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Katowara Doki.png
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This isn't the first time I've seen this meme in action. What exactly makes those two "bland"? They're both reasonably fleshed out people with personalities, hopes, and actual character.

I'm not one of those faggots who claim "Movie of the Year ecks dee", but I'd like to see the turd who claimed that they have no personality step up to the plate.
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What on human earth are you talking about anon
ket ai, uh, finds a way
That anon was just shitting on it to fit in, normie shit as usual, no point in getting mad over it.

Did anon enjoy the Eccentric Senpai?

It's my AOTY.
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It gave us best girl Gyokuran, so yes.
Its great, s3 in 3 years or so.
It was fantastic.

What does it say?
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How do you organize your reaction images, /a/?
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I just download them from knowyourmeme and iFunny when I need one
This is bad

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Why are there so few Rory doujins? Why? Naze?
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Because she is pure
>thousand years of glooping
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>rory's voice

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In this thread. Use photoshop to improve a character.
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I will monitor this thread.jpg
show me her with white eyes too

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ITT:Write the plot of a shitty anime but try to make it sound really good and deep while other anons try to guess it.
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A child orphaned due to the death of his parents and raised in the wild searches for his father figure- fuck, I can't make Fairy Tail sound good or deep.
Magical girls have to gather keys and fight other girls to become the Highlander.
The most emotionally vulnerable members of society are trapped inside a floating fortress, where they slowly go insane, splitting into different groups and killing one another off. One boy adjusts particularly well, and becomes a symbol of unification, leading strikes against the more violent groups and gradually leading the remaining players out of the fortress.
Then his girlfriend gets fucked by fairy dude.

How should your average male anime/manga MC look like?
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>How should your average male anime/manga MC look like?

It's either

>What did he look like?
>How did he look?

"How" does not go with "like" you sack of Brazilian monkeyshit.
Glowing with lightning and shit.
like a cute girl but its actually a guy and everyone loves her

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What's the worst character design you've ever seen in a anime/manga?
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Anything from that isekai smartphone anime this season, love live, or valkyrie drive.
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He's just taking a nap right?
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He's just fucking hanging out Anon. He already knows SEES was the best cast and there's no way he can be topped. So he can just kick back, relax, and fuck his robot.
Best cast, but worst friends by far.

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>I need a character to single-handedly ruin an entire show
>don't worry senpai, I got you
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Monogatari was ruined from episode 1. Terrible show, very little artistic merit.
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Ougi singlehandedly carried my interest for this series, if not for her I probably would not still be watching it.
File: 1473937822023.png (283KB, 500x563px)Image search: [Google]
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>I need a character to single-handedly save an entire show
>don't worry senpai, I got you

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How often does your choice for best girl end up winning?
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Literally never. That's how you know you've got good taste. Best girl never wins.
Best girls are made to lose really, so niggas can claim her as theirs and not the MCs girl
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The most boring, uninteresting tsundere cunt in the show is best girl? You have to be kidding me.

Library girl is far superior.

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2MB, 1280x720px
> Blatantly sexually assaulting someone every morning
> It's ok because I'm a woman

What a shame. I was really enjoying the series up to this point. Dropped.
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You can do what you want if you are sexy
You're just jelly cuz you ain't getting raped by a sexy woman every morning.

Who said anything about being raped? He is being kissed without knowing. Not only is that creepy as fuck but it takes a certain kind of freak to do that.

It isn't funny, cute or cool but rather disturbing.

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mami tomoe.png
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There is only one reason to like Mami Tomoe.
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True. she's kind of a dick
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22KB, 476x309px
Yeah, she's perfect is what you mean.
>she's kind of a dick
Kys, you homo.
>not liking dicks
Hetfags, fuck off

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189KB, 1431x1080px
Why does Dark Magician Girl have such an expressive personality? She doesn't feel like a dueling monster card for me.
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your loss anon she's all mine
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>that episode of GX where main girl cosplays DMG


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