to be btfo by a random cgi show

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It's up to you Julia. Does he live...or...does he die?
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Omae wa mo shindeiru
>tries to NTR his best friend and steals his girl
>she refuses every advance and chooses to kill herself than to be with him any longer
>puts her on such a high pedestal that he won't even think about forcing her to do anything he wanted to
>spends his time caressing and talking to his RealDoll version of her

Shin was a huge loser when you think about it. He got reverse NTRd.
Yuria is one of the most blatant Mary Sues on, well, anything ever.

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Which was the Slayers season?
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I just finished Next so I can confidently say it was Next.
I'm going to assume you said "best Slayers season" and say

everything made after it was garbage
>saying Try is garbage

I want to keep this thread comfy anon, but you're making it hard, anon. You're making it hard.

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If you really want to test your strength......











Stay RIGHT where you are.
Not even dubs.

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I honestly can't tell what archetype Kukuri is supposed to belong to. Her personality is contradictory in a lot of ways. Sloppy writing, or the sign of a realistic and fully-realized character?
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Moe moe.
She's really spunky and feisty as well, though.

This is cute.
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if there are 3 girls and a boy wouldn't it be 4P?
Jun best girl
Purple hair medium girl
Kuudere worst girl, as kuuderes tend to be
No he just watches the lolis going at it

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Hey /a/, I wanted to talk about some theories about anime. I was wondering if ya'll could shell out your theories and hypotheses as to why anime openings seem to be so much more interesting and awesome than the openings of other forms of entertainment? Beyond just the pure attention grabbing purpose.
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Anime is defined by its tropes, and the 1:30 OP/ED has itself become a trope.

I think that opening sequences have largely decayed in US television due to the nature of how commercial breaks work. US TV has a commercial break right after the titles, so the teaser/cold open has become more and more important in actually getting the ball rolling on an episode and establishing the scene and tone - a long opening sequence just wastes time. It's different in Japanese TV which only has a break at the 15-minute mark so the OP's role as 'overture' hasn't needed to change the way that US televsion has forced it on their own shows.
Because the songs played during the openings make tons of money for the music industry. Everyone wants their song played before a popular anime, which has led to the openings being super well-animated (the same animation budget as an average episode, or so I've heard somewhere). It's like asking why superbowl commercials are better than regular commercials; lots of money is changing hands, so everyone wants that minute and a half to be as memorable as possible.
Japs care less about air time. Any time for long ops/eds could be used for ad space. Anime relies less on actual ads. Also ops/eds are 99% of the time full blown songs done by real bands that can be viewed as part of the anime's merch pool. It also helps build recognition by having a song associated with your property. Good ops/eds are often high budget and feature higher levels of detail and key frames than the actual episode. They're not cheap and easy to make when done well, so one could assume that theyre worth while in one way or another.
From an entertainment side, ops/eds serve to help convey tone and tonal shift. Don't skip ops.

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Clannad, ooo wee give these starfish out or i'll get angrier
Guilty Crown
>MC was Sword Art level of cringe
>Slow pacing, seems edgy
>watch Wolf's Rain
>get to the seen when one wolf was licking the other
>"dammit if I wanted homos I would watch LoGH!"

and then I watched LoGH
pretty good summer

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