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Who was your first anime crush /a/? Pic related. I think I was 9 at the time.
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She's a child you sick fuck
>She's a child you sick fuck
so was anon at the time friend. Perhaps if you had basic reading comprehension you would have understood that and not have to have another anon explain it to you
If it's on the clock...

Which Ama would you gami?
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No contest.
the sex hair one
Risa was my favorite.

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next naruto and dbz.jpg
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What does /a/ think of the rise of capeshit anime?
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I like it. But, at the same time, I think Dragon Ball Super is fun..... so, what do I know.
Is there any chance of this being good?

It's atleast better than modern day capeshit.

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Finally, subs out.
Is it 2cour? Do i need to catch up? I dropped it at 4 episodes in and unless they really explain their shit i'm not planning on picking it back up
Shit loads of explaining for sure.

This guy seems want to do the same thing like mc wanted but in a bigger scale.

Lil 'Pires.
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Will history repeat?

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>It is a "forced drama to cause friction in the manga/arc that will last for weeks if not months and it is extremely painful for the reader because you know it will be resolved in the end" Arc

Why do some many writers do this shit?
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Quit using "forced drama" no one knows what the fuck you are on about.

Instead replace it with "dramatic misunderstandings" now that's something that needs to go.
Remove trucks

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>15 years old
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Should be a public cum dump for actual elite heroes.
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Here's another 15 year old.

Why is he such a pussy?
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Shinji is cute.

Do NOT bully him!
>sees his mom die in front of him at a young age
Gee I wonder why.
Did you watch the show?

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This show is such a piece of shit, but I just can't fucking stop watching. Even worse the OP song is so amazing it's stuck in my head. This is the shittiest anime I enjoy.

What are other SHITTY shows you enjoy /a/?
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Don't fight it, friend
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I'm still baffled on how I finished Kemono friends despite it being utter shit
I watched it simply because I wanted to derail the stalker threads too.
I end up becoming a regular on the threads

Would you kill your family if the government told you to?
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I would if they were Uchiha.

My family isn't planning to overthrow the government so no
What's in it for me?

>ordering the same thing every week
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Maybe it tastes really good.
Why not?
MC is a Superior Nipponese Cook in an Isekai setting. Everything he makes tastes fucking amazing. Wouldn't you want to try the entire menu?

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Lewd body.
doujins in this outfit when

Kon'nichiwa, /a/, my name is Jeb Jacobson the 3rd, but I prefer my Japanese name, Kenchi. I've extensively studied the Japanese lifestyle, most akeen to the way of the samurai aka 'Bushido' and find it an honorable way to live. My sword is modeled after the fictional 'reverse blade' katana from one of my favorite animes, 'Rurouni Kenshin', and I use it frequently to chop down weeds. My dream is to one day visit Japan to truly experience their superior culture.
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Good luck, Kenchi.
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I miss Lemmy.

What are your thoughts on fan service in anime? Personally I think excessive Moe and fan service is cancer of the anime industry. When I see fan service in anime/manga that try to have some sort of story or over arching plot, I see it as nothing more than the writer having little faith in their story being good and so they rely on soft core porn to keep otakus and horny teenagers hooked and buying perverted
merchandise. It is also one of the reason's why anime gets so much shit from non-anime viewers and the media.

At the same time however I have no issue with anime or manga whose ALL about fan service such as prison school for example. It's a genre on its own. Some people love it and others don't, that's fine. When the fan service feels forced especially in dramatic scenarios is where it comes off as cringey for me like pic related anime, Heavy Object. Female character sits in an ejector seat which goes haywire and starts to strangle her to near death. perfect time to for fan service. Anyway what are your thoughts?
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Go back to whichever shithole you came from.
Service has always existed and I don't mind it as long as the show is good or it's top tier.
Heavy object was shit

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Bonus points: Make the best generic Isekai that will sell well in Nippon.
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Re:Zero. What's my reward?
Mahoka S3 coming soon.
File: 5ujkkrz.gif (2MB, 330x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lacklustre 1 cour about an MC who's personality is substituted by the abundance of female characters inexplicably clinging him who has to learn the value of friendship to overcome an obstacle that anyone without autism would have no trouble dealing with. Dialogue will be irrelevant for 90% of the time but we have a trained team of experts making sure whatever a female character says is cute and devoid of originality (or humanity)
Character development is limited to "character learns not to be retarded" and themes won't be any more complex than "teenage love is confusing" or "bad things sure are bad!"
Features hilarious concepts such as repeating the same joke 10 times an episode, misunderstandings, physical abuse and more!

Ends on a cliffhanger hinting at a second season that will never happen, meaning no character development will pay off in the end but there's the plastic figure of the female lead coming out in two months to look out for so who gives a shit?
I only accept job offers from SHAFT or KyoAni but JC staff is fine too.

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