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So, how would one go about making greebles like this? Would it just be manual extruding of a tube, or is there some more efficient way to go about it? Currently using Blender 3D because it's GOAT.
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there,s a reason why you never see people make this kind of shit
...And that reason is?

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Hey guys,
I was wondering if I could get any advice on how I could detail this ship? I really am not sure where to start.

Their are also 4 engines (not in picture)

I'v only just started using 3ds max and would love to hear some tips on how I can make it look less like shit.

Thanks for any feedback!
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just going to post some updates as I work on it.
looks horrible. Do 2d concepts first dumbass. Can't into 2d? Your shit will always look real bad then

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Any of you boys like world design? Specifically Hammer Editor?
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what about it?
Post content you like or made

Source Thread
> meme engine
Dude I know its fun and all but source is ancient now

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What type of mouse do you guys use? My hand hurts. I need a new one.
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i only use an intuos
I use a razor something but I also have an intouis 3
your hand hurts because you practice poor ergonomics

Anyone here used turbosquid to sell models? I know someone who is poor and wants to sell some models on turbosquid to make money. This person might (and this is only a might) be using a torrented version of Zbrush and Max. Can he still sell models? What are the odds the police will show up and check that he has legit programs? Remember this is just a hypothetical situation here
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impossible to sell without a legit license, the poliece have trackers on turbosquid that checks the key for every upload. you ( or as you say, your "friend" ) will need to invest in a license to sell anything. or go to jail, your choice
Use sculptris and blender.
how its even possible to do this
you have any proof?

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Between these two pieces of software, which should I switch to?

My goal is to do freelance CG work for a living. I learned on Maya and Mudbox, but fuck Autodesk. I own a legit copy of ZBrush and Photoshop already, and I would almost definitely do my texturing in Substance Painter, via their subscription-to-own thing. The price difference between Modo and Lightwave is small enough that it doesn't matter so much to me.

As I understand it, Lightwave is more stable than Modo. That's about the only real difference I know of that would apply to me, because of the reasons above.
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software doesnt matter now post your work

Features and stability of software do matter. Now answer the question.

>inb4 you can't
all I know about modo as a novice cg guy is that friends who jumped to it for modelling said that other softwares can't really compare, it's so ahead its not even funny

Don't know if you guys can help (or if this is the right place to ask) but I am helping out a friend by taking screenshots of a DVD. I am just using VLC for this. Don't know much of this sort of thing. Thing is I am getting what seems to be inter-lacing lines on the movement frames.
Can this be stopped?
or is there a better program to use?

any help would be appreciated.

pic related (example of the snapshot)
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are you sure its not just your shitty anime ?
sorry, this is the place were we make the 3d animations that are actually shipped with said DVDs. We CREATE the high-quality content you´re trying to pirate and rip-off, so i can safely say for sure that this is NOT the place to ask this question.
I am positive it is my anime. That is why I am doing it for him.

so where can I go.
I know I am risking you actually knowing something, but it is worth a try.

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Hey /3/, I have a file conversion question and I'm not sure where else to go. This is going to be kind of long, just a heads up.

I don't work much with 3dcg so bear with me. I'm trying to create a 3d game in unity, and my ultimate goal is to import a model from Techarts3d Custom Girl into Unity.

Unity supports the import of .obj, .fbx, .max and .blend as detailed here:

3D Custom Girl (3DCG) saves it's models as .tso files. In the mod catalof for 3DCG I've fiund scripts that supposedly allow .tso imports to Blender. I've tried adding them through User Preferences/Addons/Import fFrom File in Blender, I select them and choose import from file but nothing happens. I've tried placing them directly in the scripts folder but I can't seem to find the C://Program Files/Blender Foundation or C://Program Files x86/Blender Foundation that I keep reading about in guides. I don't know enough about Blender to tell if what I'm doing is correct or not, and hoping someone could help.

The other path is going from 3DCG to MikuMikuDance (MMD) which seems to have broader US community support and so can probably be moved to Blender or another format that can be imported to Unity. MMD saves it's models as .pmd files.

Are either of these paths worth pursuing? Can you recommend anything else? Thanks!

tl;dr Trying to get models from 3D Custom Girl to Unity, need help.

Picture sort of related.
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try stack overflow.
Get a hold of max or maya Op and then figure out how to get your mesh into one of those. They have scores of import/export formats and plug-ins.

Once you have all of your weeb bullshit inside max or maya you can export it into unity from those and do whatever it is you feel you must do.
Hongfire forums. The guys there mod the game to add new dresses and animations. Some guys know the model format and most likely the utility used to modify the models is open source. I would try there.

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Does this board not have a general questions thread? I don't feel this is important enough to warrant it's own thread but I don't see anywhere else to ask it.

Anyway, I'm wondering if in blender there's a way to either straighten out the curved bit of the uvs in my screenshot here so that the whole thing is straight, or do some fuckery with modifiers to make an arrayed curve shrinkwrap to it without having to apply the curve modifier first.

