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Ranna goes from best girl to both a cunt and a total fucking retard in the span of two pages.
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Is it ending soon? Seems to be the kind of arc to wrap things up.
NTR? dropped
The fucks up with their eyes?

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Find a flaw.
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Sitting down on a chair.
She's not naked

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Why was there a Nazi in Dragon Ball?
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He is picking his nose but that doesn't make him a nazi.
Greatest arc of the series
Why wouldn't there be a Nazi in Dragonball?

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Who else can't wait for next episode for this show? Its fun as fuck. Action Heroine Fruit thread.
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Is she a magical girl yet?
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>ccm dropped it
Fansubs when?

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Red is the best Color.
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No. Saitou is the best color.
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Sorry, but green is objectively superior.
Green is not a creative color.

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Who thought it was a good idea to completely ruin the atmosphere by """"color correcting"""" it to hell and back?
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So TV is the superior version?
Yes, but the quality is pure trash. The pre-renewal DVD has the right colors too, but I can't find a rip of it.
>there are people who actually care about this
autism is one hell of a drug

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matou sakura.png
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Why does everyone love this anime so much?
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It's shit after bake because no meme and the only times it's remotely good in the latter seasons is when kaiki is there. So to summarise, the males are the only good thing about the series.

You also posted the most boring girl in the show.
It's been like 4 seasons since bake, stop watching it if you don't like it
Who doesn't like atonal piano "music" played over minimal backgrounds while talking heads discuss matters that are apparently witty and thought-provoking to the japanese audience, but don't bridge the cultural gap all that well, much less in the form of subtitles.

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>grown men in their 30's reading shounenshit made for under 18's purely for non canon shipping
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What's wrong with that?
anon, it just get worse with age, not better
Fairy Tail?

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Pick your team /a/
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>Mob and Saiki teaming up
I know which team I am on!
Bottom left obviously
But middle right is tempting
Caped baldy team

What do you think of Saber's final form?
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I want to fuck her the way Volt fucked Celestine in Kuroinu.
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Alters make my dick hard, not yours.
I want to sit on her lap on suck on her tits.

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The center of gravity of the hair is above.
The tip of the hair is shaggy and skyca.
The eyebrows are thin and frowning eyebrows.
Length the ribbon cord long and long.
Bag that is decorated with synthetic leather or nylon.
The blazer is made short.
UNIQLO cardigan.
The skirt is 2-3 diffracted.
Sock touch is essential.
All the Otakus have web pages.



The center of gravity of the hair is below.
The hair ends are heavily cut.
Eyebrows are thick and parallel.
There is a ribbon to hook on the hook.
Simple backpack.
Blazer is a long time.
Skirts are made not to be short.
The school emblem at the hem.
The skirt's folds are doubled.
Otaku is at pixiv.
Socks are deliberately lowered and crumpled.
They need only have an iphone

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>Socks are deliberately lowered and crumpled.
neither of them buttons their shirt collar, they're both sluts

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ITT: Heterosexuals.
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Delete your vile thread right now.
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>characters that ruin their respective series
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Pic unrelated.
>not Killua

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>some people have gotten their hands on the OVA in Japan
>no S3 news
It's over, there was no announcement.
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>no Megumeme season
All is good.
Thanks god. Enough with this rеddit shit
The stuff after vol 4 is shit anyways, it's when the haremshit starts. The anime ended at a good place.

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