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Nee-sans or imoutos, /a/?
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Imoutos. No contest.
Imoutos are a miracle of the universe.
Nee-sans are inferior to Okaa-sans.
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Off to a shit start, I see.

>Meca anime in a fantasy world
>Isekai (or however you spell it)
>MC is a cute shota
>MC has two girls lusting after his dick
Will it be AOTS?
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isekai has always been banned from getting aots
Don't forget
>MC is basically a fucking god at everything

Utter pandering, wish-fulfillment shit.

If you could rewrite all of SAO except episode 1, how would you make it not shit?
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Keep a lot of the key moments and characters.

More of him wandering around and having adventures and exploring the world.
Instead of a frontline beater he could be a information broker who creates and maintains a players and strategy guide that helps people.
Him being a top solo player would be a necessary evil/him doing penance and fearing getting too close to people.
Maybe building a little party or guild of his own. Accidentally of course.

Laughing coffin were shaping up to be good, and I was hoping that Kaiba would have remained hidden for a bit longer.
Wanted some of them to be hackers and certain people who found out how to jack into the game.
Kaiba finds out and locks them into the game like the rest of them are and alerts the police/friad. The police would want to know where the people who've been killing the people who're trapped in SAO are and the Triad would want to know who killed the young son of a high level member.

Did not like the mystery portion, though and the marriage was pretty good as well.

Was actually hoping for some neo from the matrix kind of world manipulation so that he could cheat and get access to certain areas you normally couldn't or find out things about how the world works so he could become a better information broker.

After he defeats kaiba through kick ass moves and cheating like a motherfucker(because let's face it kaiba is basically god) they're free.

After the world eggs are released and are found to be used by everyone it's revealed that kaiba still exists as an AI and has some kind of plans.
So he goes out and plays in various MMOs across the planet. Always searching always on the look out for kaiba and the last pieces of his daughters code.
Give Kirito a shield instead of dual wielding.
He plows Sugu and the others

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Characters that are literally, unmistakably, undeniably you.
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Yell from Akikan

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Finally a manga where the MC is literally autistic
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It's very enjoyable. Too bad there's nobody consistently TL'ing the damn thing. Fuck.
That golf manga MC from Kuroko no Basuke author is pretty autistic too

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Recently asked on /a/ about the legal aspects of buying loli figs and pornbin the US and I just gotta tell you guys that THE PIC /a/ SPREADS IS WRONG I just talked to my lawyer about me hypothetically buying anime little girl porn and in the US he said loli is most likely a no-no and is risky becuase a ton of factors may determine if you go to jail or not. so BE CAREFUL ANONS.
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>most likely a no-no and is risky becuase a ton of factors may determine if you go to jail or not.
Wow, it's fucking nothing.
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mfw I have a box of loli doujinshi at my feet that got in the mail. Screw your lawyer when loli is lobbied for in the U.S. then I will worry about it but those rich people love children so its not likely.
I meant the picture said in blue areas loli is absolutely legal. That is not true. In fact all areas are orange rather than green while some are definitely illegal. You might be innocent since it is legal but he said it's gonna cost you a lot of time and money

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What are your favourite mahou shoujo outfits?
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Has that artist learned proportions yet?
a slut
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>eight volumes into a LN
>protagonist gets turned into a shota and his sister /ss/'s and fucks him
What a time to be alive
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Does she literally fuck him or are you exaggerating like a bunch of anons always do?
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Chifuyu-nee should do the same, Tabane probably has the technology to make it happen.
He fingers her as a shota, is that close enough

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What is it that makes specifically Americans so bad at dubbing anime?

>french dub
Okay, the characters sound approximately like they should.
>spanish dub
Perfect, would watch it instead of the Japanese if I was fluent in Spanish.
>english dub
All the characters sound completely different, tone is completely changed, the meaning is changed wildly for no particular reason, everything is overtranslated

Is it cultural ignorance? A small dubbing industry? Incompetence?
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americans are born stupid by default
France and Mexico are weeb countries, especially France. They even get some manga releases before the US.
What is it that makes non-Americans think it's ok to make dub threads? Fuck off.

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I thought Fairy Tail was over?
is that Boruto
looks better than the OVA.

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>Nisemonogatari translation changes "platinum mad" to "dagnabbit mad"
Should I even bother buying the rest of the novels? I was planning on buying them all.
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>not just buying Bake and Kizu and skipping Nise
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holy shit this cant be real
localization at its finest lads
How did they make that leap? Was there a TL note on it? Even if you don't know the pun, there's still a certain sense to be gained from "platinum mad" if you're thinking a bit laterally.

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>Vampire Knight
>tragic "muh true love died but at least I have his child now" ending
>author makes sequel
>heroine is married, fucked, and impregnated by the love triangle's loser

Why do shoujo mangaka have such large, gargantuan balls compared to their shounen counterparts?
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I actually never finished this manga, who won the childhood friend or the ancestor.childhood friend was better
Ancestor impregnated her, died. Childhood friend orbited until her daughter grew up and then married her, had a kid. After some years childhood friend is killed and then she kills herself to bring back ancestor.

New series is ancestor's daughter + her half brother telling ancestor stories about how he'd been cucked.
>Ancestor impregnated her

Now I remember why I dropped it.

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Is there any reason why so many people like her? I don't get the appeal to her. I'm like halfway into the second season of hero academia, but she's done nothing to impress me, really.
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She's cute.
Good chara design. Nice personality.
fuck off retard

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Why do people think she was able to basically destroy Mugen because she was just amazing and that's the only reason. Her weapon was far superior to his in every way possible. Polearms/spears >>> swords
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There's a reason why swords are classified as second hand weapons.
>Polearms/spears >>> swords
That is, unless the swordsman manages to close the distance.
Also, and unrelated to the anime, armor makes the reach advantage largely pointless.
No even if they close the distance you can hold a spear closer to your body and it's still even and that's much easier said than done. A spear is always better unless you're trapped in a fucking box. The only reason to carry a sword is because it's convenient to travel with but if you ever were to run into somebody who was willing to haul a spear around you're pretty much fucked.

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