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What is it about Mary that makes her so cute? She doesn't have Yumeko's tasteful ZR, but her design is simply the best so far. She looks so princess-like.
I bet she smells nice!
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I imagine Mary tastes nice as well.
best girl
I liked how pretty she is and how bad she got bullied

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What was his fucking problem?
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Speed readers keep making fun of him.

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Haven't seen a single thread about this.

You guys are watching comedy of the year right?
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I didn't know anything about the reboot until today, gonna watch it as soon as I get off work
Having only seen the first episode- what's the point of the reboot? It was funnier and, more worringly, looked better 15 years ago or whenever it was.
Couldn't they have picked up from where they had left off? There's still a season's worth of manga-only material IIRC.
Because they need to reel in a new audience before they can be assured it'll all be worth the effort.

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Star Platinum being able to stop time is much worse of an asspull.
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It could've been foreshadowed better but it's not that far-fetched. Star Platinum is the exact same type of stand as The World and Dio only found out about time stop after pushing his stand to its limits while Jotaro never even tried during his trip.
Well Jotaro stopped his own heart with Star Platinum. That at least shows it's not some last minute ass pull.

What exactly is her endgame?
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Watch the anime and find out.
Marry me
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This is your alarm clock for tonight.
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Setting up your alarm clock despite having no appointments feels like cheating the alarm. I wish I had a job, then I wouldn't feel so guilty about asking Ilya to wake me up.
I don't think this will help combat the crushing loneliness every time I wake up.
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But where can we hear the actual alarm tone? Was it something she said in this PV?

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Which anime character has the sexiest voice?
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Mizuhasu is LITERALLY perfect.
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Studio:A-1 Picture (please don't fuck it up)

Arisa Date
Kento Itou
Miyuki Sawashiro
Tomokazu Sugita
Yuuki Kaji

It's weird, but I'm more excited for the side characters than the main two, I mean, Sawashiro and Sugita?

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>I mean, Sawashiro and Sugita?
Yep, picked up.
They are my favorite part of the manga, so this is an added bonus.
Oh shit, I didn't expect a a full TV series, much less the noitamina block.
I thought it was gonna be a short or something.

Also, who's that person in the top left, with the glasses, by the little brother? I don't remember ever seeing that person.

The fuck's this guy's problem?
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he wants to kill himself but cant do it
Did Archer ever get to fuck Rin?
His shit taste in clothing

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Waiting for BDs.webm
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>BDs ship in 6 days
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>4K bluray
someone better be ripping
Also showing in IMAX in UK and Ireland soon

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Chapter 3. In this issue, we skip 8 years.
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Put together 15 songs from various anime.
Go ahead and guess where everything is from.
Sachiko will go on a date with the winner.

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Think I averaged a solid 30%
>daft punk
Do I really want a date with Sachiko?

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Why don't you have a frog gf /a/ ?
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Because frogs don't believe in love.
Becaue Kirishima is the best waifu, and frogs are not made for waifu-ing.
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Tsuyu is a perfect angel, she is too good for me.

I do.
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Have you considered drinking some?
> tumblr

I'm 44 and I love Bleach because I have a penis. Bite me.
Yes, on many an occasion.

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Why does nobody remember this show?
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All I remember about it is how no one remembers it.
because it's not as good as gosick while following the same formula
No ending.

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