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three cats.jpg
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I have three cats
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Why don't you just give one away

They are all pretty cute
Euthanase yourself.

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What's your favorite bad anime?

Otherwise average anime with delightfully shitty dubs count too.
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I drop every bad anime I encountered.
Well I guess my latest guilty pleasure is SAO. Plot and characters were pretty bad, yet for some reason I enjoyed it a lot.

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Girls und Panzer Das Finale baguette edition
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Fucking fabulous

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After all these years no anime can top Seto and Atem's rivalry.
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the ass and titty rivalry in anime is prevalent in every anime and while continue forever, long after we're dead.
Ash and Gary
That's not much of a rivalry. Ash is a shit trainer competitively and loses almost always to Gary but wins the moral victory which means jack shit. Then Gary fucks off to be a researcher which means their rivalry is forever in limbo but with Gary having won almost every time before, Ash is basically just a loser.

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Why arent there threads about the manga of the century?

>Amazing art and setting
>Good plot
>Most unique magic system ever written
>Decent magical fauna and geography
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Is this finally a witch story that isn't shit? Guess I give it a try the art looks awesome.
There was a thread like two days ago when that chapter dropped.
Its 5 really long chapters but its great

Have you heard the good news of our savior Touya? Let me tell you some more. Also shittiest masterpiece anime of the season thread.
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He gave us ice cream. Delicious, cold, perfect Ice Cream. I hear that's popular with the women.
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He heals the sick, even if he doesn't know them.
He even cures the blind. Truly a savior.
Who knows what miracles he'll manage to accomplish next.

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What the fuck is this?
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He's always had assistants draw crowd scenes/unimportant characters.
It doesn't even look like the same manga.
Not only that, but it actually looks better.

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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successful NTR.
>I took your man.
>His semen is dripping down my pussy right now.
>I got away with everything.

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How do we stop him?
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He's a nice man.
What if we move the treasure out of the vault before he gets there. It's fool proof
I mean Zenigatta had him on a fucking island for I can't exactly remember how long but it felt pretty long.

The thing is to not fucking fall for any of his traps and just keep him on the damn island.

This is a spoiler for like halfway through blue jacket btw.

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Dark Megumax
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My penis is interested.
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Ugh, ruined

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This is your pet for tonight
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>meow meow
I refuse, I want a wanwan pet!
What are you gay?
Don't sully the name of dogs with that gambling bitch

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Its been 9 years.
If you rewatch it today, is the magic still there after several years of advancement in anime?
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I literally rewatch it every year, the animation hasn't aged at all and the story is good enough to watch it again.
also watching anime with other anons is very enjoyable
Funny you talk about that since I re-watched it about a week ago.

It lost a lost of charm if you ask me. You realize quickly that's it's pretty average episodic "meh" stuff until the last 6 episodes or so. Also, Taiga is a lot more annoying now, maybe because that type of Tsundere archetype has been overly done by now or maybe I have a personal thing against them, who knows. I nearly stopped watching about 5 or 6 episodes in.

That being said the last arc is what kept me going and it was still pretty great. It's a shame the rest of the show couldn't be that interesting.
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I watched it a second time a few years after the first time and it still had the same impact on me. But then I tend to pay attention the first time to things.

Minorin was my favorite girl, but Tiaga deserved to win. This show more than any other taught a real world lesson. That you have to act on your feelings for them to mean anything. And Tiaga acted before Minorin, so she won.

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Send help.

My high school diploma disappeared after watching this.
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i want to molest the banana girl
Post actual screencaps and not your low quality garbage off google.
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>projecting your laziness to other people


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What if your waifus don't love you back /a/? What then?
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I keep a few side waifus should things ever go awry with my main bitch
I would kill myself.
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I don't really strictly hafe a fixed waifu or anything, but the anime girls I tend to fall for all have a few things in common: they're genuinely adimrable persons. Strong, skilled, talented, often pure, they make me feel things no 3D woman can. As such, I'd simply be happy if they're happy, even if it's with another man.

>Inb4 "cuck xDDD"
Are you telling me you've never watched/read a romance anime/manga where you want the two love interests to get together? It's the same feeling.

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busou renkin.jpg
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ITT: Generic battle shonen that do the formula right
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if it's generic then it's already doing it wrong.
Good times.

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