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Could anyone tell me how the flowy effect of the wolf is done?

Is it particles or textured mesh?

I'm sorry if its a dumb question to you guys but I'm in need of understanding how its done

Thanks :P
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Trails. Most game engines have an inbuilt system to create those effects.


Thanks a lot.

This was very educational. :D
>Could anyone tell me how the flowy effect of the wolf is done?
Yeah, the guy who made it can:

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Reptilian Alien - 2.png
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I'm broke asf I'll make a 3d bust of someone's character or whatever they request for the cheap price of $35, fully textured too. I'll post contact info if anybody is interested.
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yes im interested give me an email or steam name
[email protected]

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Trying to implement vector displacement mapping in UE4. The thing is I am pretty new to UE4, so I can't seem to find the type of node in the picture I have circled in red. It appears to be a parameter node, and it seems important, but whenever I search for nodes, it doesn't pop up.

Help pl0x
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I think they're just Scalar parameters which have been renamed

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2d to 3d.gif
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It can't really be this long-winded can it?
I just did research on how to do this and all I can find is that you
build UV -> unwrap -> create texture map -> export model and map to your other software (I'm using lightwave) -> MANUALLY put the paint back on its correct spot

Am I missing something? Is it ACTUALLY take it off just to move it and put it back on again?
Is there no way to automate putting it back on?

COME ON software devs
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you should bake the polypaint texture map with xnormal or something
cont. if you don't bake polypaint from highres mesh it would be just a muddy mess
>UV Map model
>Subdivide enough to polypaint
>Texture Map:Create:From Polypaint.

Done. Use the texture with the un-subdivided mesh.

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Haven't used quixel suite 2 yet.
But I noticed that Substance Painter is fucking slow with 4K textures. I know you push down the resolution so your viewport can become more responsive. I know that, but what about the fucking dirt/edgewear generators?
It fucking takes 8 seconds waiting time for incrementing 1 little fucking parameter.
So Quixel faggots do you have the same issue? Is Quixel slow?
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This is not a popularity contest which software is better. I need tools that are fucking stable, reliable and fast. I will be 50 by the time I finish this fucking texture in substance paintfag.
Are you using an AMD GPU? If so, that's probably why. The painting in Substance is GPU accelerated and requires a good GPU to do 4k and 8k painting. Quixel is faster at high res texture painting though due to the Photoshop core it's running on.
>And requires a good GPU

What does that have to do with running AMD?

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There are good and much tutorials for 3D modeling in blender but only complete faggs making texture tuts.
>>pic realated
Where did /3/ learn texturing
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From the only place you need.

wot is dis even
The very first post on this board.

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How would /3/ improve upon this model? (If at all)
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looks plastic like a nerf gun
The pistol grip is impossible to use with the mag well located where it is. no room for the users hand.
I think that thing is a hole for the thumb. At first glance I though it was just a dimple and thought the same thing as you. Still doesn't look comfortable to hold

How are textures like these made? in particular character textures. I can see that it's not a real image, but it looks pretty real. But too real to be drawn from memory at least. Do you have a real image in let's say layer 1 and then draw it in layer 2? Shitton of filters involved?
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Sometimes it's from 360 degree pictures, then photoshoped, or just realisticly drawn entirely from photoshop with a combination of 3d modeling rendering like giving a sword some wear and tear and exporting that as a diffuse/normal....etc....
It's absolutely not too real to be drawn from memory, because it's not drawn from memory. It's just how the face turned out based on common rules about facial anatomy and skin texturing the person has learned. You learn how facial feature work so you can recreate them and add variance, and you learn how to paint hair texture, skin coloration and the finer details or skinn coloring and then go wild with those concepts to create essentially a new human being. It might sound daunting, but with a lot of practice, you can get to that point too. This isn't even a particularly amazing example either, this level of quality should be expect of any decent character modeler.
LIke every other kind of texture. You experiment and find out what looks like shit, then you stop doing that and try something else.

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What is workflow to rig and animate a high-poly asset like pic.....newbie Zbrushfag here....
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its not highpoly
read about normal maps
no one rigs and animates any high poly assists, that would be a pain in the ass.
they use high quality/large normal maps
and you can rig/animate in zbrush, zbrush is a sculpting software
you gotta use maya/3ds max/c4d/ or blender to rig and animate
you can't rig and animate in zbrush*

>i said can, typo

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WTF? How do to this in Zbrush?
The surface is so clean?
His work is very smooth, how does he do that?
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Looks easy.
yeah looks like B student work.
If you can do better. show us.

Heeeyyy finally im getting something more realistic. Rate my shit por favor senorita

Any xgen tips and or tips?
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Thats really nice, I would love to see it in a game engine.
eyebrows got burnt off, and why is his face dirty? good besides that though
anatomically, it's good. Shitty render.

The jaw is huge. Learn how the ear placement relates to eyes.

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Any way to fix stretched/squeezed UV without having to remap it all? ;_; Took me 4 days just to get this done.
Then I had to stretch the animation and now the UVs don't match anymore ;___;.
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Just go into the UV editor in our modeling package and adjust the edge's positions until the texture looks less stretched...
If I remember correctly Blender has an option to edit topology while maintaining the UV texture intact. Maya's bonus tools comes with this feature as well. 3Ds Max most likely has it too. I forgot how's it called exactly.
You don't need Maya's bonus tools to do that, it's a simply checkbox in all your tools "Preserve UVs".

Are there any other stores where I can purchase render assets other than Daz Studio Store?

Here are the ones I know...

Daz Store
Runtime dna

Are there any other stores I'm missing?

Please help.
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Stop purchasing them. What are you trying to do in 3D?
Make p0rns obviously
In that case, for yourself or for profit?

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Finnaly bought Mudbox after using Student Version forever, only thing is, whenever I download Mudbox, it gives me the student version again, what do I do to get to the installer with the keygen so I can input the key I was given?
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>Buying software

Found your problem
It's reading your old prefs, either complete uninstall previous version and reinstall new.
Im worried if I pirate ill go to jail and be raped by niggers

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