I'm trying to convert a track from one racing game to another, but they use different methods to get a track in game. The one I'm converting from uses two meshes, one for the bumpy physical road that the physics engine interacts with, and another much simpler one that the game renders visually. The one I'm converting to only uses one mesh.

That physics mesh isn't uv mapped at all, so I want to transfer the UVs from the simpler visual mesh to the complex physics one, so that the physics one would look like the visible one in game. I don't think that's possible in blender since they have different amounts of vertices, so I figure I'll probably just have to make a new road from scratch and then shrinkwrap it to the physics mesh.

The only way I know how to texture roads easily is to make an array of planes, texture that and then warp that into a track shape with a curve modifier, which I've done already. The problem comes when I want to shrinkwrap the new road onto that physics mesh, it obviously messes up the UVs. If I didn't have to apply the curve modifier first in order to apply the shrinkwrap modifier I could just unwrap the (now shrinkwapped) mesh into a completely straight road shape, adjust the scaling, and then reapply the curve modifier and it would end up as an exact copy of the physics mesh but with uvs that allow me to texture it exactly like the visible mesh.

Is it even possible to get around this in blender? Sorry if this makes no sense, it's kinda hard to explain.

Thanks senpais
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why does it look like a clusterfuck of vertices's?
It's a laser scanned point cloud of the track the devs ran through some algorithm to make a mesh out of.

I'm trying to play around with softimage mod tool now since I read somewhere it can transfer uvs between objects of similar shape but different vertex count, but it doesn't seem to be working.

Does 3dsmax have a way to doing what I'm trying to do? I have a year or two left on my student license from college but I don't have it installed to check.
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Forgot to mention this, but this is what the visible mesh for that same section of track looks like.

I want to take the uv mapping from this, and transfer it to that mesh in the OP pic. If I can't do that I want to remake the mesh you see in the OP using an array along a curve in blender so it can easily be textured.

You can see here on the left how the visual part is textured, the mask for the asphalt texture follows the curve. I somehow need to get that mess of vertices to do this.

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Hey guys, I recently finished painting over this render and wanted to share it. Will post the sculpts I made below.

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File: Models_posed.jpg (1MB, 1818x2027px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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good shit anon

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In trying to do this for a friend.... And having issues, im trying to get the lion logo and the lettering from this shirt but my photoshop akills are not as good as i hoped.... Is anyone able to get this for me? I just need the logo and the lettering
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sorry mate i cant ever so i recommend trying
>posting in /3/
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lion who-hoo.jpg
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Here, remove from this one. Also, you are a nigger.

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3 wise men in all fields

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Is it real to make a good looking sculpt using just a plane and a displacement map?
How can one prepare\edit an image for this use?
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It can make a great start, you gotta set the heightmap properly. But there is no 3d data in a 2d picture. Make it b/w, make it a smaller resolution, like 500x500, create a plane, subdivide it so that it has 500x500 faces. Separate the profile from the other part of the picture, make it lighter, so that there isn't black spots that would result in 0 displacement. Make the background black. Make the plane exact same dimension as the picture and cut it so that every pixel has a face to bump. It's looking pretty flat in my example, but if you want you can take your time and do proper gradients on the parts that would be higher.
File: ayyyyyyyyyy.png (380KB, 960x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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don't know about sculpting, but it sure makes nice caricatures.
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god damn it.png
876KB, 1000x1000px
you can add the higher res texture, afterwards, cause it's mapped properly

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Say I had the next year with an extreme amount of freetime, How advanced can 1-3 people make CGI by themselves? Obviously movie teams consist of million dollar budgets and huge teams, but what is achievable at home?

Maya, 3DS Max, ZBrush are supposedly used for most modeling, and After Effects seems to be the best video rendering/editing program, but beyond that what can be used? What would you have to use for lighting and animation and what not to have it not look like a homemade youtube blender kidshit?
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A very powerful renderfarm
Depending on what you're going after. Do you want a cartoony thing like ice age, or realistic fantasy like the wc3 trailers, how long do you want it to be? You need mocap in any case, an animation capable 3d program, a renderfarm, a very good pre-production. Seriously, you need to decide everything at start, so you can do it one by one and render it one by one, you need to start rendering as fast as possible, preferably after the first month. You need to have scenario, a sound editor, a good workflow.
>After Effects seems to be the best video rendering/editing program

Nuke is way better than AE.

Hello, /3/!
Is anyone out there using 3DS Max 2016?
Did you find any bugs with it?
I've had a problem with it, when I import a model, any model, and apply TurboSmooth with 3 iters, I get a "KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILED" blue screen. It also stopped working for a whole week, and even corrupted Windows once.
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My team and I use 2016 with Windows 7 and this has never happened
I've only experienced that in past versions, years ago, when it uses too much memory. Have you tried it on a 6 faced cube? Why not just use 2 iterations then add another turbosmooth on 1 iteration?
Differences between it and max 2013?
Does it work well with Z-brush?
Has some cool shaders and options for hardware accelerated render?

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