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Gyarus are hideous. Literally Japanese Nicki Minaj
I can't tell if this girl is a slut or not
disgusting anime for horny man child

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Now that its official that theres no more kagua from jag, anyone planning to pick it up?
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Arigato Psylocke Scans.
Nobody will pick it up
It is over for good
How cucked are you guys that you are thanking someone for not doing something for you anymore

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kirino vs sagiri.jpg
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>schizophrenic, violent bitch who beats her brother for trying to help her, and takes a literal year to show ANY gratitude towards him

>gentle, loving imouto who is open about her feelings towards her brother, and only hits him when he gets especially pervy
Face it: Sagiri is an objective UPGRADE. No contest.
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Sagiri is immediately better for the sole reason that she's not a modern tsundere trash character.
Sagiri is just a post-development Kirino.
Kirino isn't a non-functional mental wreck with Stockholm Syndrome, for one.

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what went wrong.jpg
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Why are weebs so afraid of having Manly Alpha males as protagonists?
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Target demographic has changed.
>99% of weebs are losers who had shit school lives and were social outcasts
>therefore they prefer seeing some beta/average joe get all of the girls instead of some 6ft+ stud
Do you know what a weeb is? These shows are not made for weebs.

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Which StB girl would be the best fuck?

And why Sayaka?
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The only girl even worth noting is loli-sensei.
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Sometimes I forget that spoiler tags are for actual spoilers and end up spoiling these shows.

Fuck my life.
HELP me I am in LOVE with Elf what should I do?

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Volume 12 of Konosuba
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Shitty translation-

Are we more than friends but less than lovers? Or are we not?

Ahggg I am perverted! I am done being hesitant! I won't let you sleep tonight!
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is it a hit or a miss
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it would be hit if mc wasn't chicken with women
There is no "hit" Isekai novel.

Literally every single one of the fail despite there being so god damn many, its like nips don't fucking learn from their failures.

There can only be those you personally like for whatever reason.
Not sure if Death Flags counts as isekai, but I really like the story.

The plot is kept tight and has direction, so no lost plot threads or plot filler arcs, and the MC has an interesting handicap of sorts which keeps engagements amusing. Also none of the harem crap.

Left or right?
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File: azumanga_daioh_1024_056.jpg (213KB, 1024x768px)Image search: [Google]
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Fuck Right.
Marry Left.
File: SaHa_Assorted_Sharing_13.png (581KB, 1050x1500px)Image search: [Google]
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Love them awkward types

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summer season anime.png
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>le self-insert slim japanese male with brown/black hair

Why is this allowed?
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Let me guess, most of these guys are they are either submissive and weak faggots or are "based".
>no 8man
>japanese male with brown/black hair
That's literally every Japanese male.

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So is volume 12 delayed or what?
Its almost a month before release and there hasn't been much information
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Preparing to shitpost.webm
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It being released in August was just the author's estimate, there was never any official date.
It's definitely not coming in Aug though, maybe late Sept or Oct.
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Thoughts on rotoscoping in anime?
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They used a guy for these shots probably.
It looks like shit most of the time.
What the fuck is rotoscoping

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What do you call this type of character?
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a good fap
She's a big girl

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Pic unrelated
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monkey ojou.jpg
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Many, but they're usually otome instead of RPGs
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unnamed (21).gif
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How can a character from a generic haremshit be so perfect?
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>To Love-Ru
>Generic haremshit
Fuck off
Also Haruna best grill
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To Love Ru Riko.png
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Best girl is MC. Lala 2nd.
File: 黒齣1042.webm (2MB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
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all the girls are very cute

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