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Any good laptops to model on?
I don't need to worry about rendering, I do the majority at home, but I'm gonna be out of the house a lot from now on, I wanna keep modelling/animating while I'm on the train commuting, or on work lunch-break, so preferably not a big machine.
I'd also ask about laptops I can use Unreal 4 on, or Mudbox, but I dunno if that's getting a bit too ambitious.
Either way, I'd need something small, but capable enough to model without chugging.
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>I wanna keep modelling/animating while I'm on the train commuting, or on work lunch-break,
I wanna get as much practice in as possible anon, how else am I meant to get better?
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The Lenovo Y500 (what you have pictured)
can handle Solidworks, Blender, Sculptris, Adobe CS whatever, and play GTA5 with only intermittent frame skips.

Can't really comment on the battery life though (always plugged in).

No complaints here

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But anon, you already are.
how do you get to Carnegie hall?

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What if we all pool our efforts together and create a project? I remember a while back /3/ creatted its own futuristic city with different people modeling different parts of the city and uploading them here. It was pretty badass.

What if we created Neo Tokyo from Akira, everyone just models and textures part of it at their leisure and uploads it and we all work together to create a huge and complex scene.

Doesn't this sound like a cool idea?
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The only way that will work is if you provide everything.
A way to keep in contact.
Basic setup
Rules for building
Update on /3/ when needed.
Use Asana or Trello for managing tasks
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Modeling squares isn't exactly very exciting.

I remember some kind of cave city project, where people could model objects and things from an image that had all kinds of stuff in it. (or design their own little cave section? I can't remember)

I think the most fun would probably be to do a some kind of birds eye view scene like pic related, where everyone can do different parts of it and add their own flavor to it. You'd just need to provide the ground plane and some kind of measurements to help people scale their models.

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here's a WIP elephant guy I've been working on in zbrush (mostly just this morning). this is for a uni course so i didnt really get to choose the character.

im actually supposed to follow this http://www.digitaltutors.com/tutorial/1774-Your-First-Day-in-ZBrush#play-43952
tutorial but the guy whos doing it isnt very good at sculpting and my professor said i could kinda do my own thing with him SO I MADE HIM FAT.
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your point is?
What does /3/ think?
Pretty good, some parts even look better than the one in the tutorial, good job.
Now please tell me that tutorial was made by someone from your school, because if not that's fucking outrageous. I wouldn't like to pay for a 3d college that just tells me to follow some digital tutors tutorial.

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This was made in Cinema4D with the physical renderer. Did I succeed in making you feel a twinge of childhood nostalgia, or is it shit?
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5/10 made me post

The last time i made one of these was in goldsrc in 2007
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File: mg_pallet02.jpg (64KB, 1280x610px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For your average AAA videogame, how many dynamic shadow casting lights are there per frame and how many are point lights / spotlight?
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There are many different ways lighting is calculated in games, but usually even if there are scores of lightsources in a scene only a small
subset of them are set to cast dynamic shadows at any one time. The engine dynamically prioritize when a light becomes shadow casting and when not.
Typically just by range to the light source and a light priority value so more important key lights gets prioritized in the render que.

Non shadow casting lights are themselves cheap to calculate so you can have scores of those doting a scene without any problems if your mesh handling is any good.
for example i played the game Mortal Kombat X and there seems to be only 1 dynamic shadow caster light in the scene...is this how my game should be built if I want 60fps?
>is this how my game should be built if I want 60fps?

Nah, It depends on your hardware and engine. Games like Mortal Kombat that takes place inside a small fixed arena and move along a fixed axis
is quite different from open world games where you move around inside a vast environment. Like say driving around in GTA V.

Like at night there are streetlights everywhere so you need many shadow casters, but each light only acts within it's given radius so if the distance to that light
is to far it wont clutter up calculations. Basically the more complex your scene is the smarter you have to be about how you light it.

Since you probably isn't gonna code your own engine you need to get familiar with the capabilities of the tech you're using and learn how to optimize the scene.
Depending how things are organized the same scene can render at 100hz or 20hz.

You usually find zones like these even in AAA games where the frame rate unexplainably drops to a crawl.
That is usually because of poorly thought out mesh sorting causing heavy Z-fighting with the engine trying to decide what is infront of what and in what order to render it.
Just take your time reading the documentation of whatever you are using and become a bit shrewed about how you build your scenes,
it's very possible on current generation hardware to create surprising frame-rates even in very vast rich scenes.

It's also very possible to make something that looks worse than a 10 year old game and have it crawl if you set it up all wrong.

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I'm new to 3D modeling and just started learning Blender a week ago, this is the first thing I've made but it took a lot of problem solving (I didn't know 2D edit mode or vertice/face mirroring was a thing until after I made this & I'm pretty sure it would have helped me with the geometry-I kept using the side view instead). Are there any good comprehensive guides on shortcut keys, shape making, workflow and problem solving? Also I find it extremely painful to sit down and watch hour long multi-part tutorials on how to copy someone elses work and think the best thing for me would be to better learn how the program works instead so I can give my artistic decisions more freedom. Or am I wrong and the best thing to do is watch more tutorials and try and copy what they do. I really want to get good
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I've been modeling for a while as a freelancer and in my personal experience you only get fast when you are worried with not meeting deadlines and not having a life anymore because all you do is 3D.
Spend fucktons of time modeling and spend time with other people who do as well. This is more important than anything else you can do.

