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S2 confirmed, let's have a saiki thread.

To start it off, who is best girl?
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Definitely Kaido
Forgot this. S2 in winter 2018
It was already confirmed at the end of S1

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Will hollywood whitewash Luffy and One Piece? Oda said he is Brazilian and Usopp is from the Congo
What do you think /a/?

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If they don't whitewash him, then people will complain cause subhuman races and shit. If they do, then people will complain about why he's white. There's no win win situation.

The characters looks pretty generic but i wanna know if it's worth watching the 800 episodes of the anime
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hell no, if you gonna do something, read the manga, or don't.
the anime is utter trash
No. It's complete garbage. Don't let the memes on /a/ trick you on this poorly drawn baby shitfest
Read the manga. I know this sounds totally gay, but it's actually a pretty tragic story. Like if there was no humor, it'd be really depressing.

What's your favorite Berserk arc, /a/? Most people say Conviction, but I've also seen people saying that there's no way anyone can seriously think any of the other arcs are better than Golden Age.
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Having just finished Conviction for the first time, I don't know how anyone could call that the best when most of it feels like filler up until the end.
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Do you even know what filler means?
I'm on Lost Children and I'm really enjoying it.
I missed edgy Guts hunting down apostles.

I've heard recently that the last seven years of data suggest heavily scanlated manga doesn't sell. Thoughts?
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Fuck off already
Seems unlikely
Fuck off and stop trying to force this social media bullshit.

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What did she mean by this?
>you will never be chained to a table and sexually assaulted by bwaka redhead

Why even live?
Retard has no chance unless blondie fucks off

Ready to go to hell with Ai.
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Ai ai Ai

ITT: 10/10 moments in 7/10 anime
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here's your daily fix
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RahXephon Goodbye.gif
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It still hurts.

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Renai Circulation or Platinum Disco?
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Stapple is what men of culture liste to

ITT: you poorly describe a seiyuu then others guess
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loose slut fucks a lot of men
Despite years in the industry and countless roles, this VA never strikes a lead role.

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Might as well finish this before I head to bed.
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"Okaaay! We're making chocolate!!"

"Then why're you making openings!?"

Waaaah!! The eggshell!!
Eeeeep! I spilled!!

"Are things gonna go okay like this...?"
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84: The Recipe is perfect
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One weekend, which was today for some reason,
Make this a little smaller.
This looks good...
I ended up lecturing these two on how to make chocolate in Amano's house...

Because a few days ago...
Why is a guy making chocolate...
[Banner] Valentine's fair

"Has nothing to do with me..."
"Hey hey, Maa-kun!"

"Do you have any plans this weekend?"

"To study, of course"
...where did this come from?
"So like my classmate Misawa-san..."

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Last volume is out.
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The manga that defined a generation. I'm anxiously waiting for Sorayomi Daichi-san next manga master piece.
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So they dropped Nozomi's figure?
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Back cover

Good question, don't remember hearing more about it.

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Choose carefully, /a/.
You can only pick one.

It's Yui, right?
Iroha Route: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xekad_5iDZ4
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sensei > imouto >>> anyone else I can't fucking remember their names

Who is the best brown girl in all of anime?
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Kuro from Date Illya
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My waifu.

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>torrent stops downloading at 50% because no one seeding has the whole thing

fuck you, seed love lab you pieces of shit
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>downloading hetshit
>slut lab
which one you downloading HorribleSubs?

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