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What were your thoughts when you first saw this scene?
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I've always thought Misato behaved like a fucking bitch in that scene since the first time I saw Evangelion when I was a teenager.
I watched it 15 years ago ago so I don't remember, but Asuka is cute as heck.
Misato looks fricking high in the thumbnail

Would you let Kanna-chan play with your balls?
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That's a very lewd Kanna.
I want to spank her.
Would you let Elma bust your balls?

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Why do japanese think foreigners shave?
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Because their only reference are porn movies I guess.
I wish more new-skool doujins and manga (of that kind) featured pubes.
I actually really like them, but it seems like there are less and less every year.

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Can girls love girls!
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that doesn't sound like a question
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Sure. Boys can love boys as well. Both of these things are equally disgusting and not beneficial for society though, but to everyone their own.

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>It's not rape if you use a magic item that will force her to want to fuck you

Why is the author trying to hard to justify his rape fantasies
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Isn't guilt-free rape the ultimate beta fantasy?
When we replace "magic item" with "lots of money" suddenly it doesn't seem so bad anymore.
How many times you gonna make this thread?

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What if they fuck up in the second season?
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What if they don't?
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What if it turns out so good, it becomes an instant classic and BTFOs every hater?
So what if they do? It wouldn't surprise me.

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say something mean about her

protip: you can't
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incapable of multiple orgasm
That's your fault then
She faints after exploding. No wonder no one wanted to party with her.

I thought you guys said this was shit?
>thematically heavy on HOPE, OPTIMISM, and TRUST
>consistently amazing action and animation with great shot composition
>that subtle way of storytelling that lets you piece together what happened without overbearing exposition
>superb main cast with consistent good development
>great antagonists
>that 10/10 finale
I can't believe I listened to you guys and put it off. That was the best mecha I've seen in years.
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It's pretty fun
Would have been a lot better without salty dog Shit
It was a nice watch, good on you to watch it yourself.

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Kyoani just can't stop trying to figure out how low they can sink.
I hope this kills idols as a genre
Okay, the best anime of all time is now decided. TYBKA

Nico has birthday today
say something nice to her
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Cartoon characters don't age, it is foolish to celebrate their birth.
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I want to fuck her tight little pussy and finish inside her.
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I love my wife Nico

This is your magical teacher for tonight
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Why does this show act so special when it's basically about an old dude getting some young girl to marry him by throwing money around?
When the fuck does this air, there's nothing on HS but its released on HS.
2 episode of a 3 episode OVA that's a prequel are out. The 3 first episodes of the series was shown on a festival, series itself will start airing in October.

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Would a Snowy Mountain Syndrome OVA be the best KyoAni work in recent memory? Also, Haruhi thread.
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I don't think anything post-Disappearance would be quite up to par
Nah. The final arc would be better. Multiple timelines, characters and mindfuck(to animeonlys).
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DESU that is one of the low points of the series along with the damn pets getting sick story.

The ultimate Haruhi course of action would be the Mikuru time travel arc (which frankly is at least as good as Disappearance). It would need to be a good 2 hours of footage (in whatever format) to do it justice. Ideally a movie because otherwise it's either going to leave out things like all the Tsuruya stuff or else break up an already brainsnapping story into so many fragments it would be impossible to follow.

Then 2 seasons of the other short stories mixed into the vol. 10/11 final arc and maybe some anime originals.

Wrapping up the franchise would be a theatrical feature that comes out close together with the final Haruhi novel, written by the author- having been baited by Aya into finishing a damn book in exchange for banging her (she may or may not deliver).

Snowy Mt. would be a 2-parter like Island was, the missing pets short would be one episode inserted anywhere, and there would be a running B story throughout one of the episodes that tells the Rainy Day flashback. Ideally some things like Taniguchi's date with the alien girl, Rainy Day, and a few things like that which become important later on will be done early as as semi-self-contained side plots that only make real sense later on when the full force of the Evil S.O.S. arrive in full force. I'd want to see them forming a little here and there mysteriously and with no seeming connection until the last minute. Seeds planted early.

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>if you kill your enemies they win
What did he mean by this?
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It means he's a naive little moralfag with zero knowledge of both history and the real world.

Which is fine, considering that terms of Nip shonens, deluded moralfags are reality warpers on par with beta nice guys in harem anime.
It means he's Canadian.
When did he ever say this? He's fine with killing Shinji to save the people in school, so where did you get this?

Unless you're just full of shit, as most of these posts are

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What's the worst anime adaptation for a great source?
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Berserk is probably the best example considering they're adapting the parts where the manga was in its prime.
You posted it.
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>great source

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You may only pick one.
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Which one has the most feminine penis?
Saber. Literally a male.

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