Spend a lot of time making things quickly. You get fast by practicing fast. (note: this doesn't mean you shouldn't have projects where you take your time)

Look at other people's work, but don't treat it as law. It's not usually useful to copy exact solutions for problems. Tutorials for objects are basically worthless on their own, what you want to get out of them is workflow tips and tools you didn't already know about.

Use hotkeys for everything you possibly can. Every time you mouse through a menu you are wasting time.

Don't treat your geometry like it's holy, if something needs changing it gets changed. Don't get hung up or attached to things, that wastes your time.

Finally, don't expect to be really good for years.
That's a nice looking bayonet. If that's really the first thing you've ever made, and you did it in Blender of all things, I'm impressed. Keep it up. You've got talent.

Trying to model a cartoonish character for a project I'm working on. Did the basic blocking and zbrushed a little but not sure where to go from here. Here's the basic layout.
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And here's my blocking. Zbrush is in progress. Any good tuts on modelling cartoon characters?
show wireframe
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Hello everyone, I'd like to ask you something about normal maps, how do you get right of hard edges sticking out of smoothed normals?
Im not talking about the 90° uv split or smoothing groups, I already know that, but still, if I have for example a box like pic related, and the high poly has smooth edges, those sharp ones in low poly will always stick out, fucking up my normals, how do I avoid that? It happens to me with every smoothed edges normals, any tips?
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The mesh is a 90 degree corner. Normal maps only affect lighting. The only thing you can do is bevel the edge.
I should also set a unique smoothing group for the bevel right? In order to have it smoother enough
I don't get fucked up normals? Perhaps your low poly edges stick to much, and the mapping from low to high poly misses.

Maybe you aren't added some space between the shapes in the UV map. I mean, if I zoom in a lot, i can see some little edge there, and if this is a concern, then just accept the poly cost of the bevel.

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need helping with the placement of the texture in 3ds max

i rip the frames and texture and w/e from guild wars 2 using 3d ripper and was able to find and apply all the textures back onto my model, but for some reason, the head part of my model keeps using the top left part of pic related, i need it to use the bottom left part

im completely new to 3ds max and had a very brief training of it
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pic is the failed attempt, i know it has something to do with the wrapping but i dont know what exactly i need to be searching for to fix this
could be invert Y or something
sorry, im dumb, where do i find that?

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im a 2d artist but can't into 3d for the life of me (I've tried and failed numerous times)

I've always been curious what a fully rotatable 3d dollar bill would look like.(when you search 3d dollar bill on google, well, its a joke)

Pic related is more along the lines of what I'm imagining<<<<

I can't pay anything, but if you think its a cool idea and need something to model, im pretty sure this has never been done before.
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git gud
So you want to make it like a topological map and the pictures are 3d models?

This is the first time i ever use blender, i did this and it took me like 2 hours with blender 2.7

Waddya think ?

(I put a not-big-res pic on purpose)
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Better than much of the other beginner stuff I've seen.
Thanks :) any tips to keep getting better ?

You can check out some tutorials on composition, that will help you a lot, regardless of what you end up making.

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Didn't know whether to post this to /3/ or /diy/ but...
What is the best solution for designing floor plans?

There's this project of pretty high importance I've been working on for a while but the program I'm using has the worst renderer I've seen in my life - and I need photorealistic renders.

Any recommendations?
Pic very related - it took about 30 seconds to render this on a 6-core Xeon...
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3ds Max and VRay is the most widely used combo in architectural visualization. There are a ton of tutorials out there for it, too. The ones on viscorbel.com are a good introduction and will get you reasonably close to photorealism if you're willing to invest the time. If you want to go the extra mile and REALLY want things to look real take a look at Grant Warwick's Mastering VRay course.
As previous anon said, 3ds and vray. From that scene you could probably only use walls in 3ds. You need good models and materials for realistic render, it's not only the renderer.
you could even use blender and cycles render if had to, just don't expect to get all the dimensions laid out like you would see in a propper plan from regular architectural programs

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What's the correct procedure to animate using modifiers? Whenever I try to animate with a modifier, I can't use the set key method. I set key, move to the next frame, input the new parameters for the modifier, and then set key. When I move from that frame, the new parameter disappear from the modifier and both frames are the same.

The auto key command works, but most of the time, it creates a key at the frame I want, and at the very start of the movie, which requires me to move it in the timeline.

The effect I'm trying to achieve is, for instance, melting a character at a certain frame of the movie.

I've just had my assignment due for 3ds max class. I had no time to figure this out because I started working on it too late, but I'm kind of curious now since I think it's somewhat more fun and rewarding to work in this program despite how fucking cumbersome it seems to be compared to the architectural software I am used to.
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you can always try working with the curve editor to set your keys and values
That's another issue. I looked in the curve editor and I cannot find the frames for modifiers. I see the position (XYZ), scale, visibility, but I don't know how to edit frames involving modifiers.
for modifiers, you can apply the modifier as a shape key, then in the vertex data it will show as a shape key and you can animate from there. for constraints or parents select all the bones, or the object, then go object/pose -> animation -> bake animation, if you wanna keep the constraints, just tick off clear constraints/parents whatever

Trying to make my first bone system on a bow but i keep getting a loop error every time i try to parent the mesh with the bone system is there anyone that can help?
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remove the vertex groups then re do the whole weights
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Well that didn't work.
Why are you even replying?
Why would you parent the mesh to the bones when it's skinned to them?

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