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I created this test ocean in blender. Any ideas how to make it look better? Except video resolution
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maybe make the water a bit more white at the top of the waves?

kinda like this: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/tojD1kzr3Ro/maxresdefault.jpg

although this is not really realistic.
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Also underwater view
Needs some foam.

Also the underwater one seems to be lacking a sun and caustics. Look at more reference and try to recreate the lighting conditions from the reference 1 by 1.

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how do you rig a machine? i get how bones are used on animals, but with a machine you can't skin weight, so how do you apply it?
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>but with a machine you can't skin weight
why couldn't you ? you usually just set all the vertices of the part you need influenced to 1 on the right bone.
You may also just parent said part to the bone, but it's bad workflow as you can't pointCache it later
You parent or constrain objects to joints. Skinning is used for meshes that need to deform. I guess you could skin it if it absolutely has to be one mesh object.

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Templates can i get some
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templates for what cuckface

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So I've mainly been using PBR to texture my models but I saw this one guy who was probably a 6/10 texturer but he started using substance designer and his work went to a 9/10 and now I'm considering buying it but it's a heavy price of $149 and I've been debating for it for a while now.

I was just wondering if anyone has used substance designer and thought it was worth the money?
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PBR is a series of shader techniques, not a texturing technique.
What a useless, pedantic post.

Pirate it and find out if you like it.
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I use PBR techniques to texture in ue4. I hardly ever use albedos/diffuse textures now

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Sin título.png
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How do I connect those to my poly? 3ds max.
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You cant connect floating verticies to a poly. If you want to make an arch connected to a plane this is a better way.
Oh please You absolutely can connect isolated vertices to a poly, just use the graphite tools Op.

1) select the vertices you want to become your new polygon and go Graphite Modelling Tools > Cap Poly

2) Graphite Modelling tools > Freeform > Step Build. Then hold shift and drag the cursor around the vertices you wanna connect to generate new faces in that area (common practice in max retopo work).

Might be more ways too, but that are the ones I use and are aware of.
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It doesn't like N-gons tho so you gotta do it like pic related.

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hey /3/ my friend extracted entire runescape map and im thinking about rebuilding it in UE4 with HD textures and lighting. what do you guys think of that idea. its gonna be a pain in the ass tho cuz everything is attacked. im gonna have to detach everything and unwrap everything. trees are god awful so i might get rid of everything and replace it with speedtree trees.

some parts of the city are missing (that or i accidentally passed it. i had to open up over 750 files by hand and figure out what was what.
you guys know any easier way i can quickly check OBJ's? is there like a file viewer or whatever?

what do you guys think of this idea?
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Upload it
File: 1454341982844.png (356KB, 572x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>hey /3/ my friend extracted entire runescape map and im thinking about rebuilding it in UE4 with HD textures and lighting
So you're the idea guy.
i have other skills others than ideas :(

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hi i got an issue with z-brush
the middle mouse button wont zoom in and out on the model, how do i activate that?
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does this look like fucking google
This site is for people who aren't brain dead, get the hell out.
cant find an answer on google on the official site there is a plugin in for navigation unfortunately it doesn't work on the 64 bit version

ITT: /3/ related rage stories

3Ds Max, you buggy son of a bitch...
>two objects
>select first
>merge with second
>two objects
>select both
>clone both (copy)
>four objects (obj1 + obj2, obj1clone + obj2clone)
>select obj1clone
>merge with obj2clone
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>come to /3/ for useful or interesting posts
>possibly instances?
>didn't delete history
>too many verts and your shitty PC couldn't handle it
>using slider dials to set mesh smooth.
>dialer accelerates unexpectedly to 10 iterations.
>computer no longer responding.


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3Ds Max Fags... help

So I’ve applied a .tga texture to this helmet and now this cancer is hear
never used .tga before was a little scrumpy bitch and used .jpeg

How do I get rid of this white
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>How do I get rid of this white

You're the aryan, you tell me.
you delete the secondary color map/decal/template what the fuck
You can't. White is superior.

File: well_render1.png (452KB, 1152x864px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Messing around with computer graphics. What do you think? Trying to find an art style that is interesting but basic. I have the attention span of a squirrel.
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its ok
i like it, it's cute
what would make it better?

File: Cup_Finished.png (542KB, 960x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm a noob at 3D work, but I'm extremely interested in learning it. So far I've done just a few practice things in blender and maya, but I always hear people talk about zbrush as well. What part does sculpting play in the development cycle? Are you supposed to sculpt a model first, and them export it to a 3D modelling program, or make a model, and then export it to the sculptor?
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Blender has a sculpting feature in it. Depends what you want to make. I use it to add damage and wear to models i've already made then I remesh them. You can also completely sculpt a figure in blender then remesh it. Check out some youtube videos,
Qie estas de malo humor

Have tried some sculpting i think i would rather slit my wrists then use that to build something.

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hey guys.
im trying to mix 2 textures together by Vertex Painting in UE4 but it doesn't let me paint where i like. it just paints in this big ugly patches. similar to when you try to texture something low poly in Zbrush. is there a way to subdivide the floor or whatever so i can go in and paint tiny water puddle, big chunks of dirt and whatever i want?

P.S. side question.
the wall UVs are stretched, is there a way to reset the UVs and fix it up?

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vertex paint means you assign a color value to a vertex. Like for blending 2 textures you paint some vertices black and some white,
and the triangle between them are interpolated between the values of their neighbours.
Since it's limited by vertex density It's a very crude type of blending only suitable for special purposes unless you want a really retro type look.

if you want good smooth blending you must use texture instead of vertex paint for your blend mask.
Upping the polycount to a density where vertex paint works well would require retardedly dense meshes.
Like for you to be able to paint "anywhere" like say on a 2048x2048 texture your plane would need to be subdivided to have 4194304 vertices which gives like 8.3 million triangles.
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well how can i paint over the texture itself? because i saw someone do it in a tutorial and he said its "vertex panting" but he was painting freely.

I'm looking for a new render thing, which one is the best between Arnold and Vray ?
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UE4 :^)
VRay, if only because there is an abundance of high quality tutorials out there. Start with some shitty introductory tutorial, mess around for a bit then consider getting Grant Warwick's VRay course - it's the be-all and end-all of VRay courses.
File: 1450840076877.jpg (74KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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U-Use IRay

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First time finishing an animation.
Ripped model from league of legends (Maokai), retextured and rigged him.
Did some physics simulations, and here i am.
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imo i would like more impact and flying parts but dk
Is good. Would like to see more than just two secs though
awful animation. His lefet leg and left lower arm dont even move, neither do any of his head tentacles move. Nor do any of his fingers move. Why waste time doing all this retexturing and rigging which is clearly above your skills? Why not just use a free rig?

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you know, ive never really wanted to say this to anybody. but this is just stupid

please go kill yourself
i just want ot know where all the good stuff is

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