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my man.png
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My friend showed me how to use his model program and he even gave me a free copy so I've been practising. I've made a man but it's really hard. How do you get better at this? I thought I could learn how to do this and then maybe get a job on the next call of duty game or something but I don't think I'll be able to yet.
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my manandwoman.png
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I even thought I would be able to make something for a rule 34 webm thread but I don't think I can even do that yet. I don't know how to make them move.
Why is nobody helping me?
you should watch more video tutorials

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Alright im about to kill myself i cant get this fucking texture to render for the fucking LIFE of me please Halp
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> applied it as a world texture instead of to the model
top kek
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You got the hierarchy wrong. Every object needs a material. After you've added one, go to the textures tab and select "Material" as texture domain, then add your texture and define how it influences the material.
For Blender Internal add a Material to the table, then just click the little Circle icon to the right of World.

For Cycles (this sounds like a lot but it's also just two clicks, I just described it in detail):
Add a Diffuse shader,

connect an Image Texture to the color channel; ideally in Node Editor (you're going to love it once you learn it) but for right meow you can click the little box next to the color and choose Image Texture

Either click Open and browse to the file, or because you added it to Texture panel you can click the drop down menu and select "Texture" (that's a shit name, ALWAYS name your shit, name everything)

You should really use Cycles, even though BI is "faster" by default you can make Cycles just as fast by setting it up properly but without getting BI's weird unrealistic renders.

Hey there everyone!
So, I was wondering if someone of you had some photoshop skills enough to make these blue lines more like "neon", emanating a little light (sorta like Tron).
It's for my cinema 4d project, but the only good template I could find it's this. But I can't add this some neon effect
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is this good enough ?
OP here
Thank you so much for the response!
It's really cool but I was thinking of a low light emanated by the line (black has to be fully visible), like if the grid are blue neons in the dark. Could you do that? Thank you so much anon
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like this you dingus

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how do i just simply find the painting colours and brush and just paint over my object simply and just animate it without a skeleton in the latest blender? The tutorials for this are shit
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because doing it that way is shit. if it not a good way to do things, there most likely wont be any good tutorials
i just wanna do it that way tho
You're question doesn't even make any sense?
How to use Texture Painting? Animating w/o a rig? Its this what you need help with?

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guys what do you think? is still a wip, for a personal project
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need to see the nude version to make a proper judgement
I can appreciate the subtle changes in skin tone for specific areas apporpriately, but overall it's shiny everywhere.
this is pretty neat. is this a render or viewport view?
under bottom lip looks like a bug, but i guess you will fix that later (texturing error)


yo, why cant i find any 3ds max 2016 software anywhere? anybody know where to find a crack?
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what is torrent you stupid fuck
Since you're obviously a hippie student, just get it for free from Autodesk's website.

No need to opt into the Chinese botnets.

If you're an actual business, then pay for it you underaged jew.
try to find it in the pirate bay

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Hey /3/, what are your tips for modeling a car? Have you got any samples or tutorials you would reccomend?

My main problems are detailing the exterior of the car (do I just hack away at it with edge loops?) and modeling the chassis (since I need the parts to hang and eventually fall off)
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depends on what you are going for, most games that have car damage have meshes that get substituted for the clean parts once damage occurs.
Some of them use meshes with predetermined crumple zones in the topology to allow them to deform according to impact angle.
Texture decals for scratches damages and crumpled metal norma lmaps are also common techniques.

Just load up a game like GTA and crash some cars and you'll quickly realize how it's put together.

As far as modelling goes just straight up build your clean car with it's underlying integral frame, then add geometry as necessary and create your damaged version of these.
The integral frame is what is messing with me

Guess I just need more reference?
Just look at the frame of a comparable car and make it fit your vehicle good enough, nobody except an absolute enthusiast really knows what a certain car make looks like without the chassis cover plates on.

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How do I get rid of this wired thing in blender?

