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make human.jpg
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They tried so hard.
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Isn't this the intermediate form? You should at least post full male or full female.

Are you questioning the accuracy of our medical laser scans?

Lets have a thread for questions relating to things in reality we want to model but don't know the name of. Take my example:

I want to model pic related, but I'm having trouble with the swirly part. I looked up pillar swirl and column swirl and nothing relating to what I wanted popped up, so I would like to know if any of the builders of /3/ could answer my question: whats the swirl of the pillar head called and is there a good tutorial on making a decorative pillar head?
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m8 jst use teh bend modifier i swear its the easiest thing u cheeky cunt
Anon just wait, I'll blow your fucking mind

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Hi /3/
Maya 2015 user here. rendering with mental ray. Trying to make this skull look like its in the geometry which has a background shader, so i can render shadows. You can see the geometry which is sort of reflecting my HDRI. I do not want this reflection! I have turned off "visible in relflections and refractions" in the render stats. so what am i missing here? why are there reflections of my HDRI? thnx if any1 can help <3
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shameless self bump

lel, no need to bump for a month on /3/. Your post is not going anywhere.
why friend? no maya fags around?

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This has /3/ written all over it...
so which one of you are responsible for this?

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we're far below this level.
>This has /3/ written all over it...
>finished product
nigga do you know where you are?

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Another thread for your shitty speakers you didn't model, really? There's a WIP thread for a reason , that's been on page 1 for the last 3 days.
Off yourself alredt op
Very good speakers oppy. You should try selling them to one of those 3D stock model sites. You'd think no one buys them, but architectural/design firms do all the time because it's less expensive to them overall when they are doing nice renderings for interiors to buy the models for props like teacups or vases and shit, than it is to build them from scratch (the latter being more time consuming, thus more expensive).

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Has anyone here ever looked into the previz employment market? I am considering it, and I was wondering what tools are being used by the pros, and what people that hire for previz expect you to know.

Is previz usually just down with something like Maya playblasts? I hear a lot of people looking toward things like Unreal Engine and other real time tools for it, at least in the near future. What about iClone? It's actually marketed toward previz artists, but I don't know how often it's used in actual productions.

>pic unrelated
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hope you enjoy working with insane deadlines

Jesus that web page looks amateur hour as fuck.
previz is also known as concept art. Your tools will be photoshop

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Hello /3/
Im a newbie in 3dsmax and I dont know how to fix this issue, lets see if you guys can help me.

1 - I have this edge (A) and I want to chamfer it.
2 - Right button, Convert to Editable poly
3 - Select the edge, Chamfer
this is what happens (B). It does chamfer but somehow it gets inverted at some point and it ends backwards. Is there any quick fix or something for this?

Thanks in advance
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File: chamfer.jpg (701KB, 2279x1349px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It wont work with open edges. You need to add planes as if it were a physical mass.
So isnt there any way for converting it to planes? I dont want to remake all the polygons
Use the create polygon tool to close any holes after making sure you have no "duplicate" vertices occupying the same point. If you do, use the weld or target weld function to connect them.

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How the hell do you make alpha maps work in Marmoset Toolbag 2? I've looked online and for something that should be so obvious, finding an answer is about as easy as pulling your own teeth out.
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play with sliders
That is one hell of a stye
Also she ate too much watermelon

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Can someone please explain to me why every time I am trying to add an "edit patch" modifier, my quads are all triangulated? I'm watching a tutorial video that requires them to be quads. My model is a simple lathe and it's in quads until I apply the stupid modifier to edit patch. Please help.
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you didn't even get dubs, let alone quads

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So I'm doing the chess exercise in my intro to 3ds max course and I need to use the inset command for the rook for the battlements. However, when the inset is applied, the polygons go all over the place from the middle. What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this? No matter how many times I delete this object and redraw the line from scratch, when I get to this stage it fucks up again.
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Upload project file so we can take a look.
Click the first field in the caddy and set it to Group. Then right click the second field to reset it to zero.
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I fixed it by deleting some of the lines from the top and then redrawing them and welding the vertexes. Still p bad, but at least they're not clipping through themselves.

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critique plox
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shes got a bit of monkey face going on OP.

Apart from that its good.
are you from those people who supports interracial breeding?
looks like something from forensic files.

File: War_Axe1.png (688KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey Everyone! made this today, was bored and streaming on twitch, will be for 2-3 more hours if anyone wants to watch
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sorry but thats crap
A shit

Yeah... Do the texturing again.

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Does anyone know how to create a nice looking (but low poly and baked) ocean that I can import into Unity? I don't know how to make the material look good and, basically everything.
I'm pretty new to blender.
Also, the ocean kinda flows into a river and ends out in the ocean again, but it looks like the water melts through the island. How do I make it seem like the water is crashing or flowing?
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>but it looks like the water melts through the island
yes. That's what happens when you just intersect a plane through geometry.

first you gotta into 3D, then use something better than blender.

come back when you have actually into 3D
Unlike these chucklefucks who have no idea how to answer your question but instead decided to shitpost. I'll provide some tips.

Texturing is vital for bodies of water, most 3d games with water uses an animated normal map to show water movement while others have some form of wave movement on the ocean model. If you looked at a river in Skyrim for example, you'd see that it's actually just a flat plane that has an animated texture on it.

For a blender animation, I'd just put a wave modifier on the middle of the island and adjust it so that it doesn't animate on the mouth of the river. You could probably use Weight Proximity for that.

For the river itself, you could animate a normal map going down it and have it animated as spreading outward toward the sea.

For better results look at other video games and real life rivers for inspiration.

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Computer Graphics/Computer Animation/3D Animation vs Computer Science?

I'd like to be on the more creative side of say a game, or a movie. But do they usually go without consistent work?
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go for animation
Any reasoning? I've read often that people might choose Computer Science while doing animation as a hobby.
But.. I'm not sure it this would be too much a headache.
Computer SCIENCE is the "science" of computing. Best not to waste your time with that unless you want to at best work for google and refine search times by .2 seconds

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Wich one and why, /3/?
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Personal favourite is A. I don't like B. C is meh/okay, looks "gamey" if you know what I mean.
is this for painkiller game?
File: Cover20[1].jpg (173KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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1st one because it has the skull and not the mouth. But overall the halos look odd. Maybe put some medival looking spikes around his head ?

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