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>new maidragon special
>sports day
I was born to see this moment.

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>tohru camel toe
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>Kyoani can't sink any lower
>Hold my sake

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Jesus christ, hold me /a/, I'm currently at episode 7 and I feel like I can't take it anymore ;_:
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>can't jerk it to the hot anime bitches until the "plot" really gets going
really makes my brain tremble
>insert *female ominous soundbite*
Series discussion is dead stop making these threads

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That guy was a chump.
Well you fucked up what I was going for, so thanks for ruining it. You were suppose to say "WHO WAS KING OF THE PIRATES!"
Are the Straw Hats Pirates even looking for One Piece anymore?

/co/ here.

You seem to have a lot of lesbians and don't mind them. What makes anime lesbians less of a perpetual annoyance than /co/ lesbians?
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They don't look like tumblr shit, for one.
Fuck off.
Lot less manface.

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last thread I started (with Steins;Gate's OP) thrived with awesome OP/EDs for a few days before being archived. Let's see if this one can do any better.

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Big fan of shit that at least tries to incorporate real instruments.
RiN Daughters of Mnemosyne had good a OP and ED. don't know if it was posted in the last thread but will post it anyway

duplicates can and will happen and that's fine by me, anon!


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Where is that new chapter at Jag?
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Fuck you! I thought it was Jag.
Delete this thread. Jag should make one soon.
need superior version of that which anon made, the archives are shitted up and i cant find it

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Featuring male prostitutes
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ITT describe your sex life with a screencap from an animu
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Was this necessary?
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Yes, it was.
is your question even necessary?
No it was gross

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You're a kid (age 11) again.
A deaf girl transfers to your school and appears in your class.
You notice everyone is bullying her.
What would you do? Think back to how you used to be as a kid.
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I'd probably turn into her number 1 abuser like Ishida for no real reason besides perhaps boredom.
bully her, duh!
Stay silent like the pussy I am. Maybe after everyone leaves try to comfort her and befriend her like a coward

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>it's a harem anime
>MC gets a girlfriend in the first episode
What's the point?
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self inserting as being wanted by literally every girl in the school. I guess it helps the declining birth rates or some shit
She's CUTE
The manga gets shit from there and the MC's bros, probably the only redeeming part, barely have any screen time. Theyre essentially one character split into 3 fetishes

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What the FUCK was this ending?
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I liked the climax, the soundtrack carried that show for me
I thought the show was fine, the soundtrack did turn out to be the best part in the end. But I'm seriously confused at what happened in this last part. How did he not die? Why is he blind now? What happened to other characters like that blonde psycho guy and Arisa?
"Redemption" for crimes he was never actually responsible for, considering how much of a malleable dishcloth he was and how abundantly shit his life was at nearly all formative stages.

He was a pathetic, awful character who was completely unlikable, but even this was perversely harsh and not at all justified by the context.

And if this was actually done on purpose to elicite sympathy, the writer should be put on some sort of list.

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>using this attack will shorten your lifespan!!!
>nothing ever happens
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Light should have taken the eyes.
>Haha this character eats a lot and gets grumpy when they're hungry!
>Woah, watch out guys! This one eats candy all the time! What a loon!
>Haha this one is the lazy one! This one is always sleeping in places they shouldn't be sleeping in
>Hmm this character twizzles their hair all the time
>What a diverse and quirky bunch of characters!
>Nothing ever happens
Because the series doesn't show us their entire lives. They get hit with the side-effects in a decade or so.

>Gets grumpy when their hungry
Literally everyone ever

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Which Aqua is better?
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Easy, Aqua of course
Anything is better than memequa.
The one that doesn't wear panties

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What's her height?
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More than that of big bossu, that's for sure.
very smol.

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