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Today is Akeno's birthday
Let's celebrate
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Shit girl. Shit franchise. Shit sandwich.

I'll celebrate by taking a trip to the toilet.
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Oh boy, it's party time

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Translation: There have been many stories about making a live-action series in the past 20 years. About three years ago, I decided to make a live-action picture. After many twists and turns, I found a good partner. Today on the 20th anniversary, we made the production announcement. This is actually a coincidence, I am very happy. This announcement may cause some anxiety but my one condition was to never betray the fans who supported my work for 20 years. Please get excited and wait for the next report.
Please look forward to it!!
Eiichiro Oda

Well....still hope this shit doesn't happen.
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>j-just you wait, Big Meme... G-GEAR FIFFU... M-M-MONKEY AKUMA!!!!!!!
Can I get uuuuhhhh
Sanji was based off of Steve Buscemi. They need to get him to play Sanji.

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if you could only preserve one, which would it be? the other disappears forever
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Definitely TLR. Dragontrash is just awful.
dragon maid since i dont know what is th e other one
TLR, have to think with the penis for this one

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Yeah you guys sure like this anime.

Huh okay, let's see you explain why you like Monogatari without talking about the pretty pictures or the "lewds".

Tell me why Monogatari's plot is good
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>Tell me why this visual medium is good
>EXCEPT you can't say it looks good

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O my rubber nen is the biggest asspu-
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Still had the voice of a middle aged woman doing a poor impersonation of a ten year old boy.

Damnit Japan. The fuck is wrong with ya'll.
i dont think pic related is an asspull because i just pretend he died in my head, as he should have
This was just the stupidest thing i've ever seen in a shounen.

Can a show be too comfy?
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I was thinking of watching this but I don't know whether I'll be comfy or just bored.
No, there should never be a limit to how comfy a show can be.
Yes. When the characters are devoid of any personality it's safe to say you've gone too comfy.

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If you didn't immediately recognize the water molecule on her head, I have no fucking words.
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animu chewing thread?
fuck you chemistry autist
Holy shit, I never noticed that before

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Gunbuster 3 will be called...
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Aim for the Top 3?

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Can we all agree on the fact that the Fate series pathetic genderbending is an embarassement?
I can't take seriously most of the genderbended characters and their motives/beliefs.Some characters only match their real life counterpart in name.
All this ''moe'' is pretty fucking retarded.Iskander/Alexander shouldn't look that old,Arthur is a man,Gilles of Rais is not a fucking priest/sorcerer,Jean of Arc had short black hair and tanned skin and so on.

Do you seriously discuss things about this series in such a serious way?
I do have to agree that the human characters are the best part of the show and I love the drama in Fate/zero
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Can we please ban ESL threads?
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Fate/stay mad anon
Don't the servants come from alternate universes?
I don't think Hercules had black skin, or Medusa was some kind of misunderstood hot chick that likes riding bicycles. It's going for style.
If you want a male Saber, play Fate Prototype. But it's boring.

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>Monogatari after Bake
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>monogatari other than 2nd season
Owari and Koyomi were unbelievably boring. Bake and Kizu are all you need
Replace Crab with Math and it becomes a masterpiece.

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>Slut, has had multiple boyfriends and is sexually experienced at a young age
>Cucks Yuma's boyfriend even though he is a sweet saint of a person who has done nothing to deserve it
>Is aggressive to the point where her best friend thinks she's going to rape her
>Hates her boyfriend just because
>Incredibly selfish and inconsiderate, to borderline sociopathic levels
>Is going to leave a trail of emotional ruin in her wake and destroy all their friendships

This girl is pure poison. She's the kind of person who can damage people's hearts so much they'll still be in pain years later. Why would anyone like her?
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>Is aggressive to the point where her best friend thinks she's going to rape her
Not the nips

>**8,281位/**8,312位 (***,122 pt) [*,**0予約] 2017/09/29 捏造トラップ-NTR- 上巻(Blu-ray Disc)

But then again, everyone in this manga is dumb as bricks.
>watching NTR

How can people hate Gab when she's this sexy?
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Why would you want gab when you could have this pure maiden?
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I don't think she is though? Gab is cute and sexy.. She blew everyone away in the OVAs, to boot.
Only Satania fags hate Gab.

Why does Yang have such an omniscient intuition? He seems to know the enemies plans to a tee every time
>POW exchange?
>They must have planted a rat to instigate a coup
>This entire fleet is crossing within our effective range for no reason?
>Paeta, Fire!
>Phezzan's motives?
>Probably religious
>Why can't I break through Reinhard's defensive line?
>Deck of cards lmao
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He's a major history buff, both military and diplomacy.
This. Professionals are predictable at some extent.
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His record only looks impressive because he beat Bittenfeld about five times.

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Nasu literally destroyed history.
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Tell me about the historical accounts of Astolfo, anon
Anime making men into super effete prepubescent males is the grossest thing in the world.
Astolfo is a fictional character in the first place.

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I miss Log Horizon
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Scrub arc and DEEN were a mistake
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DEEN gave us this, so they've been redeemed in my books
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DEEN wasn't the problem.
It was the mostly he same staff between the studios. If you blame anyone then blame the director for the pacing issues.

S1 wasn't a flawless masterpiece either.

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