I have the Subdivision Surface modifier activated but not applied. without it, these are normal surfaces. but how do I get it away? Ive deleted all overlapping corners and dots already and connected them but it doesnt help.
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Don't know about blender but on 3ds max it is in the bar on the right. Under subdivision modifers you should see a orange color palette next to it to change the color of it.
you probably fucked up somewhere

W -> Remove Doubles
CTRL+N Recalculate Normals.

Is there any MotionBuilder expert here? I'm a begginer and well, I changed a part of the mocap animation, I mean, I moved the arms of the character and started posing the hands, but it happen that I didn't like it, but I want to keep what I did to the hands, I changed the arms in the base layer and the hands in a new layer. I saved previously a FBX file, so I'd like to know if it is possible to copy the original keyframes or that part of the animation to the recent FBX and how do I do it?
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Nice skin. Plastic teeth.
Really? To me that skin looks like painted styrofoam.
>Nice skin

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can we have an 'attempt to draw mechs' thread? seems relevant to 3dcg just post a mech youve drawn or draw a mech and lets go. mech time!
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Where is the mech Op? Or.. you really mean 'attempt to draw mechs' thread?

How about we make it an 'attempt to draw the mechs Op attempted to draw' thread?
I start, feel free to make your own impression or improve upon mine.

Does anyone else see Lt. Worf kissing some alien chick with a poodle head?

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Is Houdini still valid, or is it on the slow road to extinction like some other programs that died a natural death or got bought and raped by Autodesk?

Is Houdini currently better or worse at modeling than Blender?

How does it measure up to Maya?

Post your experience with it in general.
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houdini's not in that situation because it excels in areas that other software does not and fills a niche. for instance it was used for fluid sims for one of the superbowl commercials on sunday.
>for instance it was used for fluid sims for one of the superbowl commercials on sunday.
There were literally hundreds of commercials
And it was used for one of them.

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Ok, Anyone willing to help me with this?
I have a 3d printer, and I have a thing I want to make, and I do not want to use pre made parts.

What it is is the the corner for a cardboard box, I'm going to glue it in place to make the thing have a bit more durability.

The issue is I suck dick at all 3d programs. In fact the first thing I made was with freecad, and the way I made it was i defined every fucking edge line, then selected them and made a face, while this worked, you can imagine how fucking tedious it was.

So I decided that maybe Modo would be able to get me the results I want faster. The issue is while the freecad has tutorials that dealt in very specific measurements, modo... well... shit doesn't have any, or at least nothing obvious.

So my question is can anyone point me in the right direction, if not help me?
If there is a better non cad program better suited for this, I'm all ears, and I want non cad because from my understanding most cad programs assume quatro or firepro and have crashing issues on non pro systems, that and for the most part, I don't require precise measurements so the tools in modo or other packages should be more then enough, the issues comes when I run into things where i do need a precise measurement.
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Cad-ish program
But inventor could Do that in 5 secs.
Requires an absolute fuck ton of resources I just don't have at the moment, would rather do it in modo if at all possible, considering I will likely be using it more than I will a cad.
I can make it tomorrow.if you would like.

Okay /3/ what the fuck.


Gnomon and their Modeling and Texturing course DOES NOT EVEN TOUCH Maya until after a year of 2D.

Should I bother learning Maya if my 2D sucks? Should I wait until my 2D is sufficient before beginning? Im only 3 weeks into learning and want to know if learning out of order.
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Thats the 3 year, which is the 1 year plus the 2 year.

You learn 2d to improve on design anatomy and composition. You also use 2d a ton on 3d work so it is a good thing
don't go to gnonom
I know learning 2d is a good thing, not denying that, just wondering if I should learn my 2D fundamentals before starting 3D.

I guess my worry is I don't want to build the second floor of the house before the first is finished you know?

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What does /3/ think about the recent advancements Luxrender has made in the last couple of years?

Also renderers general I guess.
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Lux is great
Lux is good
Lux is alright

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I need to create my own HDRi image. Any software recomendations?
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Describe more what you want to do and what you already have texture wise and what format you want to output (compressed?)
I have 6 photos (top, bottom, left, right, front back). I prefer to use .hdr output but .jpg would be fine
whatever you do, dont use amd cubemap gen. Its horrible

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