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>mfw STILL haven't watched madoka since the characters managed to look even more uglier than clannad

How did such ugly shit get popular again?
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Uguu onii~chan
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How can you have such bad taste?
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Try tell me this isn't vomit inducing

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>Take one of the best directors of all time
>Give them millions of dollars
>Give them 10 years to finish it
>It's the most boring, bloated, cliche-ridden piece of crap ever made
This is why nobody wants to fund anime.
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I don't remember this one being bad.
It's painfully boring.
I can't very well defend a movie I haven't seen in years, man.

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And it was the best love story ever.
I imagine sex between them to be adorably awkward.

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Will Bleach return to finish with a golden key?
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I can kind of sort of maybe see them finishing up the anime but there won't be any more manga.
>>160023594 It's about the same anime
Aizen is for _______

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I've been putting off watching Berserk for a couple years now, but finally watched it over the last couple days.
My final thoughts
Mah boy Guts got NTR'd hard as fuck.
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welcome to 1997.
Daddy I don't want to be on namek anymore


Will R3 be as bad as this steaming pile of shit?
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The Geass fandom is the Emperor's New Clothes of anime fandom. How in God's name can you say anything in Akito is worse than R2, how is any of that shit any more ridiculous than the shit that was covered in the TV series?
>How in God's name can you say anything in Akito is worse than R2, how is any of that shit any more ridiculous than the shit that was covered in the TV series?
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Try again.

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When is this story ever getting good again?
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I like the mini Kirishima/Fat Gum stuff but it feels like it's dragged out way too long.
You can't just have climax stuff all the time, then it's not a climax.
Then it would be a story, a good story- not constant climax. Considering this is a battle Shounen-- the arcs should have rising actions. This arc feels like a steadily decreasing ramp we just want to get off of. This Arc better have a satisfying end, or this might be the place where a lot of the readers stop.

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I know I am tardy the party, but I just recently watched all of Steins Gate and I think it is working it's way into my heart as my favorite anime of all time. At episode 22 when they kiss and Christina accepts her fate and professes her love actually made me cry. Which I have never done other than watching a few films that made me think of my late father. I really felt the show could have ended on that note at episode 22. That being said I felt the last two episodes and the special were a let down as it did not fully give me what I was hoping for from them in a happy ending.

My issue stems from the fact Christina does not gain ALL of her memories from the other time lines, even in the special she still has only glimpses of it that really doesn't push toward the true love he shares for her in all timelines. Those memories, like the theme of the show, are what make a person who they are and the main timeline Christina really doesn't have all of the feelings that built their love.

What I want to know is if this is only in the outcome in the anime and if I should play the VN or read the manga to get the ending I really want with her getting all her memories.

Also I would love to hear your guys opinions on the topic and what you felt about the show in general.

I don't post here often so I am hoping this is an acceptable topic and doesn't go against the whole unspoken "no recommendations" rule
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Play the VN faggot, the anime is great but the original is better.
Well like I said I am thinking about it, but does this have the ending I am looking for with Christina getting all of her memories back?

What makes the VN different from the anime other than the alt waifu endings? More content? More build up? Or does it have an alternate events that occur in the build up to the events that occur in the anime?
There's a lot more content in between that the anime skips over. Also, the character design in the VN is far superior.

Answer me this, /a/: how did he say "I sacrifice" if he doesn't have a tongue?
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He uttered it through his lips.
He muttered the words, facebook-kun
So the God Hand had to read his lips? What if he was just practicing and didn't really mean to do it? That sounds really unreliable.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Be careful when eating fish.
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pls stop, haven't I suffered enough...?

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Maybe you'll all think I'm weird but for me a seiyuu who can do an honest to god authentic battle cry or death/pain scream is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Its pretty rare that you get someone who can do more than the stereotypical KYAAAAHH anime damsel in distress thing. As such I thought we'd have a thread where we present some of our favorite examples.

I'll start us out with what is probably the most famous example, Megumi Ogata as Shinji Ikari.

A personal favorite of mine, though certainly less extreme than Ogata's performance, is Hidaka Noriko's war cry as Takaya Noriko in Gunbuster, showcased at several points during the following battle scene:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0vCY3I5yxo&t=107s (battle starts around 1:15)

What are your favorite examples /a/?
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When Guts yells Griffith In the last episode of the old anime show while he's running with his arm ripped off. English dub of course

I really do like shinjis voice actor(both Japanese and english).
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Erwin screaming after getting his arm bit
or alternatively Eren yelling like crazy one ep later
>I'll start us out with what is probably the most famous example, Megumi Ogata as Shinji Ikari.
Not even the best scream in Eva. Asuka dying in EoE is the best one.

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shit thread
still 7/10 anime
Proof that western influence on anime is a good thing.

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Well, that was fast.
So so these have any improvement over the other subs put out by other groups?
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That has to amount to something.

Also the songs are translated, which was the biggest delay.

What qualities make for a good protagonist in anime and manga?
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-- easily self-insertable (bland personality, no special features, as well as attractive [done for the sake of delusional people])
-- overpowered
-- """smartest person""" [more than the retarded girls he's surrounded by]
-- bitch magnet
-- A Nice Guy™
-- has one special ability in his given universe
-- clumsy as fuck // alpha as fuck (it matters not)

> good protagonist

oh wait. Maybe a flawed individual who has certain redeeming qualities and is humanized plenty by the author.

> anime and manga

That they project my sexual preferences and gets romantically involved with my favourite character, of course.
I don't self insert, for the record.
Intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor

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Why didn't they give her a character archetype?
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It's called the bitch.
She was class rep what do you mean op
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They did.

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